MacOS Ventura New Features
MacOS Ventura New Features

MacOS Ventura is the latest version of Apple’s operating system, and it is brimming with new features and capabilities. In this article, we’ll examine the significant updates to Stage Manager, FaceTime, and Continuity Camera, and how these enhancements are set to redefine the Apple user experience.

Stage Manager

Designed with multitasking and productivity in mind, the Stage Manager introduces a fresh way to interact with your apps and windows. The resizable windows feature allows you to tailor window size to the task at hand and move them around on the central canvas for maximum convenience.

The center app feature keeps your currently active app prominently positioned in the middle of the screen, making it easier to focus on. Fast access to windows and apps enables you to seamlessly switch between recently used apps or windows arranged on the left side of the screen.

To stay updated with app notifications while working, you can view updated information for non-active apps off to the side. To streamline your workflow, you can create app sets by dragging and dropping windows from the side or opening apps from the Dock.

Mission Control and Spaces integration enable a comprehensive overview of all open apps and creation of dedicated spaces for specific interests or apps, respectively. And if you need to get back to the desktop or switch between traditional windows and Stage Manager, it’s just a click away.


FaceTime has been significantly revamped to further improve virtual interaction. Handoff in FaceTime allows you to move FaceTime calls seamlessly between your Mac and iPhone or iPad, with the connected Bluetooth headset transitioning simultaneously.

Collaboration has been integrated into FaceTime, enabling you to start a FaceTime call with your collaborators directly from the workspace in compatible apps. One of the most remarkable additions is BetaLive Captions, which offers automatically transcribed dialogue with speaker attribution, making group conversations easier to follow.

Continuity Camera

Continuity Camera leverages the power of your iPhone’s camera and microphone to enhance your Mac’s multimedia capabilities. It allows you to use your iPhone as your Mac webcam or microphone, working wired or wirelessly. The Mac can automatically switch to using the iPhone as an input when brought close.

Portrait mode and Center Stage, both powered by Continuity Camera, can now be used on any Mac, blurring the background for a professional look and adjusting the framing to keep you centered, respectively. Studio Light is an excellent solution for difficult lighting situations, dimming the background and illuminating your face for a standout effect.

Perhaps one of the most exciting new features is Desk View, which lets you share your desk during a video conference using the Ultra Wide camera on the iPhone, essentially providing an overhead camera view.

In summary, MacOS Ventura has introduced a slew of compelling features in Stage Manager, FaceTime, and Continuity Camera that significantly enhance productivity, collaboration, and multimedia capabilities. The updates, characterized by user-centric design and seamless integration, underscore Apple’s continued commitment to innovation and enriching the user experience.

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