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Overview of Loupmoon

Loupmoon, a mysterious creature in the game Palworld, captivates players with its Dark Element type and impressive abilities. With its sleek, dark fur and piercing eyes, it embodies the essence of the night in which it thrives.

Element and Abilities:
Loupmoon is known for its unique Dark Element, making it an intriguing choice for players who prefer a strategic approach. Its Partner Skill, “Claws Glistening in the Dark,” reveals Loupmoon’s fierce combat style, targeting enemies with exact precision.

Stats and Base Stats:

Stat Value
HP Moderate
Attack High
Defense Moderate
Special Attack High
Special Defense Moderate
Speed Moderate

Loupmoon’s high Attack and Special Attack stats suggest it’s a force to be reckoned with. Players should note that its other abilities grow as it levels up, starting with “Dark Ball” and culminating with advanced skills like “Spirit Flame” at level 30.

Loupmoon’s talents extend beyond battle, with notable efficiency in crafting, making it a versatile companion. This Pal’s knack for item creation adds an extra layer of utility. Found in day and night locations, players must strategize to encounter and capture this elusive Pal. For those aiming to add Loupmoon to their collection, understanding its breeding combinations is key. This aspect introduces an intriguing layer of depth, inviting players to explore the various possibilities to obtain a Loupmoon.

In summary, Loupmoon offers an intriguing mix of darkness-induced powers and crafting abilities, making it an asset for adventures within the world of Palworld.

Habitat and Location

In the world of Palworld, Loupmoon thrives in environments that are strongly influenced by the day and night cycle. Being a creature of the night, trainers will need to time their searches accordingly.

Day and Night Cycle Impact

Loupmoon is a nocturnal creature, with a higher chance to appear under the cloak of darkness. The shifting cycle of day and night governs its activity patterns. During the day, it remains elusive, blending in or sheltered in unseen spots. As night falls, Loupmoons emerge, and the chances of encountering one increase significantly.

Palpagos Islands Area

The habitat of Loupmoon is largely centered around the diverse regions of the Palpagos Islands. Specifically, they are often sighted in:

  • Bamboo Groves: Found to the west of the Ravine Entrance waypoint.
  • Western Map Areas: Especially the northwest sections become more lively with Loupmoon activity at night.

When planning to capture a Loupmoon, trainers should focus their efforts on these zones and make sure to conduct their searches after sunset, when these creatures are most active.

Behavioral Traits

Loupmoon creatures are known for their distinct patterns of activity and response to sunlight, making their behavior quite unique among Pals in Palworld.

Nocturnal Activities

Loupmoon thrives under the cover of night. They are predominantly nocturnal, meaning they are most active when the sun has set. The darkness not only empowers them but also seems to ignite a ferocious side, enhancing their predatory skills and prowess in the wild.

Sunlight Exposure Effects

Although not averse to the sun, Loupmoons exhibit noticeable discomfort when exposed to sunlight. Their horns, which grow and develop during the night, become itchy and bothersome in daylight. This discomfort doesn’t weaken Loupmoons’ overall capabilities, but it does influence their preference for staying active during the night hours.

Physical Characteristics

The Loupmoon flaunts a distinctive appearance with its pristine white fur that covers most of its body, delicate yet capable of withstanding various environments in Palworld. This creature’s impressive claws are not only a striking feature but also a testament to its survival skills, ideally suited for both offense and defense.

Adorning its head are horns that curve slightly, contributing to its majestic and wild aesthetic. The Loupmoon’s eyes, often gleaming with an alert and penetrating gaze, add to the overall imposing effect of its countenance.

Key Features

  • Fur: Thick, white
  • Claws: Sharp, well-developed
  • Horns: Prominently curved

The careful observer will notice the subtle variations within individuals of this species, suggesting a diverse genetic makeup. These nuanced differences may range from fur texture to the exact curvature of the horns.

Despite its feral traits, the Loupmoon carries itself with an air of elegance, mixing agility with the power evident in its muscular build. Its movements bespeak a creature fully in tune with its physicality, capable of navigating its surroundings with an effortless grace.

Summary of Unique Traits:

  • Elegant, muscular build
  • Agile yet powerful
  • Varying fur textures

While the Loupmoon’s physical attributes certainly make it a creature to be admired, they also hint at its adaptations and lifestyle within the rich ecosystems of Palworld. The interplay of form and function in this species is a vivid reminder of nature’s artistry.

Abilities and Combat Skills

Palworld’s Loupmoon boasts a diverse set of combat skills, enabling it to adapt to various battle scenarios. Its abilities are categorized into active skills, passive skills, and special attacks, each contributing to Loupmoon’s proficiency in combat.

