Maytag Maxima Error Codes

Error CodeDescriptionPossible CausesTroubleshooting Steps
F0 E1/rLDoor lock faultDoor not closed properly, door lock malfunctionEnsure door is firmly closed, unplug washer for 5 minutes and restart, check door lock assembly for damage
F0 E2/SdSuds detectedExcessive detergent, faulty dispenserUse high-efficiency detergent, reduce detergent amount, clean detergent dispenser, check for leaks
F0 E5/obDrain obstructionClogged drain hose, drain pump malfunctionClean drain hose, check for debris around drain pump, ensure drain hose is properly positioned
F1 E1Water fill faultFaulty inlet valve, clogged water supply hoseCheck water pressure, clean inlet valve filter, ensure hoses are not kinked, check for leaks
F1 E2Water level sensor faultFaulty sensor, clogged pressure hoseClean pressure hose, unplug washer for 5 minutes and restart, replace sensor if necessary
F3 E1Motor control errorFaulty motor, control board issueUnplug washer for 5 minutes and restart, contact Maytag service for further diagnosis
F3 E2Drive system errorBelt issue, pulley malfunctionCheck belt for damage or wear, tighten belt if loose, contact Maytag service for further diagnosis
F3 E5Temperature sensor faultFaulty sensor, wiring issueUnplug washer for 5 minutes and restart, contact Maytag service for further diagnosis
F3 E6Unbalanced loadUnevenly distributed clothesRedistribute clothes in the washer, ensure load is not too heavy
F4 E1Agitator faultFaulty agitator, transmission issueUnplug washer for 5 minutes and restart, contact Maytag service for further diagnosis
F4 E4Dispenser malfunctionDispenser stuck, cloggedClean dispenser thoroughly, ensure dispenser flap closes properly
F5 E1Drain pump errorFaulty pump, wiring issueUnplug washer for 5 minutes and restart, clean drain pump filter, contact Maytag service for further diagnosis
F5 E2Pressure switch errorFaulty pressure switch, clogged hoseClean pressure hose, unplug washer for 5 minutes and restart, contact Maytag service for further diagnosis
F5 E3Drain time outSlow draining, clogged drainCheck drain for clogs, clean drain pump filter, ensure drain hose is properly positioned
F5 E4/drDoor leak detectedLeaky door seal, loose doorCheck door seal for damage, ensure door is properly closed and latched
F6 E1OverheatingBlocked vents, faulty temperature sensorCheck vents for obstructions, clean condenser, unplug washer for 5 minutes and restart
F6 E2Heating element faultFaulty element, wiring issueUnplug washer for 5 minutes and restart, contact Maytag service for further diagnosis
F6 E3Thermistor faultFaulty temperature sensorUnplug washer for 5 minutes and restart, contact Maytag service for further diagnosis
CL CodeCalibration issueUnbalanced load, weight sensor malfunctionRedistribute clothes, unplug washer for 5 minutes and restart, contact Maytag service for further diagnosis
Detergent LowLow detergent levelNo Detergent / Not Enough AddedAdd more detergent
ErrUnidentified errorVariousUnplug washer for 5 minutes and restart, contact Maytag service for diagnosis

Understanding Maytag Maxima Error Codes

When you encounter issues with your Maytag Maxima washer, it’s likely that the machine will display an error code to alert you. These codes are helpful clues that point to the specific issue your washer is experiencing.

Here’s a guide to some common Maytag Maxima error codes:

  • F0 E1: Detected load during washer cleaning cycle.
  • F1 E1: May indicate a main control board failure.
  • F1 E2: Points to a motor control board error.
  • F2 E3: Suggests a mismatch with the main control board or its failure.
  • F3 E1: Indicates a water level pressure switch failure.
  • F3 E2: Temperature sensor failure.

Error codes serve as diagnostic tools. They can signal something as simple as an unbalanced load causing vibration, or more complex issues with the washer’s components. For instance, the “drn” signal suggests the washer is not draining properly. In this case, checking the water drain hose for kinks or blockages could be an early step.

