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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions 

Shipping Questions

How long do I have to return an item?
Where do I return an item?
What is local pickup?
Where do you ship to?
How much does it cost to ship?
What carriers do you use?
How long does shipping take?

Repair Questions 

Mail in Repair Questions 

What types of Smartphones do you repair
I tried repairing my smartphone myself, can I still bring it in for repair or diagnostic?
I have multiple issues with my smartphone, can I get a deal on multiple repairs?
Can I mail in any device for repair?
What should I include when I am shipping my device to you?
Do I have to include my passcode with my phone?
Do you need my SIM card?

Liquid Damage Service

Glass & LCD Replacement Service

What should I do if my device fell in water or other liquid?
My device was water damaged and seems to work fine except for one function, do I still need the full water damage service?
How long do water damage repairs take to complete?
My phone was dropped and the screen is unresponsive to touch, does the glass repair fix this issue?
How do I know if I need the LCD repaired?
The glass on my iPhone is completely shattered and is chipping off, is the glass replacement service all I need?

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