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Helldivers 2 Logo Game Cover

In “Helldivers 2” players earn medals by completing missions and objectives. Medals are important for unlocking and upgrading gear. How quickly a player earns these medals can impact their progression and gameplay experience. Players receive medals for completing main and side missions, with the amount depending on the mission’s difficulty. Daily challenges provide additional opportunities to earn medals quickly. Earning medals is important for unlocking advanced gameplay options and weaponry.

Managing Your Medals in Helldivers 2

Medals are the primary currency you’ll earn and spend throughout Helldivers 2. Understanding how they work and the best ways to collect them is vital to your success.

What Are Medals Used For?

Medals let you buy powerful upgrades in Helldivers 2. Here’s what you can get in the Warbonds marketplace:

  • Weapons: Unlocking better guns is key to taking on tougher enemies.
  • Armor: Improve your survivability with armor upgrades.
  • Cosmetics: Customize your Helldiver’s look to stand out among your squadmates.

How to Get Medals in Helldivers 2

Here are the main ways to earn Medals and how much you can roughly expect for each:

MethodApproximate Medal RewardNotes
Completing Missions1-3 MedalsIncreases with difficulty level
Personal Order Challenges1-2 MedalsChoose challenges daily
Exploring0-3 Medals per point of interestCheck containers, dropships, and bunkers

Tips for Maximizing Your Medals

Focus on Difficulty

Higher difficulties mean more medals per mission. Push yourself but don’t take on difficulties you can’t handle.

Team Up

Some points of interest require multiple players to access, meaning more medal opportunities.

Always Be Collecting

Even during missions, keep an eye out for containers and dropships that might hold additional medals.

Key Takeaways

  • Medals are a key currency in “Helldivers 2,” required for gear and progression.
  • Players earn medals by completing missions, with higher difficulty levels offering more rewards.
  • Daily challenges present a quick method to accumulate medals effectively.

Earning and Understanding Medals

In Helldivers 2, Medals serve as a valuable currency that acknowledges a player’s accomplishments and progress. Players strive to collect these symbols of experience and success to enhance their gameplay and unlock various rewards.

Medal Acquisition Methods

Players earn Medals by successfully finishing main objectives during missions. The completion of these tasks is fundamental to the medal collection. Additional Medals are found scattered across the map as points of interest. The mission’s level of difficulty also influences the number of Medals awarded upon extraction. For those looking for a consistent source, Daily Personal Order Challenges presented on the menu screen are a golden opportunity. These challenges reset every 24 hours and often vary, keeping players engaged with fresh tasks.

Types of Medals and Recognition

Medals in Helldivers 2 recognize a player’s achievements and are an integral part of the experience system. Players earn different types of Medals, such as those for individual mission performance and for Personal Orders. These Medals, upon accumulation, contribute to a player’s rank and prestige within the game.

Optimizing Medal Collection

To maximize the number of Medals obtained, players should focus on completing main operational missions swiftly and efficiently. When players team up and execute farming methods, they can earn Medals more rapidly. Selecting missions with higher difficulty also boosts the Medal gain, as harder challenges provide greater rewards.

Medal Significance

The significance of Medals extends beyond mere in-game currency. They are essential for unlocking resources, various weapons, gear, and boosters. Medals enhance the gaming experience, allowing players to progress through the ranks and contributing to the success in the broader Galactic War.

Challenges and Rewards

Completing Daily Personal Order Challenges is a rewarding way to farm Medals, offering tailored tasks that challenge a player’s skill. Moreover, certain operations require Medals for access, making them a fundamental resource for progressing to more advanced and lucrative missions. Players can spend Medals on reward passes, which can include weapons and other valuable items, further emphasizing their importance in Helldivers 2’s economy.

Gameplay Strategies and Weapons

This section zooms in on the approaches and armaments vital to thriving in Helldivers 2. You’ll discover how to navigate planetary surfaces, handle encounters with hostile forces, and select the most effective gear for your missions.

Strategic Gameplay

In Helldivers 2, knowing how to maneuver on the battlefield is essential. Use cover to your advantage and stay aware of the edges of the battlefield to avoid being cornered. When it’s time to extract, make sure your team is gathered and ready to fend off any swarms of enemies as you wait for the drop ship. It can be a high-stress moment, so clear communication with your team is key to ensure everyone boards the ship safely.

Arsenal and Equipment

A wide range of weapons and gear is at your disposal in Helldivers 2, with each piece serving a specific purpose on your journey. Standard equipment includes:

  • Primary Weapons: Rifles, shotguns, and more for standard combat needs.
  • Support Weapons: Heavy machine guns and rocket launchers for when firepower is a must.
  • Grenades: Standard and specialized varieties, like EMPs to disable enemy bunkers.

You can enhance the capabilities of your arsenal through modules and upgrades that can be unlocked. This is where farming methods for Medals become crucial. Picking the right gear and knowing when to use it can turn the tide of any mission, whether it’s a blitz search and destroy or an eradication mission.

Advanced Tactics

For more experienced players, understanding the nuances of Helldivers 2’s co-op gameplay is vital for taking on higher difficulty settings. Using stratagems effectively requires knowing when to call down resupplies or request powerful ordinance. Upgrades like improved armor can help you survive tougher enemies, and having a well-rounded loadout can ensure you’re ready for the unexpected, like bugs bursting from containers or enemy ships swooping in. Winning battles contributes to the larger Galactic War, where the collective effort of every player impacts the ongoing conflict.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helldivers 2 players have many questions about medals. This section aims to provide clear answers to the most common inquiries.

What are the best strategies for farming medals in Helldivers 2?

Players should focus on completing main objectives fast. The more difficult the mission, the higher the number of medals earned. Side objectives can also provide medals, but efficiency is key.

Are there any known glitches affecting medals in Helldivers 2?

Currently, there are no widespread reports of glitches affecting medal acquisition. Players should report any unusual issues to the game developers for a fix.

How can I acquire medals in Helldivers 2 without purchasing them?

Medals are earned by finishing missions, with a higher number awarded for tougher challenges. Daily Personal Order Challenges are also a good way to get medals without spending any money.

What is the significance of medals in Helldivers 2 gameplay?

Medals serve as the game’s currency. They are essential for unlocking new gear, cosmetics, and upgrades that enhance a player’s capabilities.

Can medals be farmed efficiently in solo mode in Helldivers 2?

Yes, although it might be more challenging, medals can be farmed solo. Players should choose missions they can complete quickly and without too much difficulty.

What are personal orders, and how do they relate to medals in Helldivers 2?

Personal Orders are daily challenges that award medals upon completion. These missions refresh every 24 hours and provide players with specific goals to achieve for medal rewards.

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