Active Skills

  • Shadow Burst: A skill that unleashes a burst of dark energy to damage enemies.
  • Jumping Claw: This move allows Loupmoon to leap towards adversaries, striking with its sharp claws.

Passive Skills

No passive skills currently disclosed for Loupmoon.

Special Attacks

  • Dark Ball: A powerful orb of darkness hurled at foes.
  • Nightmare Ball: At Level 40, Loupmoon creates and launches a massive ball of dark energy.

Palworld Integration

In Palworld, Loupmoon’s presence is notable for its unique abilities and work ethics. Players can gain in-depth insights about these creatures through the intricate Paldeck Entry System and understand their significant contribution in terms of Work Suitability.

Paldeck Entry System

Every creature in Palworld has a Paldeck entry, containing critical information like elemental type, skills, and other key traits. For Loupmoon, the Paldeck number 018 indicates its cataloged position. This system helps trainers to identify the Dark Element type that Loupmoon is associated with and comprehend its special Partner Skill, Claws Glistening in the Dark.

Work Suitability

Loupmoon’s utilitarian role in Palworld is highly valued, especially in areas requiring physical skill. It has a Work Suitability rating of Handiwork Lv2, showing its adeptness in tasks that demand dexterity and strength. Through this suitability rating, players can make informed decisions on how to deploy Loupmoon effectively for different assignments to enhance productivity within the game.

Breeding and Evolution

Breeding Loupmoon in Palworld is a straightforward process, but it requires careful attention to the details of pairing Pals to achieve the desired results. Successful breeding can lead to obtaining a Loupmoon with unique active skills.

Breeding Guide

Loupmoon pairs need to be of opposite genders to breed. The breeding takes place on a farm specifically designed for this purpose. Additionally, the introduction of items like Cake can influence the breeding process. There’s a notable chance, about 50%, that the resulting offspring will be male.

Unique Breeding Combos

Here are some recommended combos to breed Loupmoon:

  • Combo 1: Parent A (specific Pal) + Parent B (specific Pal)
  • Combo 2: Parent A (specific Pal) + Parent B (specific Pal)
  • Combo 3: Parent A (different specific Pal) + Parent B (different specific Pal)

Each combination has its unique requirement and probability of success. Remember, it’s essential to mix and match different Pals as prescribed to increase the chances of obtaining a Loupmoon with its special active skills.

Resource Collection and Crafting

In the world of Palworld, Loupmoons are key companions for players who prioritize resource collection and crafting. These creatures are not only combat allies but also contribute significantly to obtaining materials and creating items.

Mining and Materials

Loupmoons aid players in mining, offering valuable assistance in gathering ores and other raw materials. When mining, these Pals reveal their capability by unearthing a variety of possible drops, including bones which are essential in crafting. Their unique affinity for handiwork means that they can often secure higher quantities of materials, including the all-important ore needed for advanced crafting recipes.

  • Materials often mined with Loupmoon assistance:
    • Ores (Iron, Copper, etc.)
    • Bones
    • Specialized minerals

The drops players collect through Loupmoons are crucial, providing the raw components for item creation.

Item Crafting

Crafting in Palworld goes hand in hand with the materials gathered by Loupmoons. These capable creatures bring forth their skill in handiwork when it comes to turning resources into useful items. Crafting ranges from creating simple gear from bones to fashioning intricate devices from various ores.

  • Possible crafted items with Loupmoon gathered materials:
    • Basic tools and weapons from bones
    • Enhanced gear from refined ores

Crafting with Loupmoons is a strategic aspect of gameplay, encouraging players to fully utilize the resources collected during their adventures for a well-rounded Palworld experience.

Interaction with Other Pals

In the bustling ecosystem of Palworld, the Loupmoon often showcases its unique abilities when interacting with other Pals, affecting teamwork and rival encounters.

Companion and Team Dynamics

Teaming up with a Loupmoon can provide significant advantages in combat. With its Partner Skill, Claws Glistening in the Dark, Loupmoon can deliver powerful attacks against enemies. In dungeons, Loupmoon’s skills are especially effective when paired with Pals that offer complementary abilities. For instance, the Loupmoon at level 15 gains Shadow Burst, a skill that works well with Pals like Ignis or Leezpunk, which can cause status effects or area control, maximizing the team’s overall effectiveness.

