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No Man’s Sky has a huge universe to explore with different planets and resources needed for survival and progress in the game. One important resource is Basalt, found mainly on volcanic planets. Basalt is vital for crafting and technology upgrades, making it valuable for space exploration. To find Basalt, players can use their Analysis Visor to locate and collect it from large deposits. Knowing where to find Basalt helps players handle the challenges in the game.

Locating and Utilizing Basalt in No Man’s Sky

Where to Find Basalt

Basalt is exclusively found on volcanic planets within the No Man’s Sky universe. To increase your chances of finding it:

  • Scan from Space: Use your starship’s scanner to identify planets with “Extreme” volcanic activity.
  • Check Planetary Info: When viewing a planet, access its information panel to see if Basalt is listed as a resource.
  • Scan on the Ground: Once on a volcanic planet, use your Analysis Visor to scan for Basalt deposits, often found in rocky areas.

Basalt Types

BasaltThe most common form, found as mineral deposits or secondary elements in other resource nodes.
Pure BasaltA rarer variant with a higher yield, typically found in larger deposits.

Extraction Methods

  • Terrain Manipulator: Mine larger Basalt deposits for a significant yield.
  • Mining Laser: Use your Multi-Tool’s mining laser to extract Basalt from smaller deposits or individual rocks.

Uses of Basalt

Basalt serves a crucial role in crafting the Signal Booster upgrade for your Analysis Visor. This upgrade is essential for locating specific points of interest on a planet.

Additional Tips

  • Basalt is not always guaranteed on volcanic planets, so patience and exploration are key.
  • Consider building a mineral extractor on a planet with abundant Basalt for passive harvesting.

Key Takeaways

  • Basalt is a crucial resource found on volcanic planets in No Man’s Sky.
  • It is collected by scanning for large deposits or inspecting minerals with the Analysis Visor.
  • Players use Basalt in crafting and upgrading their technology.

Exploration and Resources

In “No Man’s Sky,” players roam the universe, finding and extracting resources like Basalt from various planets. This section explains how to locate Basalt-rich planets and the proper methods for mining Basalt.

Identifying Basalt-Rich Planets

To find planets abundant in Basalt, players should use their Analysis Visor to survey planets. Planets with a volcanic environment often contain Basalt. When scanning from space or on the surface, if Basalt appears in the list of resources, that planet will have Basalt available. Searching for large resource deposits or inspecting common minerals on these volcanic planets increases the player’s chances of discovering Basalt.

Mining Basalt

Once a player identifies a Basalt-rich planet, they can mine Basalt from larger mineral deposits or by breaking down common minerals found on the planetary surface. Equipment like laser tools is needed to extract Basalt efficiently. Players should concentrate on planets with visible volcanic activity to locate mine-able Basalt deposits, ensuring that the time spent on the surface is productive.

Usage and Crafting

In “No Man’s Sky,” Basalt plays an essential role in crafting certain upgrades and can be gathered in areas known for their volcanic activity. It is both a resource obtained from planets and used in precise recipes to improve equipment.

Crafting with Basalt

Basalt is primarily used to craft the Voltaic Amplifier, a valuable upgrade for the Multi-Tool, enhancing weapon damage and the ability to stun enemies. To create this upgrade, players need to piece together the following materials:

  • 70 Basalt: Collected from volcanic planets or by refining secondary elements.
  • 2 Ion Batteries: These are crafted or bought items.
  • 1 Wiring Loom: Available for purchase in many space stations.

Advanced Applications

Advanced crafting may involve a Refiner to process Basalt into other elements such as Glass, which is crafted from Pure Ferrite and not directly from Basalt. While advanced uses for Basalt aren’t as abundant as basic crafting materials like Ferrite, its significance in creating specialized items like the Voltaic Amplifier highlights Basalt’s specific utility.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section aims to answer common queries regarding the collection and use of basalt in No Man’s Sky.

How can you obtain basalt on a volcanic planet in No Man’s Sky?

To gather basalt on a volcanic planet, players should scan the planet’s surface from space or on the ground. If basalt is listed as a resource, scanning rocks or resource deposits will likely lead to its discovery.

What are the uses of basalt in No Man’s Sky?

Basalt is currently used in crafting the Voltaic Amplifier, which is an upgrade for the Multi-Tool. This enhancement increases weapon damage against certain objectives when they are stunned.

Where is basalt most commonly found in the No Man’s Sky universe?

Basalt is typically located on planets with volcanic environments. Large deposits can be found or extracted from common minerals after inspection with an Analysis Visor.

What is the process for refining basalt in No Man’s Sky?

The game does not detail a specific refining process for basalt. Generally, resources can be refined by placing them into a Refiner with the appropriate recipe, which might not apply directly to basalt.

Are there specific coordinates where basalt can be found in No Man’s Sky?

No specific coordinates are provided for finding basalt. Since resources are distributed procedurally, basalt locations vary and cannot be pinpointed to exact coordinates.

Can basalt be crafted, and if so, what is the recipe?

Basalt is not crafted but rather collected as a resource. It is then used as a component in crafting items, such as the aforementioned Voltaic Amplifier, which requires 70 basalt, 2 Ion Batteries, and 1 Wiring Loom to create.

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