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Jetragon in Palworld is a treat for all dedicated players. This Dragon Element Legendary Pal resides north of the Beach of Everlasting Summer teleport point and watches over Palpagos Island. To stand a chance at capturing Jetragon, players need to be in the late Level 40s, particularly around Mount Obsidian.

Breeding Jetragon can lead to powerful offspring, making it a highly prized activity among players. Some of the best breeding combinations include pairing Jetragon with Gorirat for an Anubis, or with Beegarde also for an Anubis. These combinations offer strong results and can help enhance your Pal lineup.

Jetragon’s location is key for adventurers. The Alpha Pal boss can be found on Mount Obsidian, specifically on the volcanic rocks at coordinates (-790, -320). This area poses challenges due to its rough terrain and formidable enemies, making it an exciting venture for those seeking to add Jetragon to their collection.

Mastering the Majestic Jetragon in Palworld

In the vast world of Palworld, the elusive Jetragon reigns supreme as a legendary Pal sought after for its power and majesty. This dragon-type creature is not only a formidable fighter but also a symbol of status and achievement for any Palworld player.

Unveiling Jetragon’s Lair

Jetragon can only be found in one location: the volcanic region known as the Ruined Fortress City of Mount Obsidian. This fiery landscape, located in the southwestern part of the map, is a treacherous environment where only the bravest trainers dare to venture.

Taming the Fiery Beast: Capturing Jetragon

Jetragon is a formidable foe, and capturing it requires careful preparation and a well-thought-out strategy. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Level Up: Ensure you’re at least level 40 or higher to stand a fighting chance against Jetragon.
  • Gear Up: Equip yourself with the best weapons and armor you have, including Legendary and Ultra spheres.
  • Team Composition: Bring Ice-type Pals like Chillet or Frostallion, as they are super effective against Dragon types.
  • Be Prepared: Jetragon attacks swiftly and powerfully, so be ready to dodge and counter its attacks.

Breeding Jetragon

Jetragon + JetragonJetragon

Currently, the only known way to breed a Jetragon is by pairing two Jetragons. This makes acquiring multiple Jetragons a challenging endeavor, as you’ll need to capture them in the wild. However, the reward is well worth the effort, as a team of Jetragons can be a force to be reckoned with in battles and raids.

Key Takeaways

  • Jetragon is located at Mount Obsidian, north of the Beach of Everlasting Summer.
  • Breeding combinations like Jetragon plus Gorirat result in strong new Pals.
  • Being in the late Level 40s is essential to capture Jetragon.

Understanding Jetragon in Palworld

Jetragon stands as a formidable presence in Palworld, known for its immense power and role as a dragon guardian. This section provides detailed insights into its identity, abilities, and how players can locate and breed this Legendary Pal.

Jetragon: The Legendary Dragon Pal

Jetragon is a Legendary Dragon Pal in Palworld. It watches over the Palpagos Islands, poised to defend the land against calamity. When danger looms, Jetragon unleashes a devastating attack of total destruction. Beyond its combat prowess, Jetragon can also serve as a flying mount, adding utility to its fearsome reputation.

Basic Information and Stats

Jetragon is a dragon element Level 50 Pal. Its hit points (HP) are among the highest, making it tough in battles.


  • HP: 5000
  • Defense: 1200
  • Movement Speed: Moderate

This dragon exhibits a balanced mix of strength and defense. Players must prepare well before attempting to capture or face it.

Jetragon’s Skills and Abilities

Jetragon’s arsenal of skills includes both active and passive abilities. Key active skills include Dragon Burst, Flare Storm, Draconic Breath, and Fire Ball. These moves help deal out continuous damage, making Jetragon a daunting opponent.

Active Skills:

  • Dragon Burst: High damage beam
  • Flare Storm: Spews fireballs
  • Draconic Breath: Continuous flame attack
  • Fire Ball: Jetragon unleashes explosive orbs

Passive Skills:

  • Illuminated Wings: Enhanced aerial defense
  • Draconic Energy: Boosts overall power

Breeding and Offspring

Breeding Jetragon involves strategic pairings with other Pals. Specific breeding combinations lead to desired offspring.

Breeding Combos:

  • Jetragon + Gorirat = Anubis
  • Jetragon + Beegarde = Anubis
  • Jetragon + Grintale = Mammorest

These combinations use Jetragon’s unique traits to produce strong offspring.

Palpagos Islands: Jetragon’s Habitat

Jetragon is found in specific regions within the Palpagos Islands. Primarily, it spawns north of the Beach of Everlasting Summer teleport point.


  • Region: Volcanic
  • Coordinates: -789, -321

Conditions here can be extreme, so players should equip Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor and Heat Resistant Underwear to withstand the environment. Recognizing Jetragon’s spawn locations helps in strategic planning for capture.

By focusing on Jetragon’s distinct traits, players can effectively harness its power and abilities in Palworld.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the key details about breeding and locating a Jetragon in Palworld. This guide covers steps, habitats, early-game methods, breeding probabilities, and specific conditions for Jetragon breeding.

What steps are necessary for breeding a Jetragon in Palworld?

To breed a Jetragon, first, obtain a Huge Dragon Egg. Use an Egg Incubator to hatch the egg. Breeding takes place in a Breeding Farm by pairing two compatible Pals.

Where is the Jetragon’s habitat located in Palworld?

Jetragon resides on Mount Obsidian, located in the lower left of the map. Find it on volcanic rocks in the upper left corner of the mountain, at approximately the coordinates (-790, -320).

What early-game methods exist for obtaining a Jetragon in Palworld?

Early on, capturing a Jetragon can be difficult. Focus on reaching late Level 40s for a better chance. Engage in lower-level battles to build your team’s strength.

How can I calculate the breeding probability for Jetragon in Palworld?

Breeding probabilities depend on the compatibility of Pals. Although specific percentages may not always be available, higher compatibility increases success rates.

What are the breeding combinations required to obtain a Jetragon in Palworld?

Successful breeding combinations often include pairing Jetragon with other Dragons or compatible Pals. Experiment with different Pals to find effective pairs.

Are there specific conditions that must be met to breed a Jetragon in Palworld?

Yes, specific conditions include having a Breeding Farm and an Egg Incubator. Both Pals need to be at an appropriate level. Make sure they are compatible for successful breeding results.

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