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In the world of Palworld, the Cinnamoth is a popular creature due to its unique Grass Element type and the Mysterious Scales Partner Skill. Understanding how to interact with a Cinnamoth, including breeding and acquiring skills, is crucial for players exploring Palworld. Those looking to add Cinnamoth to their team will need to know about its habitat, behavior, and the benefits it offers. Cinnamoth can be found in specific locations during the day and night, adding to the challenge and reward for players. Mastering breeding combos and recognizing skills and work suits are essential for maximizing Cinnamoth’s capabilities.

Cinnamoth: A Palworld Companion Guide

Pal Type and Traits

Cinnamoth is a Grass-type Pal in Palworld, known for its butterfly-like appearance and colorful scales. Despite its gentle demeanor, it boasts a range of unique abilities. These abilities include producing scales that induce euphoria and utilizing poison-based attacks for self-defense.

Habitat and Locations

Cinnamoth is primarily found in the Cinnamoth Forest, a lush and vibrant area located in the middle of the Palworld map. It tends to travel in packs, and while they are not aggressive, they may flee if they sense danger.

Skills and Abilities

Cinnamoth possesses a variety of skills, both in combat and in assisting around your base. Some of its notable abilities include:

  • Poison Fog: Generates a toxic fog that poisons opponents.
  • Razor Leaf: Unleashes a barrage of sharp leaves at enemies.
  • Solar Beam: Charges and fires a powerful beam of solar energy.
  • Planting: Can be trained to help with planting crops at your base.
  • Medicine Production: Assists in the creation of medicines using its scales.

Table: Cinnamoth Stats

Sp. Atk70
Sp. Def80

Tips and Strategies

While not the strongest fighter, Cinnamoth’s poison attacks and support abilities make it a valuable asset. Pair it with Pals that have high attack stats to compensate for its lower damage output. Additionally, utilize its planting and medicine production skills to enhance your base and create valuable resources.


Cinnamoth is a versatile and useful Pal that can contribute both in battle and at your base. Its unique skills and resource production capabilities make it a worthy addition to any Palworld team.

Key Takeaways

  • Cinnamoth possesses unique abilities that benefit players in Palworld.
  • Knowing Cinnamoth’s location and breeding strategies is crucial.
  • Skills and work suitability highlight the strategic depth of a Cinnamoth.

Overview of Palworld Cinnamoth

The new Cinnamoth in Palworld presents enhanced features and an interesting role. Both facts are vital for players seeking to get the most out of the game.

Palworld and Cinnamoth Description

Palworld is a vibrant game where creatures called Pals are central to gameplay. Cinnamoth is one such Pal, featuring the Grass element. It is recognized by its Mysterious Scales Partner Skill. Cinnamoth thrives in natural, green locations. Players can find this creature both during the day and at night.

Key Stats of Cinnamoth:

  • HP: 70
  • Melee Damage: 100
  • Defense: 80
  • Stamina: 100
  • Rarity: 4

Cinnamoth’s Role in Palworld

Cinnamoth’s work suitability spans Medicine Production and Seeding. In this capacity, it becomes crucial for players who focus on these activities. Cinnamoth uses Poison Fog to attack targets, making strategic gameplay important when utilizing its abilities.

<Game8 has featured some of this information in their guides, serving as a resource for players who wish to learn more about breeding Cinnamoth and maximizing its potential in Palworld.>

Interacting with Cinnamoth

In Palworld, Cinnamoth stands out for its Grass Element type and the Mysterious Scales Partner Skill. This section focuses on how players interact with Cinnamoth in terms of breeding, abilities, and its usefulness in the game.

Breeding and Abilities

When breeding Cinnamoth, players need one male and one female from different specified Pals. For example:

  • Parent 1: Penking (#11)
  • Parent 2: Wumpo (#91)


  • Parent 1: Mozzarina (#29)
  • Parent 2: Necromus (#109)

Cinnamoth’s active skills include Attack moves that offer both power and strategic advantage. Additionally, it has the ability to generate Poison Fog, a unique skill useful in various combat situations.

Utility and Work Suitability

Cinnamoth is suited for different types of work within Palworld. It not only aids in battle through its skills but also can help in farming tasks. With Cinnamoth’s assistance, players may find an increase in drops like:

  • Lettuce Seeds
  • Wheat Seeds

Drops like these are essential for players looking to maintain a steady supply of resources. The Partner Skill of Cinnamoth, Mysterious Scales, further adds value to this vibrant Pal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Players of Palworld often seek guidance on how to advance, especially when it comes to the Cinnamoth creature. This section answers common queries with clear instructions.

What are the steps involved in completing the Palworld Cinnamoth level?

Players need to locate Cinnamoth, gather specific materials, and reach objectives to pass the Cinnamoth level. Each achievement brings them closer to completion.

Where can players find Cinnamoth in Palworld?

Cinnamoth can be found in various biomes, but specific day and night locations may vary. Checking the game’s guide might help pinpoint its habitat.

Is it possible to engage in farming within Palworld, particularly for breeding Cinnamoth?

Yes, players can farm in Palworld. This includes breeding Cinnamoth by following the correct parent combinations and conditions laid out in the breeding guide.

What strategies are effective for catching Cinnamoth in Palworld?

To catch Cinnamoth, players should prepare the right elemental Pals and traps. Knowing its behavior patterns also gives them an advantage during the capture process.

What are the known glitches or issues when trying to catch Cinnamoth in Palworld?

Some players may experience issues with Cinnamoth’s appearance rates or behavior. Regular updates from developers tend to address these glitches.

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