MacOS Ventura New Features
MacOS Ventura New Features

Apple’s MacOS Ventura, the latest iteration of the tech giant’s operating system, introduces a slew of innovative features aimed at enhancing user experience. Let’s explore the notable updates for Passkeys, Messages, and the iCloud Shared Photo Library, and how they stand to transform the way you interact with your Apple devices.


Replacing traditional passwords, Passkeys offer an easier and more secure method for signing in. They are specific to the site they were created for, stored only on your device, and not shared with web servers, ensuring they are safe from phishing attacks and website leaks.

Moreover, these Passkeys are end-to-end encrypted and can be synced across your Apple devices via iCloud Keychain. This seamless, secure synchronization eliminates the need to remember or manually input these keys, enhancing both convenience and security.


Apple has always recognized the importance of seamless communication, and Messages in MacOS Ventura has been revamped with collaboration in mind.

Collaboration invitations enable you to send an invite directly from Messages for a project, with everyone on the thread automatically added to the document, spreadsheet, or project. When edits are made, activity updates appear at the top of the Messages thread, keeping everyone informed and engaged.

In addition, developers can now integrate their app’s collaboration experiences with Messages and FaceTime via the Messages Collaboration API, while the Shared with You API lets them build sections into their app for easily finding shared content.

MacOS Ventura also introduces significant functionalities to Messages, such as the ability to edit a message up to 15 minutes after sending, unsending messages within two minutes of sending, marking messages as unread for future response, and even recovering recently deleted messages up to 30 days after deletion.

The new SharePlay feature enables synchronized activities like movies, music, workouts, games, and more with friends while chatting in Messages, making digital hangouts more engaging and interactive.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

With MacOS Ventura, sharing memories becomes more interactive and organized. You can share a separate iCloud photo library with up to five other people, creating a communal space for storing and experiencing shared moments.

Smart setup rules allow you to share past photos based on specific criteria, such as start date or people. Plus, smart sharing suggestions can help you to manually or automatically contribute photos to the shared library.

The shared photo library is fully collaborative, with everyone having equal permissions to add, edit, favorite, caption, and delete photos. Moreover, shared photos can be enjoyed in Memories, Featured Photos, and the Photos widget, creating more comprehensive and richly textured recollections.

In summary, MacOS Ventura’s updates to Passkeys, Messages, and the iCloud Shared Photo Library provide users with more secure, efficient, and interactive experiences. Whether it’s safeguarding your digital credentials, enhancing your messaging and collaboration capabilities, or sharing and reminiscing over precious memories, these new features underscore Apple’s commitment to constant innovation and user-centered design. With MacOS Ventura, Apple continues to redefine what’s possible in a modern operating system.

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