Error CodeSymptomsPossible Solution
drnNot drainingCheck drain hose
F0 E1Load detected during clean cycleEnsure drum is clear
F1 E1Washer malfunctionCall for service
F1 E2Motor issueMay require repair
F2 E3Control board issueProfessional diagnosis
F3 E1Water level problemInspect switch
F3 E2Temperature sensor issueVerify sensor function

Remember, before attempting fixes, it’s essential to disconnect the washer from its power source to ensure your safety. If the issue persists or the code is unclear, seeking professional help is a wise move. Often, these codes are best handled by trained technicians.

Common Error Codes and Their Meanings

Maytag Maxima washers display various error codes that inform you when something goes awry. This section lays out common issues linked to specific codes.

Door Lock Issues

Error Code F06: Indicates a problem with the door not locking properly. Check for debris and ensure the door closes securely.

Water Supply Problems

Error F08 E01: Points to a potential issue in water supply. Make sure the taps are turned on and the hoses aren’t kinked.

Drainage Complications

Error Code F09: This suggests there might be an overload or a drainage problem. It works to clean the drain filter and ensure the pump isn’t obstructed.

Control Board Errors

Error Codes F01 and F1 E1: These signal potential failures in the main control board, which might require resetting or replacing.

Motor and Drive Errors

Error Code F07: Often indicates trouble with the motor or drive system. Check the motor’s operation and wiring for faults.

Temperature and Sensor Faults

Error Codes F03 and E1/E2: These highlight issues with the water level pressure switch or temperature sensor. Replacing the faulty component is usually necessary.

Troubleshooting Error Codes

Encountering an error code on your Maytag Maxima washer can be frustrating, but many issues can be tackled with a few simple steps. Addressing the error codes systematically will help to identify whether a quick reset can resolve the problem or if professional services might be necessary.

Initial Diagnostic Steps

When your Maytag Maxima displays an error code, begin by confirming the code’s meaning using the user manual. Some common issues are:

  • F0 E1: Indicates a load was detected during the washer cleaning cycle.
  • F3 E1: Points to a water level pressure switch failure.
  • F3 E2: Suggests there’s a temperature sensor failure.

Once understood, visually inspect the washer for any obvious problems like loose wires or blocked hoses. Check the user interface control to confirm it’s correctly responding to inputs.

Reset Procedures

Often, a simple reset clears temporary glitches. Perform a reset by:

  1. Unplugging the washer for about one minute.
  2. Plugging it back in and lifting and lowering the lid six times within a 12-second period.

This should reset the main control unit. If the error persists, the user interface control may need a reset. This is done by navigating through the washer’s settings menu according to the manual’s instructions.

Professional and DIY Repair Paths

Professional repair is recommended if the initial steps or reset do not resolve the error codes. Conversely, some issues like an F3 E1 error can sometimes be solved by cleaning the pressure hose – a potential DIY fix. Errors indicating failures in the main control board, motor control board, or drive motor tachometer generally require a professional with the necessary tools and knowledge. It’s important to consider safety and warranty implications before attempting DIY repairs.

Maintenance Tips to Prevent Error Codes

Proper upkeep of your Maytag washer can stave off pesky error codes. It all begins with regular maintenance—a few simple practices can keep your machine running smoothly. Let’s break down the essentials:

  • Keep it Clean: Every month, give your washer a thorough cleaning. This includes wiping down the drum, door, and gaskets. Use a damp cloth to avoid leaving any residue. Some washers even have a self-cleaning cycle which you can run with a washer cleaner or plain vinegar.

  • Examine Inlet Hoses: Ensure the inlet hoses aren’t kinked or damaged. They should be replaced every five years or immediately if you spot any wear and tear. This is crucial as they are responsible for supplying water to your washer.

  • Inspect the Drain Hose: Make sure the drain hose is securely attached and is not clogged. A blockage can trigger error codes related to draining issues.

  • Check the Water Supply: Occasionally, debris might clog the water valve screens, restricting water flow. It’s important to shut off your water supply and clear any obstructions.

