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Paramount Plus is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of TV shows and movies to its subscribers. What makes it unique among other streaming services is the special content it has. This exclusive content includes a range of genres, from classic shows to new series, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Paramount Plus regularly updates its library with new material, including original dramas, comedies, reality shows, and documentaries, making it a popular choice for engaging content. The service understands the appeal of original programming and has partnered with well-known studios and content creators to enhance its offerings. By collaborating with these partners, Paramount Plus offers a mix of original shows that sets it apart. For viewers interested in exclusive content, Paramount Plus provides access to never-before-seen shows and special features like movies and behind-the-scenes presentations.

A Look at Paramount+ Must-See Shows and Movies

Paramount Plus, the streaming service from Paramount Global, boasts a collection of exclusive original series and movies alongside familiar favorites. It offers something for everyone, from thrilling dramas to family-friendly content.

Original Series

Paramount Plus sets itself apart with a range of unique original series not found on other streaming platforms. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The Good Fight: A legal drama and spin-off of the beloved series “The Good Wife,” offers sharp commentary on social and political issues.
  • Star Trek Universe: Trekkies rejoice! Paramount+ is the home of new Star Trek shows like “Discovery,” “Picard,” “Lower Decks,” and “Strange New Worlds.”
  • Yellowstone Prequel: 1883: This prequel takes viewers back to the Dutton family’s origins as they journey westward.
  • Mayor of Kingstown: A gritty crime drama starring Jeremy Renner, exploring themes of corruption and power in a small town.
  • Halo: Based on the hit video game franchise, this sci-fi series brings the epic conflict between humanity and the Covenant to life.

Original Movies

Alongside its series offerings, Paramount+ periodically releases original films, particularly in the sci-fi and family genres:

  • Infinite: Mark Wahlberg stars in this action-packed science fiction film about reincarnation and a hidden battle over the fate of humanity.
  • The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run: Follow SpongeBob and Patrick on a zany adventure to rescue Gary in this animated film for all ages.
  • Orphan: First Kill: This prequel to the horror film “Orphan” delves deeper into the twisted origins of Esther.

Table: Paramount+ Exclusive Highlights

CategoryNotable Titles
SeriesThe Good Fight, Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard, Yellowstone Prequel: 1883, Mayor of Kingstown, Halo
MoviesInfinite, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run, Orphan: First Kill

Remember, Paramount Plus continues to add new exclusives, making it worthwhile to check back often for fresh content!

Key Takeaways

  • Paramount Plus offers a variety of exclusive content across multiple genres.
  • The service updates its library with new original series and movies regularly.
  • Strategic collaborations contribute to the unique selection of Paramount Plus exclusives.

Paramount Plus Platform Overview

Paramount Plus offers its subscribers a diverse library of shows, movies, and live sports. This platform has evolved from its predecessor, CBS All Access, to provide a more extensive viewing experience.

Evolution of Streaming Services

Paramount Plus entered the streaming scene as a rebranding of CBS All Access. It has expanded its library to include a broader range of programming that includes content from networks like CBS, Nickelodeon, and Paramount Pictures.

Unique Features and Tech

With Paramount Plus, users have access to live CBS streams, which includes NFL games. The tech behind the platform ensures that streams run smoothly across various devices, from mobiles to the office desktop.

Subscription Tiers and Accessibility

The platform offers two main subscription tiers:

  • Essential: This plan includes ads but offers a lower cost of entry for users.
  • Premium: This tier is ad-free and includes live CBS access.

Both tiers ensure users can watch their favorite shows and live sports, including NFL games.

Strategic Partnerships and Expansion

The platform has formed strategic partnerships to boost its content library. This includes a collaboration with Showtime to bring more hit series and movies to its subscribers.

Impact on Film and TV Industry

Paramount Plus has had a significant impact on the film and TV industry by providing a digital space for exclusive Paramount Pictures content. These offerings attract viewers who prefer streaming access to the latest films and series.

Paramount Plus is shaping the future of how audiences consume entertainment with its tech, strategic partnerships, and tiered accessibility options.

Exclusive Content on Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus boasts a wealth of exclusive content tailored to a variety of interests, from dramatic ventures to animated family fun.

Original Series Highlights

Paramount Plus draws viewers in with compelling original series. The Good Fight pursues the legal challenges faced by Diane Lockhart and her team. Fans of the Star Trek universe explore new worlds with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and reconnect with Jean-Luc Picard through the series Star Trek: Picard. Action lovers follow the elite military operations of SEAL Team, and Yellowstone beckons with its intricate tales of family and power in the western frontier.

Exclusive Films and Documentaries

The service does not stop at series; it offers original movies and documentaries too. The Stand, based on Stephen King’s novel, challenges viewers with its apocalyptic vision. For those enamored with showbiz history, The Offer delves into the making of The Godfather.

Key Genres and Shows

Diversity in content is paramount on Paramount Plus. Here, one can find everything from crime dramas like Mayor of Kingstown featuring Jeremy Renner to comedic reboots such as iCarly. Fantasy and adventure are well represented too, with series such as Halo adapting the iconic video game for TV screens.

Acclaimed Productions and Future Releases

Expectations run high with upcoming releases starring renowned actors. Look forward to 1923, a Yellowstone prequel starring Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford, and Tulsa King with Sylvester Stallone stepping into a fresh crime setting. These join the ranks of already praised productions like 1883 and the anthology series Interrogation.

Children and Family Entertainment

Paramount Plus is also home to family entertainment. Classics like Dora the Explorer and Rugrats see new life alongside fresh ventures such as Transformers: Earthspark. Nickelodeon and MTV help build a space where both the young and the young at heart can enjoy quality programming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Paramount Plus provides its subscribers with a vast library of original content. This guide will help you navigate the platform’s exclusive offerings.

What are some of the best original movies available on Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus offers a variety of original movies. Subscribers can enjoy titles across many genres.

Can you list the original shows that are exclusive to Paramount Plus?

The platform is home to exclusive shows like “The Good Fight” and other original series spanning drama to science fiction.

Are there any upcoming exclusives announced for Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus regularly updates its content roster with new exclusive releases.

What were the standout Paramount Plus exclusives released in 2021?

Exclusives from 2021 included a range of shows and movies tailored for different audiences.

Does Paramount Plus offer any exclusive specials or events for subscribers?

The service provides exclusive events and specials, adding value for its subscribers.

How does the value of Paramount Plus compare to other streaming services?

Paramount Plus is competitively priced, with plans starting as low as $4.99 a month, offering a rich selection of content.

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