Step 01: Requesting Information

Once application received, a member of our Franchise Development team will reach out to you to schedule a PDM (Phone Discovery Meeting). We will answer any questions you may have regarding this process.

Step 02: Review and Approval

Once submission is reviewed, a member of our Franchise Development team will email you our FDD, or Franchise Disclosure Document.

Step 03: Getting You Started

Our Franchise Development team will work with you to help find and secure a location. Location will be mutually agreed upon as meeting the standard for a successful GadgetMates location.


Who We Want as a GadgetMates Owner

  • Financial stability and fiscally responsible.
  • A passion and appreciation for the tech.
  • Positive Attitude and Hardworking. 
  • Customer oriented personality. 
  • A person who keeps big picture in mind.
  • A person who cares deeply about customer satisfaction.

How does GadgetMates differ from the competition?

GadgetMates’ comprehensive “mobile device solutions” business model is unique in this category. Most “cell phone repair” businesses address the “break/fix” aspect of the market. GadgetMates, on the other hand, provides a comprehensive suite of services for consumers, educators, municipalities, healthcare practitioners and business owners. Our solutions focus on enhancing and sustaining the mobile lifestyle crossing from home to work to travel.

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