  • Be Mindful of Detergent Use: Too much detergent or non-HE detergent in high-efficiency Maytag washers can cause problems. Use the appropriate amount as suggested by the manufacturer to maintain optimal performance.

Simple, yet effective, these steps will help you maintain your Maytag washer’s health, ensuring it serves you well, without interruption from error codes.

When to Contact a Professional Technician

When confronting issues with your Maytag Maxima washer, there are specific instances where reaching out to a professional technician is the wisest course of action. These situations usually involve problems that go beyond simple troubleshooting and require expert knowledge or specialized tools.

  • No Water Detected: If your washer displays an error related to water supply, like a ‘no water detected’ error, and you’ve verified that the hoses are connected and the taps turned on, it’s time to contact a professional. There could be an issue with the sensor or the control board.

  • Heater Failure: Should there be indications of heater failure (often displayed as an error code), a professional technician’s assistance is necessary. Attempting to fix heating elements without proper training can be unsafe.

  • Door Lock Errors: Problems such as ‘door unlock error’ or ‘door lock failure’ are indicative of malfunctioning components that a technician should address. These issues can prevent your washer from starting or completing a cycle safely.

  • Unbalanced Loads: While unbalanced loads can often be fixed by redistributing clothing, consistent unbalanced load errors may point to suspension or motor issues requiring professional repair.

  • Long Drain or Overflow: If your washer is struggling to drain (displaying a ‘long drain’ error) or is overflowing, there could be a blockage or a malfunction in the drainage system. In this case, professional help is advisable to avoid water damage or other complications.

In each of these scenarios, reaching out to the company’s customer service can be your first step. If you experience persistent or complex problems with your Maytag Maxima, seeking professional assistance ensures your safety and the integrity of your appliance. Remember, a skilled technician’s experience with these machines makes them highly qualified to both diagnose and resolve difficult issues efficiently.

Understanding Technical Components

Navigating through the technical components of the Maytag Maxima washer ensures a proper understanding of how the machine functions and interacts with various error codes.

Drive and Motor Control Board

The main control board acts as the washer’s brain by coordinating all activities from cycle selection to the execution of washing. It works closely with the motor control board, which specifically oversees the motor’s operations, such as rotation speed and direction. This pairing is vital in detecting issues related to the motor tachometer and the pressure switch.

Pressure Switch and Water Level

The pressure switch is a key component that monitors the water level inside the drum. It communicates with the control board to regulate filling and to ensure the drum does not overfill or underfill, which can trigger specific error codes like F03 or F20 if not functioning properly.

Water Valve and Inlet Hoses

Water valves are in charge of controlling the flow of hot and cold water through the inlet hoses into the washer. If they or the hoses are blocked, leaky, or failing, the washer may display codes such as F08, alerting users to a problem with the water supply or temperature sensed by the temperature sensor.

Door Lock and Latch Mechanism

A secure door lock and latch mechanism ensures safety by preventing the door from opening during operation. It includes a door lock switch that, if malfunctioning, may cause error codes such as F22, signaling the machine that the door is not properly locked.

Identifying Parts and Where to Find Them

When troubleshooting your Maytag Maxima washer, knowing the parts and where to locate them is crucial. Here’s a brief guide to help you identify some key components:

  • Pump: Typically located at the bottom of the washer, it helps circulate water.
  • Water Hose: Connects the washer to the water supply, found at the back.
  • Drainpipe: This is where the water exits, usually attached to a laundry tub.
  • Seal: Look around the door; it prevents leaks.

Wire Harness Connections: These are found throughout the washer and look like bundled wires with plastic connectors.

  • Water Level Pressure Switch: Often situated behind the control panel, it senses the water level.
  • Water Heater & Steam Valve: Hidden behind panels, they heat water and control steam.
  • Water Valve Assembly: Located at the back where hoses attach, it controls water flow.
  • Dispenser: Where detergent and fabric softener are added, found at the top front.

For parts like the debris filter, you might need to consult your manual. This filter is important for catching lint and small items, and it’s usually near the pump.

