Olight Seeker 3 Pro
Version 1.0.0

The Olight Seeker 3 Pro is a powerful flashlight, boasting a maximum output of 4,200 lumens. This high-power tool promises an impressive lighting solution for various tasks. Users can expect a significant enhancement compared to its predecessor, the Seeker 2 Pro, offering improved performance and features.

The design of the Seeker 3 Pro emphasizes functionality and user comfort. It includes a rotary interface for easy use and comes equipped with a nylon pouch for convenient carrying. The proprietary battery and charging system, while unique, may present some challenges for those used to standard batteries.

Shine a Light on the Olight Seeker 3 Pro

Powerful Illumination

The Olight Seeker 3 Pro boasts an impressive maximum output of 4,200 lumens, making it one of the brightest flashlights in its class. It’s designed with four high-performance cool white LEDs, offering a wide floodlight beam that illuminates a vast area.

Intuitive Rotary Knob Switch

This flashlight features a user-friendly rotary knob switch on the head for effortless brightness adjustments. The surrounding indicators provide real-time feedback on brightness and battery levels, ensuring you’re always in control.

Durable and Versatile Design

The Seeker 3 Pro is built to withstand tough conditions. Its sturdy construction and IPX8 water-resistant rating make it suitable for outdoor adventures, camping, hiking, and search and rescue operations.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Equipped with a 5000mAh customized battery pack, the Seeker 3 Pro offers impressive battery life, allowing for extended use on a single charge. It also supports fast charging, so you can quickly get back to full power.

Convenient Magnetic Charging

The included MCC3 magnetic charging cable makes recharging hassle-free. The magnetic connection ensures a secure and efficient charging process.

Additional Features

The Seeker 3 Pro comes with several handy features, including a proximity sensor that automatically lowers brightness to protect your eyes, a lockout mode to prevent accidental activation, and a tripod socket for stable mounting.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Output4200 lumens
Beam Distance250 meters
LED Type4 x Cree XHP50.2 CW
Battery5000mAh customized battery pack
Waterproof RatingIPX8
Impact Resistance1.5 meters
Dimensions5.12 x 1.57 inches
Weight7.1 ounces

Key Takeaways

  • The Seeker 3 Pro offers 4,200 lumens of maximum output.
  • It features a user-friendly rotary interface and a nylon pouch.
  • The proprietary battery and charging system may not fit standard chargers.

Design and Build Quality

The Olight Seeker 3 Pro features a solid and practical design that emphasizes functionality. Its robust build, attention to detail, and convenient carrying options make it suitable for everyday use.

Size and Weight

The Olight Seeker 3 Pro measures 5.20 inches in length, making it compact enough for easy handling. The flashlight weighs approximately 7.06 ounces, balancing heft and portability. This size ensures it remains unobtrusive when carried but feels sturdy during use. Many users appreciate its slightly hefty feel, as it contributes to the grip and overall user experience. The dimensions and weight make it a practical choice for both professional and casual users.

Material and Durability

Constructed from high-quality aluminum alloy, the Olight Seeker 3 Pro is built to withstand rough use. The material is resistant to wear and corrosion, ensuring long-term reliability. The flashlight’s body features a textured surface, providing a firm grip even in wet conditions. The Seeker 3 Pro is also rated IPX8 waterproof, allowing it to be submerged up to 2 meters. This makes it suitable for various harsh environments. Additionally, the lens is made from toughened glass with an anti-reflective coating, enhancing its durability while ensuring optimal light transmission.

Carry Options

The Seeker 3 Pro offers multiple carrying options for user convenience. It includes a stainless steel pocket clip, allowing for secure attachment to pockets or gear. The clip enables quick access and hands-free carrying, which is crucial for those needing the flashlight on the go. Additionally, the flashlight comes with a high-quality holster that fits snugly on belts or straps. This holster provides extra security and easy access, especially useful during outdoor activities. Both the pocket clip and holster enhance the flashlight’s versatility, making it suitable for various carrying preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common queries about the Olight Seeker 3 Pro, including its specs, charging compatibility, and features.

What are the main differences between the Olight Seeker 2 Pro and the Seeker 3 Pro?

The Seeker 3 Pro has a higher max output of 4,200 lumens, compared to the Seeker 2 Pro’s 3,200 lumens. The newer model also shows improved efficiency and longer runtime thanks to its updated design and technology.

Can the Olight Seeker 3 Pro be charged with third-party chargers?

The Olight Seeker 3 Pro uses a customized 21700 battery that fits into the proprietary magnetic USB charging system provided by Olight. Using third-party chargers is not recommended, as it might not be compatible or could damage the battery.

What is the battery life of the Olight Seeker 3 Pro on its maximum setting?

At the maximum output of 4,200 lumens, the Seeker 3 Pro can operate for approximately 2.5 minutes before stepping down to prevent overheating. After stepping down, it can last around 127 minutes at a reduced brightness level.

How does the Seeker 3 Pro perform compared to the Seeker 4 Pro?

Information specific to the Olight Seeker 4 Pro is not widely available as of the current date. However, the Seeker 3 Pro is known for its excellent build quality, high lumen output, and practical features, making it a strong choice for users.

What advanced features does the Seeker 3 Pro offer?

The Seeker 3 Pro includes a rotary knob switch for easy brightness adjustment, a proximity sensor for safety, and four different color finishes including black, orange, brown, and blue. It also features an upgraded TIR lens for better beam quality.

Is the Olight Seeker 3 Pro waterproof and to what extent?

The Seeker 3 Pro is rated IPX8 waterproof, which means it can be submerged in water up to 2 meters deep for 30 minutes. This makes it suitable for use in heavy rain and other wet conditions.

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