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Players can find Buried Technology Modules on different planets to improve their technology and base building abilities. These modules are hidden underground and contain Salvaged Data, a currency used to unlock new construction blueprints at the Space Anomaly. To locate these buried caches, players can use an Analysis Visor to scan for their unique icon. Once found, the Terrain Manipulator is needed to dig up and access the modules.

Obtaining Salvaged Data from Buried Technology Modules allows players to progress in the game by creating advanced structures and technology, enhancing their ability to survive and explore. This aspect of the game emphasizes the importance of resource management and exploration within No Man’s Sky’s vast universe. Uncovering Buried Technology not only leads to technological advancement but also deepens players’ engagement with the game’s procedurally generated worlds, fostering a sense of discovery and progress.

Unearthing Buried Technology Modules

What are Buried Technology Modules?

Buried Technology Modules are valuable hidden treasures scattered across planets in No Man’s Sky. They contain Salvaged Data, a crucial resource for crafting upgrades and unlocking new technologies. Unearthing these modules is essential for progressing in the game.

How to Find Buried Technology Modules

  1. Equip the Analysis Visor: Activate your Analysis Visor (default key is F on PC) and scan the surrounding area.
  2. Look for the Icon: Keep an eye out for a distinct icon on your visor: a downward-pointing arrow with a Wi-Fi-like symbol. This indicates a buried module nearby.
  3. Pinpoint the Location: Follow the icon’s direction and distance indicator to get closer to the module’s location.
  4. Use the Terrain Manipulator: Once you’ve reached the spot, equip the Terrain Manipulator (available after completing the “Awakenings” mission) and dig down to uncover the module.

Tips for Successful Excavation

  • Upgrade Your Terrain Manipulator: Upgrading the manipulator allows for faster digging and deeper excavation.
  • Watch for Terrain Variations: Some modules might be buried deeper in hilly areas. Use your jetpack to reach higher ground if needed.
  • Check Caves: Occasionally, buried technology modules might be hidden within caves.

Rewards and Uses of Salvaged Data

Salvaged Data QuantityPossible Rewards
1-2Nanite Clusters, Units
3-4Encrypted Navigation Data (used to locate Manufacturing Facilities and Crashed Freighters)

Salvaged Data can be traded for valuable items at Space Stations or used to purchase upgrades for your Exosuit, Multi-Tool, and Starship.

Key Takeaways

  • Buried Technology Modules are hidden resources that provide Salvaged Data.
  • Players use the Analysis Visor and Terrain Manipulator to find and excavate these modules.
  • Salvaged Data is used to unlock new blueprints, aiding player progression.

Understanding Buried Technology Modules

Buried Technology Modules in No Man’s Sky are treasure-like items hidden on planets. They help players improve their gear and base.

Concept and Functionality

Buried Technology Modules are artificial resources. They provide Salvaged Data when opened. Players use Salvaged Data to learn new blueprints. These blueprints allow crafting of new technologies and base parts.

Locating and Excavating

Use the Analysis Visor to scan for the icon that marks these modules. Once found, employ the Terrain Manipulator to excavate them. The Terrain Manipulator is a tool that attaches to the Multi-Tool.

Utilization and Benefits

After extracting a Buried Technology Module, players receive Salvaged Data. Salvaged Data is vital for learning new crafting recipes. These recipes expand a player’s ability to build and upgrade their base and equipment.

Associated Equipment

Key tools for this process include:

  • Analysis Visor: locates buried modules.
  • Terrain Manipulator: digs out the modules.
  • Multi-Tool: hosts the above tools and can be upgraded with new technologies.
  • Scanner: helps find resources and modules.

Each tool plays a part in enhancing a player’s experience with technology modules.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Buried Technology Module is an important part of the No Man’s Sky game. It helps players get new tech and build bases. Here are some common questions answered.

How can I efficiently farm Buried Technology Modules in No Man’s Sky?

To farm these modules, use the Analysis Visor to scan and locate them. Look for the wifi-like symbol. The Terrain Manipulator helps you dig them out. They often sit near Damaged Machinery.

What are the uses for Buried Technology Modules in No Man’s Sky?

Players use Buried Technology Modules to exchange for valuable blueprints. You can get these blueprints at the Space Anomaly’s Construction Research Station. They help build and upgrade bases.

Where can I find Buried Technology Modules in No Man’s Sky?

You can find these modules under the surface of planets. They show up as a specific symbol when you use your Analysis Visor. Not all planets have them, so keep an eye out as you travel.

Is there a way to locate more Buried Technology Modules easily in No Man’s Sky?

Yes, use your visor to scan for modules. Damaged Machinery locations often indicate nearby modules. This method can help you find them faster.

How often do Buried Technology Modules respawn in No Man’s Sky?

These modules respawn, but the timing can vary. It’s not instant, and the exact respawn rate isn’t public knowledge. Explore different areas to find more.

What is the role of the Terrain Manipulator in finding Buried Technology Modules?

The Terrain Manipulator is a tool that lets you dig into the ground. You need this tool to dig out Buried Technology Modules after you find them with your visor.

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