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Overwatch 2 continues to evolve with its latest patch notes, presenting significant updates that players should be aware of. The game brings a mix of enhancements to gameplay and hero balance, ensuring a fair and exciting experience for everyone. The recent patch has introduced quite a few changes to adapt to the player community’s feedback and ongoing game development insights. These adjustments are aimed at creating a more engaging and balanced gaming environment, responding to the complex needs of both casual and competitive players.

Overwatch 2 Patch Notes – 3/12/2024

New Game Mode: Hero Mastery: Gauntlet

  • Co-operative mode where players defend towers against waves of bots.
  • Collect energy and buy upgrades to survive all 10 rounds.
  • Four difficulty levels with randomized upgrades, bots, and targets.
  • Score-based leaderboards.
  • Play with AI mode for practice (scores/challenges disabled).
  • Limited-time event with exclusive rewards.

Competitive Play Updates

  • Placement results and overview shown before Hero Progression after matches.
  • Rank Range now visible on the scoreboard.
  • View modifiers outside Competitive Overview with “Rank Info” button.
  • “Demotion Protection” notifies players of imminent demotion risk.

Hero Updates

Overall Changes:

  • Projectile Size: Fastest travel-time projectiles (>50m/s) slightly reduced to prevent accidental chest hits instead of headshots.
  • Role Passives: Damage role’s healing reduction decreased from 20% to 15%.
  • Healing Status UI: New UI element above the health bar shows active healing effects (Anti-Heal, Amplification, Reduction).


  • Doomfist: Meteor Strike minimum damage increased (15 -> 50).
  • Mauga:
    • Overrun stomp damage increased (45 -> 60).
    • Cardiac Overdrive: Reduced duration (5s -> 4s), reduced cooldown (12s -> 10s), now fills passive overhealth by 100.
  • Orisa: Terra Surge charges 25% faster for the first 2.5 seconds.
  • Ramattra:
    • Ravenous Vortex damage increased (45 -> 70), cooldown decreased (12s -> 11s).
  • Reinhardt: Armor increased (275 -> 300), Fire Strike damage increased (100 -> 120).
  • Roadhog:
    • Chain Hook pulls enemies closer (4m -> 3m).
    • Pig Pen has less vertical knockback.


  • Hanzo: Arrow projectile size reverted to pre-patch size, in line with the overall projectile adjustment.
  • Mei:
    • Endothermic Blaster ammo increased (120 -> 140).
    • Cryofreeze healing increased (50 -> 62.5 hps).
  • Reaper:
    • Death Blossom damage increased (170 -> 185 dps), ultimate cost decreased by 12%.
  • Sombra:
    • Virus deals more damage to Hacked targets (10 -> 25).
    • Translocator destroys breakables in-flight.
    • EMP ultimate cost decreased by 8%.
  • Symmetra:
    • Photon Projector DPS increased (60/120/180 -> 65/130/195).
    • Sentry Turrets: Health increased (30 -> 50), damage increased (25 -> 30 dps).
    • Teleporter: Health increased (50 -> 100), shields increased (150 -> 200).
  • Torbjörn: Turret damage increased (11 -> 13 dps).


  • Ana: Biotic Grenade damage and healing increased (60 -> 90).
  • Baptiste: Immortality Field minimum health threshold decreased (25% -> 20%).
  • Brigitte: Repair Pack cooldown decreased (6s -> 5s). Rally ultimate cost decreased by 8%.
  • Illari:
    • Solar Rifle fires faster (recovery 0.3s -> 0.2s), charges faster (0.7s -> 0.65s).
  • Lifeweaver:
    • Heal Blossom max heal amount increased (70 -> 80), max charge time increased (1s -> 1.15s).

Bug Fixes

  • Gamepad B button now correctly opens Bookmarks in Replays.
  • Souvenirs face the right direction in Battlepass previews.
  • “More items in shop” button in Event Hub works properly.
  • Viewing your own Progression Screen no longer glitches.
  • Rank Update Progress Bar displays correctly.
  • ‘Ring’ dot reticle works for all heroes.
  • Can always access the Options menu after Deathmatch.
  • Jump pads now work correctly in Mystery Heroes.
  • Competitive Placement leaves count as losses.
  • More bug fixes related to heroes and maps (see patch notes for details).

The changes reach into various aspects of the game, including the addition of a new skill tier, a much-anticipated rank reset, as well as skill modifiers and rewards for competitive play. This has been complemented by thorough adjustments to heroes, including damage and projectile size reworks, which are designed to ensure each hero feels viable and enjoyable to play. Moreover, a new hero, Ramattra, joins the roster, bringing unique abilities to the field and shaking up the strategic possibilities within the game. Seasonal events and map updates are also part of these patches, providing fresh content and renewed challenges for players.

