iMessage App New Features
iMessage App New Features

Today, we’re turning our spotlight to the iOS Messages app. If you’ve noticed some new icons and are unsure of their functions, you’re in the right place! Let’s unravel the mystery together.

Pin Conversations

The pin icon lets you “pin” important conversations to the top of your messages list for easy access. Long-press on a conversation, and select “Pin” from the menu. This feature is especially handy if you frequently chat with a few specific people.


The ‘@’ symbol appears when someone mentions you in a group conversation. You can customize notifications so you’ll only receive alerts when you are directly mentioned, reducing the clutter from active group chats.

Inline Replies

This arrow icon signifies an inline reply. In group conversations, you can reply directly to a specific message. This way, your response is tied to that message, creating a thread within the conversation and making discussions more organized.

Message Effects

The ‘A’ icon within a star symbolizes message effects. By pressing and holding the send button, you can add animations and effects to your messages. These can range from balloons and confetti to lasers and fireworks!

React to Messages

The heart icon is used for reacting to messages. By double tapping on a message, you can add a reaction, like a heart, thumbs up or down, laughter, exclamation marks, or a question mark.


The monkey icon represents Memoji. You can create your own Memoji (a personalized emoji that looks like you) and use it in messages. You can also use Memojis of characters like unicorns, robots, and more.

Apple’s constant efforts to make communication more interactive and personalized have led to these new features in the iOS Messages app. We hope this guide helps you understand and use these icons to their full potential.

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