In 2016

Founded GadgetMates Company

GadgetMates was founded the end of 2016 by experts (think of us as “cellphone doctors”) who pioneered phone and computer repair since the beginning. We have provided quality repair services to thousands of customers in the greater Las Vegas and Henderson areas.

Within two years

Decided to offer Franchise


We are here to help you

GadgetMates was created with one idea in mind: assure that the customer’s needs are met. In an ever changing world where technology remains at the forefront, we understand that your various electronic devices will need to be maintained and serviced. We take that responsibility very seriously and have a passionate team ready to assist. From building full ­fledged gaming rigs, to replacing a shattered screen on a cellphone, GadgetMates has you covered.

GadgetMates believes in the simple truth that quality work produces growth and success

Can’t find a local store? Why not inquire about opening a franchise in your area.

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