Pal Synergy with Loupmoon
Ignis Channels fire-based area control
Leezpunk Creates status effects on enemies

Rival Species Encounters

When encountering rival species, Loupmoon’s abilities are crucial in determining the outcome of the skirmish. The Loupmoon, identified as number 046 in the Palworld roster, may encounter difficulties against others like the Direhowl. Encounters with Pals such as Nitewing and Caprity can turn the tides of battle due to their diverse skill sets and resistance to dark-type moves. It’s essential to consider the type match-up when facing other Pals in the wild:

  • Direhowl: Often a challenging foe for Loupmoon.
  • Nitewing and Caprity: Their unique skills and attributes can pose a threat.
  • Woolipop: May have an advantage due to type resistance.

Understanding each Pal’s strengths and weaknesses can be the key to forming effective strategies in both cooperative and competitive aspects of Palworld.

Gameplay Mechanics

When venturing into the world of Palworld, players may encounter a creature known as Loupmoon. Catching this Dark Pal requires understanding its unique gameplay elements. First off, Loupmoon generally achieves a significant milestone at level 15, growing stronger and potentially evolving.

Catching Loupmoon:

  • Use traps or pals to corner Loupmoon—stealth can be key.
  • Nighttime is ideal, leveraging its natural habitat for a successful catch.

Leveling Up:

  • Reach level 15 for potential evolution.
  • Experience gained through battles and tasks can speed up this process.

Combat Time (CT):

  • CT plays a crucial role during battles, dictating attack intervals.
  • Managing CT effectively can give players an advantage during encounters.


  • Each Loupmoon boasts unique Individual Values (IVs) affecting its stats.
  • HP, Attack, and Defense are the primary stats visible to players in-game.

Players must pay attention to Loupmoon’s Individual Values to fully understand their companion’s combat potential. Keep in mind that Loupmoon’s stats can be influenced by breeding, which can be a complex yet rewarding task for those looking for an ideal companion with superior attributes.

Maintaining a balance between Loupmoon’s CT and its moves is crucial for mastering combat encounters. As players progress through the game, investing in Loupmoon’s growth will be essential for tackling the challenges that lie ahead.

Additional Gameplay Elements

In Palworld, players find themselves in a vibrant environment where day and night alter their gaming strategies. Here’s how:

  • Day and Night Cycle: Certain Pals, like the Loupmoon, may show up more frequently during the night. Players must adapt their searches accordingly to acquire these elusive creatures.

  • Crafting: A cornerstone of gameplay, crafting allows players to create various items. These can range from medicine to keep their Pals healthy, to weapons for defense and hunting.

  • Black Marketeer: These shady characters offer rare items that can’t be found elsewhere. Be on the lookout—what they sell might give you an edge.

  • Map Exploration: Understanding the lay of the land is crucial. Each area can hold secrets, such as locations teeming with Legendary Pals or the mystical Kitsun, a creature as rare as it is powerful.

  • Legendary Pals: These Pals are not only a badge of honor but also potent allies. Obtaining them requires strategy, patience, and a bit of luck.

Throughout the game, the interplay between these elements demands a dynamic approach to gameplay. Whether it’s leveraging the cover of night to snag that elusive Loupmoon or trading with a black marketeer for that ultimate weapon, Palworld offers an engaging experience capped by its rich environmental and interactive variety.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ll answer some of the most common questions about the creatures and gameplay of Palworld.

What types of creatures can you find in Palworld?

Palworld is home to a diverse array of creatures, known as Pals, ranging from common ones you might spot in wide-open fields to rare varieties that only appear under specific conditions, such as at night or in special sanctuaries.

How do you capture pals in Palworld?

Capturing Pals in Palworld involves seeking out these creatures in their natural habitats and then using the right strategies and tools to befriend and capture them, which often varies depending on the type of Pal you’re trying to catch.

Can you breed Palworld creatures, and if so, how?

Yes, breeding Pals in Palworld is possible. Players can match two compatible Pals to produce offspring, with the offspring potentially inheriting traits and abilities from its parents, adding an extra layer of strategy to Pal team-building.

What are the key gameplay mechanics of Palworld?

Palworld’s gameplay mechanics include exploration, creature capture and breeding, crafting, and combat. Players engage with these systems to progress in the game, with each mechanic offering different challenges and rewards.

Are there any special abilities that Loupmoons possess in Palworld?

Loupmoons in Palworld exhibit unique abilities such as nocturnal activity and powerful combat skills like Dark Ball and Jumping Claw. These abilities make Loupmoons valuable assets in battles and exploration.

What strategies are effective for training your pals in Palworld?

Effective training strategies in Palworld involve using battles to enhance a Pal’s abilities and utilizing resources to nurture their strengths. It’s important to tailor training methods to the individual Pal’s traits to maximize their potential.

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