Remember to check the connections thoroughly. Loose wire harness connections can cause issues. Also, inspect water hoses for signs of wear or damage.

To get these parts, your best bet is reaching out to authorized dealers or visiting the official Maytag parts website. They’ll likely have everything you need, and proper fit is guaranteed.

Keep your manual handy for specific locations of parts, as it can vary slightly depending on the model. If you’re comfortable with handling tools and following safety precautions, you can replace some parts yourself. However, it’s always wise to call a professional if you’re unsure.

Decoding Error Messages

Understanding error codes on a Maytag Maxima washer helps in troubleshooting problems before they escalate. This section will focus on the meaning behind various error messages.

Error Messages and Water Issues

Error codes like F8 E1 or F9 E1 signal issues with the water supply. For example:

  • F8 E1 suggests a water inlet problem, meaning the washer is not getting enough water.
  • F9 E1 indicates a long drain time, implying the washer is taking too long to drain out the water.

Electrical and Voltage Specifications

Electrical issues are identified by codes such as F5 E2, which points to a problem with the door lock. Other examples include:

  • F7 E1, which implies a potential motor or capacitor fault due to a communication error between components.
  • F1 E1 and F1 E2 highlight issues with the main control board or motor control board, often due to voltage irregularities.

Load and Balance Error Indications

Unbalanced loads are a common cause for concern, with codes like F0 E1 alerting users to remove items from a washer that’s expecting to be empty. This is commonly seen during the cleaning cycle. It’s crucial to distribute clothes evenly to prevent an unbalanced load, which can lead to errors or even damage to the washer over time.

Tips for Error Code Prevention

Maintaining your Maytag Maxima washer involves a few key practices that can prevent the nuisance of error codes. By adhering to these suggestions, you can help ensure that your washer runs smoothly, saving time and avoiding common pitfalls.

First and foremost, using the right detergent is crucial. High-efficiency (HE) detergents are designed for modern washers. They produce fewer suds and are formulated to perform under the low water levels these machines use. Too many suds can lead to the infamous SUD error code.

Here’s a quick checklist to keep your washer free from trouble:

  • Detergent Dos: Use only HE detergents and follow the recommended amount per load.

  • Water Flow Watch: Ensure your washer’s water hoses are not kinked or clogged, which can affect the water flow and lead to errors.

  • Lid Lowdown: Make sure the washer’s lid is closed properly. An ajar lid can stop the wash cycle and trigger an error code.

  • Load Balance: Distribute clothes evenly in the drum. Unbalanced loads can cause

Frequently Asked Questions

When you face error codes on your Maytag Maxima washer, solutions and clarity are key. This section answers common questions to help you address error codes and understand their meanings.

How can I reset the error code on a Maytag Maxima washer?

To reset the error code on your Maytag Maxima washer, usually, you can turn off the washer, unplug it from the outlet, wait for about a minute, and then plug it back in. This can clear the code and reset the washer’s system.

What does the E01 F09 error indicate on a Maytag Maxima washer?

The E01 F09 error indicates a problem with the washer not draining correctly. This is often due to a clogged drain or using the wrong type of detergent which creates too much foam.

Can you explain how to unlock the door on a Maytag front load washer with an error code?

When the Maytag front load washer displays an error code and the door remains locked, you should first try performing a reset. If this doesn’t work, accessing the manual door release, often found behind the washer’s lower front panel, can manually unlock the door.

What steps are involved in reading Maytag washer error codes?

To read Maytag washer error codes, check the washer’s display as the codes usually appear there during a cycle. Refer to the user manual or maintenance guide to interpret what each code signifies.

What does the F5 E3 error signify on a Maytag front load washer?

The F5 E3 error on a Maytag front load washer indicates an issue with the door lock. The washer might not lock properly or detect a closed door, which prevents the cycle from starting.

What is the meaning of the error code LE on a Maytag washer?

The error code LE on a Maytag washer signifies a problem with the washer’s motor. It often points to overload in the drum or an issue with the engine that’s causing low efficiency.

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