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Shadowbeak is an interesting creature in Palworld that’s known for its dark elemental traits and striking appearance. Shadowbeak is a powerful ally in the game and is very good at combat. You’ll find Shadowbeak in the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary and once captured you will be given a flying mount. This function is particularly advantageous for those looking to navigate the expansive world of Palworld from the skies. Furthermore, mastering the art of breeding can lead to the acquisition of a Shadowbeak, equipping gamers with a formidable creature equipped for both battle and exploration.


The mighty Shadowbeak, a legendary Pal, can be found within the depths of Powerwell. This ominous location becomes accessible only after you reach a significant stage in Palworld’s progression.

About Shadowbeak

  • Type: Dragon / Dark
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Description: A formidable creature with dark plumage and an imposing presence. Shadowbeak possesses immense power and a wide range of devastating attacks.


Shadowbeak is the result of a unique breeding combination:

  1. Kitsun + Robbie/Ruby: Breed these two Pals to create a Kitsun.
  2. Relaxosaur + Sakazul: Breed these Pals to create an Astegon.
  3. Kitsun + Astegon: Finally, breed the Kitsun and Astegon to obtain the legendary Shadowbeak.

It’s important to note that breeding legendaries can be a low-probability process. You may need multiple attempts to successfully get a Shadowbeak.


Defeating a Shadowbeak has a chance of yielding valuable drops:

Shadowbeak FragmentEssential for evolving and strengthening Shadowbeak
Rare Crafting MaterialsUsed for crafting advanced gear

Battle Tips

Shadowbeak boasts a mix of powerful Dark and Dragon-type attacks. Consider the following to give yourself an advantage:

  • Type Matchup: Bring strong Fairy and Ice-type Pals to the battle, as they are super effective against Shadowbeak’s dual typing.
  • Defensive Strategy: Shadowbeak hits hard, so invest in bulky Pals with high HP and defensive stats to withstand its onslaught.
  • Dodge, Dodge, Dodge: Shadowbeak’s attacks are often telegraphed. Learn the patterns and focus on precise dodges to minimize damage.

Key Takeaways

  • Shadowbeak is a sought-after Dark Pal in Palworld known for its combat ability and aesthetics.
  • It can be found in the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary and can also be obtained through breeding.
  • Shadowbeak serves as a powerful mount offering dynamic gameplay opportunities.

Basic Information

Shadowbeak is a Dark Element Pal in Palworld notable for its exceptional abilities and rarity, making it a coveted companion in any adventurer’s journey, especially during the nighttime.

Shadowbeak Overview

Shadowbeak earns its reputation as a formidable and sought-after Pal. Often found in the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary, capturing this elusive creature requires patience and strategy. Recognized for its impressive stats, Shadowbeak is not only an asset in combat but also an efficient flying mount for those who tame it.

Nighttime Activities

As night falls, Shadowbeak stands out even more. It thrives in the dark, and those aiming to find Shadowbeak will have better luck under the moonlight. Its preferred habitats at night make it an interesting subject for those who study Pal behaviors and patterns.

Shadowbeak Abilities

Shadowbeak’s Partner Skill, ‘Modified DNA’, hints at its exceptional capacity as a Pal. Its Active Skills, including the group-attacking ‘Divine Disaster’, make it an invaluable ally in combat scenarios. Beyond battle, Shadowbeak’s Work Suitability is broad, able to perform a variety of tasks for its partner.

  • Class: Dark
  • Flying Mount: Yes
  • Stats: High combat stats
  • Work Suitability: Versatile
  • Partner Skill: Modified DNA
  • Active Skills: Divine Disaster, etc.

Advanced Details

Shadowbeak, a Dark Element Pal, has complex aspects like breeding and genetics, material gathering for crafting, and specialized training for combat which are key for any player aiming to maximize this Pal’s potential.

Breeding and Genetics

Breeding Shadowbeak requires understanding its genetics. Players can use the Breeding Farm to mix Shadowbeak with other Pals. Successful breeding may require specific Breeding Combos to pass down desired traits. Players can manipulate genetics to achieve higher stats by using Modified DNA. This investment in genetics enhances Shadowbeak’s abilities significantly.

Material Gathering and Crafting

Players task Shadowbeak with Material Gathering to obtain rare resources like Pal Metal Ingot and Carbon Fiber. These materials are crucial for crafting powerful equipment. Shadowbeak’s intrinsic Suitability Gathering Lv. 1 makes it an asset. For advanced crafting recipes, the Innovative Technical Manual is often necessary.

Training and Combat Techniques

Training Shadowbeak involves refining combat skills. Players must emphasize its Dark Element properties for effectiveness in battle. Techniques focus on leveraging its speed and defense, with training increasing its effectiveness in various Locations. Proper combat training ensures that Shadowbeak becomes a formidable fighter in any player’s team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shadowbeak is a unique creature in Palworld with specific locations and breeding methods. Players often have questions about locating, battling, mounting, and enhancing its abilities.

How do you locate the Shadowbeak in Palworld?

Shadowbeak makes its home at the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary. Search for it there, especially as a rare spawn.

What strategies are recommended for defeating Shadow Beak in Palworld?

Defeating Shadow Beak requires high combat stats in your team. Utilize Pals with strong attack skills to overcome it.

Which pal is the most effective against Shadow Beak?

Select a Pal with robust fighting abilities. A Pal with powerful skills can challenge Shadow Beak’s might.

Can you provide a step-by-step guide for breeding Shadowbeak in Palworld?

Breeding Shadowbeak involves combining it with different gender Pals. Specific combo matches result in a Shadowbeak offspring.

What are the steps to obtaining a saddle for Shadowbeak?

To saddle Shadowbeak, refine your breeding strategy and enhance its skills. The details for saddle acquisition are typically found through gameplay.

Is Shadowbeak considered a strong mount option in Palworld?

Yes, Shadowbeak can be an excellent flying mount. It has commendable speed and is sought after for its powerful skills.

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