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Palworld Logo Graphic

Palworld is a game where players step into a world teeming with a variety of creatures known as Pals. It engages players in various activities from taming and collecting these creatures to battling and crafting. The game attracts a broad audience, ranging from those who enjoy cooperative gameplay to players who prefer to venture through the game solo. For many, the appeal of Palworld is the ability to connect with friends, which naturally leads to the question of cross-platform compatibility.

Is Palworld Cross Platform?

Palworld has cross-platform play but it is limited to Xbox versions and PC versions purchased from the Microsoft Store/PC Game Pass. However, PC players playing the Steam version of the game are not cross-Platform compatible, and they are limited to playing only with other Steam players.

Here’s a chart to help illustrate the cross-platform capabilities:

Platform 1Crossplay Compatible?
PC (Steam)No. Can only play with PC (Steam)
Xbox Series X/SYes. Can play with all except PC (Steam)
Xbox OneYes. Can play with all except PC (Steam)
Microsoft/PC Game PassYes. Can play with all except PC (Steam)

Key Takeaways

  • Palworld allows players to capture and train creatures in a multiplayer environment.
  • Cross-play is currently supported between Xbox Series X|S and PC (Microsoft/PC Game Pass)
  • Steam players are not cross-play compatible and can only play with other Steam players

Overview of Palworld

This section provides insights into Palworld’s unique gameplay, Pocketpair’s ongoing development efforts, and the game’s availability across various platforms.

Game Mechanics and Features

Palworld is an open-world game that blends crafting, survival, and multiplayer elements. Players explore a vast environment catching and training creatures called Pals. The game challenges players to craft items, survive in a hostile environment, and battle powerful bosses. Multiplayer allows friends to experience the adventure together.

Development and Updates

Pocketpair, the developers behind Palworld, launched the game in early access, showing a commitment to updating and refining the experience. They plan future updates to expand the current features, aiming to incorporate player feedback and enhance gameplay.

System and Platform Availability

Palworld is available on PC platforms, namely Steam and the Microsoft Store, and is also accessible to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One users. Cross-platform multiplayer has been confirmed between PC versions purchased from Microsoft/PC Game Pass and Xbox for Xbox Games platform users. However, Steam users currently cannot crossplay. Pocketpair has expressed intentions to enable full cross-platform services in future updates.

Cross-Platform Play Details

Palworld presents gamers with an option to connect across different devices. The integration of cross-platform play enhances the multiplayer game experience by allowing friends to team up or compete regardless of the system.

Cross-Play Functionality and Support

Palworld enables cross-play between Microsoft/PC Game Pass and Xbox users through Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass services. So if you’re using one of those versions you can team up with or challenge each other.

However, Steam users are not included in this crossplay feature. Steam users can only play with other Steam users.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address common queries regarding the cross-platform capabilities of Palworld, focusing on specifics for various gaming systems.

Can players on Xbox and PC enjoy cross-platform play in Palworld?

Yes if the PC version was purchased from Microsoft / PC Game Pass. Players on Steam can only play with other players on Steam.

Does Palworld support cross-platform multiplayer between Xbox One and other gaming systems?

Currently, crossplay for Palworld is available between and Xbox and Microsoft / PC Game Pass users that are on the Xbox Games platform. There is no confirmation on support for other systems at this time.

Is there cross-platform compatibility between Steam and Xbox for Palworld?

At the moment, players on Steam are unable to join those on Xbox for cross-platform multiplayer in Palworld.

Are players on PS5 able to join sessions with Xbox users in Palworld?

Palworld does not currently offer crossplay between PS5 and Xbox users.

Does Palworld offer cross-platform play for PS4 gamers?

There is no cross-platform play available for PS4 gamers in Palworld at this time.

What are the cross-platform capabilities for Palworld on different gaming platforms?

For now, cross-platform play in Palworld is limited to Xbox and PC users on the Xbox Games platform. Future updates may expand these capabilities.

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