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Hangyu Cryst is an Ice-type variant of the Hangyu Pal. It has ice-based combat powers and can also glide, making it useful for aerial exploration. Hangyu Cryst is valuable for adventurers and trainers due to its habitat in the Astral Mountains, diverse skill set, and work capabilities. It can be found in the Astral Mountains, particularly at night. Hangyu Cryst is known for its Ice element and Winter Trapeze Partner Skill. Additionally, it is able to glide and use its large arms to break ice.

Breeding Hangyu Cryst involves combos like pairing it with Hanygu and Swee. Players will find its non-hostile nature towards them unless provoked useful during gameplay. This Pal’s skills and unique traits make it a valuable asset.

For those looking to dive into work suitability and drops, Hangyu Cryst offers impressive capabilities. Its skills and the rarity of its item drops make it a prized Pal among players.

Ice-Type Hangyu Takes Flight

The Ice-Type Pal Hangyu Cryst is a unique variant of the Hangyu Pal in the Palworld game. This fusion-type Pal boasts ice abilities and excels as a glider, offering a distinct advantage for aerial exploration.

Habitat and Discovery

Hangyu Cryst is exclusively found in the Astral Mountains, specifically the Pristine Snow Field, during nighttime hours. They are known to appear around level 40 in this region, making it a prime spot for trainers seeking to capture this unique Pal.

Abilities and Skills

Hangyu Cryst comes equipped with a range of skills that make it a formidable ally in battle. Its ice-based attacks, such as Ice Missile, Iceberg, and Blizzard Spike, can deal significant damage to opponents. It also possesses unique skills like Cryst Breath, which inflicts continuous damage, and Air Shot, a powerful blast of air. The ability to glide, while not directly related to combat, provides a strategic edge in exploration and traversal.

Skill Table

Air ShotQuickly fires a burst of highly pressurized air.Normal1
Ice MissileCreates ice lances in the air that fly towards enemies.Ice303
Charge BeamCharges energy into a focused blast.Normal604
Icicle CutterCreates a crescent blade of ice and hurls it forward.Ice4010
IcebergSummons a sharp ice lance under an enemy.Ice7015
Cryst BreathEnshrouds an enemy in a frigid blast of air, dealing continuous damage.Ice9020
Blizzard SpikeCreates a giant lump of ice and hurls it at an enemy. It deals damage to the surrounding area upon impact.Ice12030

Work Suitability

In addition to combat prowess, Hangyu Cryst is a versatile Pal in the work environment. It exhibits proficiency in handiwork, transporting, gathering, and cooling tasks. This adaptability makes it a valuable asset for trainers who require a Pal to handle a variety of tasks.

Glide Mechanics

Hangyu Cryst’s gliding ability is noteworthy due to its unique mechanic. While most Pals in Palworld allow for gliding descent, Hangyu Cryst can actually gain altitude while gliding. This exceptional feature opens up new possibilities for exploration and navigation.

Overall, Hangyu Cryst stands out as a unique and valuable addition to any trainer’s Pal collection. Its combination of ice abilities, combat skills, work versatility, and gliding prowess make it a formidable ally in both battle and everyday tasks.

Key Takeaways

  • Hangyu Cryst is an Ice element Pal with Winter Trapeze skill.
  • It can be bred and found in the Astral Mountains at night.
  • Hangyu Cryst offers valuable skills and drops for players.

Hangyu Cryst Overview

Hangyu Cryst is an Ice-type Pal in Palworld, known for its strong arms and unique utility skills. It can also glide effectively, offering versatility in both combat and exploration.

Basic Information

Hangyu Cryst belongs to the Ice element category. It is notable for its massive arms capable of breaking through ice blocks. In the game, Hangyu Cryst can be used not only for combat but for specific tasks such as gliding. It boasts considerable Base Stats in terms of Defense and HP, making it a durable ally. Its unique Active Skills include summoning ice weapons and creating defensive ice barriers.

Breeding and Growth

Breeding Hangyu Cryst involves selecting the right parent combinations. To successfully breed one, place a Parent 1 and Parent 2 in the Breeding Farm. This may result in a Frozen Egg from which a young Hangyu Cryst will hatch. Breeding combos might include pairing with other Ice-type Pals. Ensuring proper growth requires keeping an eye on its Handiwork Lv. 1 and Gathering Lv. 1 skills, which grow with its level.

Utility Skills

Hangyu Cryst has several utility skills. Transporting Lv. 2 allows it to carry heavier loads efficiently. As a glider, it has a Base Speed of 100, reducing Falling Speed and utilizing Stamina while airborne. Among its Partner Skills, Cooling Lv. 1 can lower environmental temperatures, enhancing exploration capabilities. Furthermore, its gigantic arms add to its Work Suitability, making it ideal for icy terrains and combat scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hangyu Cryst is an Ice creature in Palworld known for its strong abilities and unique traits. Here are some common questions and answers to help understand more about this creature.

What is the location of Hangyu Cryst in Palworld?

Hangyu Cryst is found during the night around the Astral Mountains, located north of Palpagos Island. Players should search these areas to locate this creature.

Which creatures can be bred to obtain a Hangyu Cryst?

The specific breeding combinations for Hangyu Cryst are not detailed in the search results. Players can refer to in-game guides or trusted community resources for up-to-date breeding information.

Is there a complete walkthrough available for finding the Hangyu Cryst in Palworld?

A complete walkthrough is not available from the search results provided. Players can check detailed guides on Palworld fan sites or gaming forums for comprehensive strategies.

What are the differences between Hangyu and Hangyu Cryst within the game?

Hangyu is known as a basic creature, while Hangyu Cryst is an Ice element variant with enhanced abilities, including using its gigantic arms to break through ice blocks and being used as a glider.

How does one acquire Cryst gloves associated with Hangyu in Palworld?

The search results do not provide direct information on acquiring Cryst gloves. Players can look for in-game events or check official guides for any updates on obtaining these gloves.

Where can information about Hangyu Cryst breeding combinations be found?

Players can find information about breeding combinations in dedicated Palworld guides online or forums where experienced players share their knowledge. Trusted gaming websites may also have useful information.

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