MacOS Ventura New Features
MacOS Ventura New Features

Apple’s latest MacOS Ventura has brought substantial updates to the operating system, redefining the user experience. This article focuses on the noteworthy changes to Game Center, Freeform, System Settings, Privacy, Security, and Accessibility features that expand productivity and improve the user experience.

Game Center

Apple has rejuvenated the Game Center to further enhance the gaming experience. Users can now see their friends’ gaming activities and achievements in one place on the redesigned Game Center dashboard and profile. Most notably, the integration of SharePlay with games supporting Game Center multiplayer facilitates automatic gaming with friends during a FaceTime call.


Freeform is a revolutionary collaborative workspace allowing unlimited creativity. Its flexible canvas is ideal for brainstorming, project diagramming, or aggregating important assets. The real-time collaboration feature allows viewing others’ contributions as they are made, creating an authentic co-working experience.

Freeform also integrates the Messages Collaboration API for seamless communication. It supports a wide range of media, including images, video, audio, PDFs, documents, and web links, which can be previewed directly on the canvas.

System Settings

Ventura presents a refreshing redesign of the System Preferences, now called System Settings. The streamlined sidebar facilitates easier navigation, and the settings are neatly organized into categories, bringing greater consistency across MacOS, iOS, and iPadOS.

The updated layout allows for spacious settings panes, making it easier to find desired settings. The powerful search feature ensures that any setting can be easily located. Notably, the new AirPods Settings pane allows users to access and customize their AirPods features in one place.

Privacy and Security

MacOS Ventura reinforces privacy by automatically locking the Hidden and Recently Deleted albums in Photos, which can be unlocked using your login password or Touch ID.

Security upgrades include the Rapid Security Response, enabling quicker delivery of crucial security improvements. Lockdown Mode provides extreme protection for users under grave, targeted digital threats by hardening device defenses and limiting functions to minimize potential attack surfaces.


Ventura boasts an array of accessibility updates. Background sounds, such as the calming sound of rain or the ocean, can now be played on Mac to mask environmental noise and minimize distractions. The innovative Buddy Controller allows multiple game controllers’ inputs to be combined for assisted gaming.

BetaLive Captions provide real-time transcriptions for users who are deaf or hard of hearing. These captions are now integrated into FaceTime video calls, enabling easier conversation tracking. Additionally, FaceTime calls can be hung up using the Voice Control command.

Ventura offers VoiceOver and Spoken Content in over 20 additional languages, including Bangla, Bulgarian, and Catalan, and numerous new voices optimized for assistive features. The Text Checker for VoiceOver allows users to discover common formatting issues before sharing documents or emails.

The Type to Speak feature with Live Captions on Mac enables users to type out responses and have them spoken out loud in real time during calls. The Voice Control spelling mode facilitates dictation of names, addresses, or other custom spellings.

MacOS Ventura truly excels in delivering a more inclusive, secure, and interactive user experience. With features such as the Game Center updates, Freeform, enhanced System Settings, enhanced privacy and security measures, and improved accessibility options, it sets a new standard for desktop operating systems.

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