TV Screen Cracked
TV Screen Cracked

Yes you can fix a cracked LCD on a TV, but sadly, it is not affordable. When dealing with a cracked TV screen, whether it’s LED, LCD, or Plasma, the approach to repair varies based on the severity and type of damage. The cost to repair the LCD/Screen on a TV (when labor is factored in) are usually much higher than just buying a new one. That means that unless there’s a reason for you to be repairing that particular TV it’s going to be less expensive to just replace the whole set.

Here’s the process you can use to evaluate the TV repair process:

  1. Types of Cracks:
    • Horizontal, vertical, or spiderweb cracks are common, with each type caused by different impacts or forces.
  2. Repairing Minor Cracks:
    • Superficial scratches or minor cracks might be repairable using a pencil eraser or a DIY LCD scratch repair kit. This approach is more suitable for small damages and is a cost-effective solution​​.
  3. Assessing the Damage:
    • Before attempting any repair, it’s crucial to inspect the damage. Deep cracks or a shattered screen typically require a full replacement. For Plasma TVs, if the screen damage is minor, DIY methods may work, but major cracks often necessitate professional repair due to potential damage to plasma components underneath​​.
  4. Cost of Repair:
    • The average cost for TV repair is about $200, but it can range from $60 to $350 depending on the extent of damage and the TV model. Hourly labor rates at repair shops also vary​​.
    • Major issues like large cracks, shattered screens, and display lines usually need professional repair. In such cases, the decision might lead to either repair or replacement, considering factors like TV screen size, weight, and the energy efficiency of new TVs​​.
  5. Professional Repair Services:
    • For significant damage, it’s advisable to consult a professional repair service. They can handle screen or board replacement, backlight repair, and even suggest a full TV replacement if more cost-effective​​.

In summary, while minor cracks can sometimes be fixed with DIY methods, more significant damage often requires professional intervention or even a complete screen replacement. The decision between repair and replacement should consider the cost and the extent of the damage.

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