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In No Man’s Sky, getting a Pirate Dreadnought is an exciting challenge. It gives players a strong capital ship to improve their space adventures. To get one, players need to win space battles that usually happen when they warp into certain star systems with high conflict levels or labeled as outlaw systems. When facing a Pirate Dreadnought, players can choose to either destroy and loot it, or make it surrender and claim it for their fleet. Both choices have their advantages, letting players enhance their offensive abilities or gain rewards by defeating such a powerful enemy.

Dominate the Skies: Claim Your Pirate Dreadnought

Triggering the Dreadnought Battle

There are two main ways to initiate a battle with a Pirate Dreadnought:

  1. Warping Through Systems: After playing for at least three hours, warp to five different systems. On the fifth warp, you’ll likely encounter a Dreadnought battle. To increase your chances of encountering a pirate one, aim for systems marked with a skull icon on the galaxy map (indicating outlaw systems).
  2. Exploring Outlaw Systems: Alternatively, jump through three or more outlaw systems consecutively. This method may also trigger a Dreadnought battle.

Winning the Battle

Once the battle starts, focus on disabling the Dreadnought. Target its engines (four glowing points on its wings) and the six cannons on its port side (five on the back deck, one on the front deck). Ignore the smaller enemy ships for now. Once the engines and cannons are destroyed, the Dreadnought will surrender.

Claiming Your Prize

After the Dreadnought surrenders, land on it and interact with the captain. You can choose to demand a reward (units) or take control of the ship. If you take control, check the ship’s class using your visor. If it’s not the desired S-class, reload a previous save and repeat the battle until you get one.

Upgrading Your Dreadnought

Once you’ve claimed your Dreadnought, you can upgrade it using the same methods as regular freighters. This includes adding storage rooms, refining units, and customizing the appearance.

Table: Key Tips for Acquiring a Pirate Dreadnought

Triggering the battleWarp through five systems (preferably outlaw systems) or explore three or more outlaw systems consecutively.
Winning the battleDisable the Dreadnought’s engines and cannons on the port side.
Claiming the shipLand on the Dreadnought and interact with the captain.
UpgradingUse the same methods as for regular freighters.

With the information above, you can chart a course towards obtaining your very own Pirate Dreadnought. These powerful ships not only make a statement in the vastness of space but also provide valuable resources and capabilities for your journey through the No Man’s Sky universe.

Key Takeaways

  • The Pirate Dreadnought is a powerful enemy ship in No Man’s Sky, accessible since the Omega update.
  • Players can find these ships in high-conflict or outlaw star systems.
  • Obtaining a dreadnought requires either defeating it in combat or claiming it for one’s own fleet.

Acquiring the Pirate Dreadnought

To obtain a Pirate Dreadnought in No Man’s Sky, players need to locate a pirate system, engage in space combat, board the ship using precise strategies, and decide whether to negotiate with the pirates or capture the Dreadnought by force.

Locating a Pirate System

To encounter a Pirate Dreadnought, one must first warp into a 3-star conflict or outlaw system. These systems have a higher chance of spawning intense space battles involving Dreadnought-class freighters.


  • Use the galaxy map to identify systems with heightened conflict levels.
  • Look for the symbol indicating a 3-star system to increase the chance of encountering pirates.

Engaging in Space Battle

When you find a Pirate Dreadnought, prepare for a fierce space battle. Equip your starship with shields and torpedoes to disable the freighter’s engines, preventing it from escaping.

Combat Steps:

  1. Target the Dreadnought’s shield generators located within shielded sections.
  2. Destroy anti-freighter cannons to make boarding possible.
  3. Navigate the trenches of the ship to inflict damage on crucial systems.

Boarding and Capturing Techniques

Upon weakening the Dreadnought, the next step is boarding. Use your starship’s Analysis mode to scan the freighter class before entering.

Boarding Checklist:

  • Confirm the Dreadnought class: Look for an S-Class for the best rewards.
  • Locate and destroy the shield generators if the ship’s defenses are still active.
  • Traverse the ship’s interior and reach the control room for the next phase.

Negotiating with Pirates

After boarding, players are often faced with a decision: defeat the remaining crew or accept their surrender. Accepting a surrender might allow you to claim the Dreadnought without further conflict.

Negotiation Points:

  • Assess the cargo and potential loot as this plays into the reward you’ll receive.
  • Weigh the benefits of sparing the crew against the cost to your resources and the ship’s condition.

Integrating with Your Fleet

Once a Pirate Dreadnought is captured, integrating it into your fleet requires focus on several key areas. This ship brings formidable capabilities to your armada, but only if leveraged correctly.

Upgrading Dreadnought Capabilities

To fully harness the Pirate Dreadnought’s potential, upgrades are essential. Shield generators should be your top priority, enhancing your freighter’s longevity during conflicts. Invest nanites to improve the dreadnought’s warp drives, allowing for swift movement across star systems. Lastly, consider installing improved fuel rods to optimize fuel consumption during warps.

Assigning to Expeditions

Expeditions are missions you can send your ships on to gather resources and experience. The Pirate Dreadnought, with its high firepower, excels in combat expeditions. Assign it to these missions to ensure the security of your freighters. Always pair it with frigates that complement its strengths, such as those equipped for trade or exploration.

Maximizing Storage and Efficiency

Optimize the dreadnought’s interior layout to maximize storage. Allocate space for essential resources like nanites and chromatic metal. The Pirate Dreadnought’s ample cargo holds make it an effective transporter and mobile base. Streamlining your resource management ensures you are ready for any undertaking.

System Management and Maintenance

Keep a routine check on your systems. Maintenance involves regular checks on the shield generators and warp drives to prevent malfunctions. Allocate crew to manage repairs, and stockpile necessary repair materials to address wear and tear promptly.

Understanding Fleet Dynamics

Your fleet dynamics shift when a Pirate Dreadnought joins. It becomes a central figure in both defense and offense. Balance your fleet by adding frigates with varying capabilities, such as trading or mining, to support the dreadnought’s combat prowess. This synergy makes your fleet resilient and versatile.

Frequently Asked Questions

In No Man’s Sky, pirate dreadnoughts are formidable challenges with significant rewards. For those looking to encounter, battle, or even potentially obtain these ships, the following common questions may provide essential information.

How can I encounter a pirate Dreadnought in No Man’s Sky?

Pirate dreadnoughts appear in certain star systems after you warp to a new location. To increase your chances of encountering one, focus on warping into systems with high conflict levels or labeled as outlaw systems.

What are the potential rewards for defeating a pirate Dreadnought in No Man’s Sky?

Victory over a pirate dreadnought can yield valuable cargo and resources. Moreover, it can also give you a considerable amount of units (in-game currency) as a bounty for defeating these threats.

Is it possible to acquire a pirate Dreadnought for personal use in No Man’s Sky?

After a recent update, players may now be able to obtain an S-Class pirate dreadnought. Success often requires persistence in locating a dreadnought and checking its class with the analysis visor.

What should I do if I encounter the pirate Dreadnought bug in No Man’s Sky?

If you experience a bug with the pirate dreadnought, report it to the game developers through official channels. Exiting and re-entering the system may temporarily resolve the issue.

How can I locate a system with a high pirate presence in No Man’s Sky?

Systems with 3-star conflict levels typically have a higher pirate presence. Scanning from the galaxy map gives you this information, helping you seek out these intense environments.

What strategies are effective for surviving a Dreadnought battle in No Man’s Sky?

Surviving a battle with a dreadnought requires a well-equipped ship and strategic maneuvering. Focus on upgrading your ship’s shields and weapons, and always maintain mobility to avoid incoming attacks.

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