Key Takeaways

  • The latest patch brings gameplay and hero balance to maintain fair play.
  • New content, including a skill tier and a new hero, Ramattra, is now available.
  • Seasonal events and map alterations provide ongoing challenges and fresh experiences.

Gameplay and Balance Updates

Overwatch 2 frequently adjusts hero abilities in its patches to maintain a balanced gameplay environment. The focus includes various aspects such as health increase, cooldown management, and tweaks to the damage role passive system. These changes aim to ensure that no single hero or class—Tank, Support, or Damage—overpowers the others.

Recent updates have included changes to certain heroes. Tank characters often see modifications to their armor values to properly scale with their role’s durability. For Support heroes, adjustments to healing output are common, ensuring they can sustain their team effectively.

Alterations to the damage role passive abilities include tuning to energy gain or loss rates. This enables Damage heroes to contribute effectively but prevents them from overwhelming enemies without skilled play.

Patch notes also detail more specific hero changes:

  • Projectile size and travel time can be revised, affecting how easy or difficult it is to land attacks
  • Modifications to impact damage encourage players to adjust their aim and timing

Here’s an example update:

  • Hero A’s energy beam cooldown reduced by 1 second
  • Hero B’s health increase by 25 points
  • Hero C’s primary attack projectile size increased

These updates are crucial to maintaining the fast-paced and strategic nature of Overwatch 2, where each decision can turn the tide of battle. By carefully adjusting these parameters, the game developers aim to provide a dynamic and fun experience for players of all skill levels.

Hero Specific Changes

Recent updates to Overwatch 2 have brought a number of changes to hero mechanics and abilities. These adjustments aim to improve the overall balance and gameplay experience.

Support Heroes Adjustments

Mercy has seen alterations to her Caduceus Staff. The staff’s healing and damage boost beams now connect with all allies near the targeted teammate. For Ana, the impact of her Biotic Grenade has been tweaked, adjusting the healing received by those affected. Lucio‘s movement speed while wall-riding has been slightly reduced. Kiriko can now throw her Kunai more accurately at a longer distance. Additionally, with Brigitte, the Repair Pack ability has a quicker cooldown, allowing for more frequent support to her allies.

Tank Heroes Updates

Ramattra‘s formidable Ravenous Vortex now has a reduced area of effect, demanding more precision from the player. Reinhardt‘s Rocket Punch now travels a shorter distance but packs a stronger punch. Roadhog has experienced an adjustment to his Chain Hook, with a longer cooldown period implemented. Changes to Winston‘s primary fire have increased its range, but the damage rate has been slightly decreased. For D.va, tweaks to her Defense Matrix resource meter allow it to replenish more quickly.

Damage Heroes Modifications

Tracer‘s Pulse Pistols have a slight increase in reload time, affecting her burst damage potential. Conversely, Sojourn‘s Railgun now charges more rapidly, allowing for quicker follow-up shots. Reaper‘s Hellfire Shotguns now do reduced damage at maximum range, honing in on his role as a close-quarters combatant. Hanjo‘s primary fire damage has been finely adjusted to impact his interaction with other damage heroes, particularly considering his ability to land headshots. Lastly, Junkrat has an enhanced trigger response for his Concussion Mine, making his traps more reactive to enemy movements.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers common queries about the latest updates to Overwatch 2 based on the recent patch notes.

What balance changes have been made to the heroes in the latest Overwatch 2 update?

The latest patch introduced notable balance tweaks. For example, Hanzo’s Storm Arrows won’t pass through barriers anymore, enabling fairer gameplay.

How do the recent patch notes address bugs in Overwatch 2?

The updates fix critical errors. One such fix prevents Reinhardt’s Earthshatter ability from penetrating barriers and walls, which should improve the player experience.

What new content has been introduced in the current season of Overwatch 2?

Seasonal content brings excitement to Overwatch 2. The current update includes special skins themed around Cowboy Bebop available in the shop and players can tackle in-game challenges to earn rewards until March 25.

Can you summarize the adjustments made to the maps in the Overwatch 2 update?

The recent patch notes have not detailed changes to the maps. Map adjustments are critical for maintaining balance and freshness in gameplay, but the latest notes focus on hero balances and bug fixes.

How have the recent Overwatch 2 patches affected competitive gameplay?

Adjustments in the patches enhance competitive play. The introduction of a new tempo tank, Ramattra, at Level 45 or with the premium Battle Pass brings strategic depth to team compositions in competitive matches.

What quality-of-life improvements are included in the most recent Overwatch 2 patch notes?

Patch notes provide numerous enhancements to the game’s usability. One such improvement includes additional content with the Season 9 Premium Battle Pass and in-game currency to enrich the player’s experience.

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