iPhone 11 no wifi no bluetooth
iPhone 11 no wifi no bluetooth

Staying connected is crucial in today’s world, and the feeling when your iPhone 11 isn’t connecting to Bluetooth or WiFi can be downright frustrating. But don’t fret! We’re here to guide you through some possible solutions. So if your iPhone 11 has No Wifi and No Bluetooth, read below.

Understanding the Issue

Importance of WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity

Your iPhone’s WiFi and Bluetooth are the lifelines for many functionalities. WiFi is your gateway to the internet, while Bluetooth allows for seamless device-to-device connections. Thus, ensuring their smooth operation is paramount.

Common Reasons for Connectivity Issues

Connectivity issues could stem from a variety of sources. It could be as simple as a software glitch, or as serious as hardware failure. But before you jump to conclusions, let’s explore some steps to potentially fix these problems.

Step-by-step Solutions

Restart Your iPhone

As rudimentary as it sounds, sometimes, giving your device a quick reboot can solve temporary bugs and minor issues. So go ahead, press and hold that side button along with the volume button until the power slider appears, and slide to switch off your iPhone. Wait for a bit, and turn it back on.

Check for Software Updates

Keeping your iPhone updated can ensure optimal performance and fix hidden bugs. Navigate to your settings, tap on ‘General’, and then on ‘Software Update’. If there’s an update available, download and install it.

Reset Network Settings

One potential solution to network issues is resetting your network settings. Be mindful, though, this erases WiFi networks and passwords, cellular settings, and VPN settings. To do this, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Forget and Reconnect to the Network/Device

Another potential fix is forgetting the problematic network or device and reconnecting. For WiFi, go to Settings > Wi-Fi > select the network > “Forget This Network”. For Bluetooth, go to Settings > Bluetooth > select the device > “Forget This Device”. After forgetting, reconnect and check if the problem is resolved.

Advanced Analysis – Board Separation

One of the more common issues that leads to this problem is that your phone is starting to have some board separation. Basically the different PCBs inside the phone are no longer making proper contact. If you take your phone into a shop that specializes in microsoldering, they can take it apart and take a look at the board to see if that’s the issue.

Board separation issues are typically caused by a hard drop, but sometimes can happen from oxidized pads in the sandwich interposer. There’s no real way to prevent this from happening if that’s the case – but you can definitely get it repaired by a place that does micro soldering.

When to Seek Professional Help

Contacting Apple Support

If all else fails, it might be time to contact Apple Support or visit a 3rd party repair shop. Persistent issues could indicate a more serious hardware problem that might require professional iPhone Repair assistance.


In the world of technology, hiccups like these are not uncommon. Most of the time, a simple restart or a settings tweak can resolve the problem. But remember, when in doubt, seeking professional help is the best course of action. Let’s stay connected!


  1. Why won’t my iPhone connect to WiFi or Bluetooth? Several reasons could cause this, ranging from outdated software, temporary bugs, to hardware issues.
  2. What does ‘Reset Network Settings’ do? It erases all network settings, including saved WiFi networks and passwords, VPN and APN settings.
  3. How do I restart my iPhone 11? Press and hold the side button along with the volume button until the power slider appears. Slide it to switch off. Wait for a bit, and turn it back on.
  4. What should I do if resetting network settings doesn’t work? If the problem persists, you can try forgetting and reconnecting to the network/device, or contact Apple Support.
  5. Is it possible that my iPhone 11 has a hardware issue? Yes, if all troubleshooting steps fail, the problem might be with the device’s hardware. In such cases, contacting Apple Support is recommended.
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