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In the video game No Man’s Sky, players find an item called the Ancient Key. This key is important for unlocking Ancient Locks on Large Artifact Crates at Ancient Ruins. These crates often contain valuable treasures that help players explore the galaxy. To find an Ancient Key, players need to search for Artifact Fragments scattered around the ruins. These keys are not just for collecting; they have a practical use. Players must gather a specific number of keys to access the contents of the crates, which can give them various in-game rewards.

Unraveling the Secrets of No Man’s Sky: Ancient Keys

What Are Ancient Keys?

Ancient Keys are special items you find in No Man’s Sky. You get them by exploring ancient ruins and solving puzzles. They’re not just pretty collectibles, they open up hidden treasures!

Where to Find Ancient Keys

You find these keys at ancient ruins. Keep an eye out for alien structures on planets. Use your Analysis Visor to scan the ground and locate buried chests containing the keys. Remember, sometimes you need to solve puzzles or activate monoliths to uncover these hidden stashes.

What Do Ancient Keys Unlock?

The real prize is the buried treasure chest found at the center of the ruins. You need three Ancient Keys to unlock it. Inside, you’ll find valuable items like rare resources, technology blueprints, or even powerful upgrades.

Tips for Finding and Using Ancient Keys

  • Upgrade Your Analysis Visor: This helps you see buried objects more easily.
  • Learn Alien Languages: This can help you decipher puzzles and clues.
  • Explore Different Planets: Ancient ruins are scattered throughout the galaxy.
  • Don’t Give Up! Some ruins can be tricky, but the rewards are worth it.

Key Takeaways

  • Ancient Keys unlock treasures in No Man’s Sky.
  • Gather keys by exploring Artifact Fragments.
  • A set number of keys is required for each crate.

Unearthing Ancient Keys

In “No Man’s Sky,” players can discover Ancient Keys by exploring ruins and digging in the right places. These keys are essential for unlocking the treasures hidden within Large Artifact Crates found at Ancient Ruins.

Locating Ruins and Crates

Players need a Scanner to find Ancient Ruins. Once ruins are on screen, they can locate Large Artifact Crates. Each crate needs keys for unlocking. The Terrain Manipulator is a tool players use to dig up Artifact Fragments buried around the ruins. These fragments often contain the sought-after keys.

  • Steps to Locate Ancient Ruins:
    1. Use the Scanner to detect Ruins.
    2. Approach the Ruins.
    3. Search for Large Artifact Crates.

Note: Keys are not in plain sight and require digging.

Excavating and Collecting

With the Terrain Manipulator, players can unearth the needed Artifact Fragments. Some fragments hold an Ancient Key. Players will find these keys near the marked Large Artifact Crates within Buried Ruins.

  • Using the Terrain Manipulator:
    1. Select the tool from the inventory.
    2. Aim it at the ground near the Crate.
    3. Uncover the Artifact Fragments.

Getting all keys from the ruins is unnecessary. Three keys are usually enough to open a crate. Remember to keep the Terrain Manipulator charged for smooth digging.

  • Steps to Collect Ancient Keys:
    1. Dig up Artifact Fragments.
    2. Check each Fragment.
    3. Collect the keys.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section helps players understand the usage and importance of the Ancient Key in the game No Man’s Sky.

How do I use the Ancient Key after finding it in No Man’s Sky?

After acquiring an Ancient Key, players can unlock Ancient Locks found on Large Artifact Crates at Ancient Ruins. The keys must match the locks at the site where players discover them.

What is the significance of ancient ruins in No Man’s Sky?

Ancient ruins are critical locations where players can find Artifact Fragments and Ancient Keys. These ruins are part of the game’s lore and provide access to valuable treasures.

Where can I locate Ancient Locks to use with the Ancient Key?

Players can find Ancient Locks on Large Artifact Crates at various Ancient Ruins scattered across planets. Look for three locks on each crate that correspond to the keys.

Why is the Ancient Key not working when I attempt to use it?

If an Ancient Key does not work, ensure you are using it on a corresponding lock at the same ruin where the key was found. Keys are location-specific and must be used at their respective ruins.

How can I find ancient ruins to obtain Ancient Keys?

Players can come across ancient ruins by exploring planets, using planetary charts, or following the game’s missions that lead to these ruins. Keep an eye out for buried technology and relic structures.

What are the steps to effectively use the Large Artifact Crate?

To use the Large Artifact Crate, collect three Ancient Keys from nearby ruins. Then, find the crate, and apply the keys to the locks. Opening the crate will reveal the treasures inside.

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