Use Fluid for Mac to Create Apps
Use Fluid for Mac to Create Apps

Are you tired of toggling through browser tabs to find the web apps you use frequently? Fluid can solve this problem by transforming your favorite web apps into Mac apps. So let’s figure out how to make an App for Mac!

What is Fluid?

Fluid is a simple and free tool that turns web applications into Mac apps. It creates a real Mac application from your web application, which you can pin to your dock and run independently of your web browser.

How to Create a Mac App Using Fluid

Creating a Mac app with Fluid is an easy and straightforward process:

  1. Download Fluid: Go to the Fluid website and download the application.
  2. Launch Fluid: Once the download is complete, open the application.
  3. Enter the URL: In the URL field, enter the web address of the application you wish to transform into a Mac app.
  4. Name Your App: Enter the name you want for your application in the ‘Name’ field.
  5. Choose the Location: Decide where you want to save the application. Most users choose the Applications folder.
  6. Create the App: Click on the “Create” button. Fluid will create a new app with your chosen name in your selected location.

Customizing Your Fluid Apps

Fluid gives you the ability to customize your new app. You can choose an icon from Fluid’s icon library or upload your own. You can also set the app to launch in full-screen mode, or use Userstyles or Userscripts for further customization.

Advantages and Limitations of Fluid


  • Fluid apps run independently of your browser, reducing clutter and allowing for easier multitasking.
  • Customization options allow you to personalize each app to your liking.


  • Not all web apps work well as standalone apps. Some might still require browser functionalities.
  • Advanced customization features are only available in the paid version of Fluid.


Fluid offers a simple and convenient solution to transform your frequently used web apps into standalone Mac applications. It not only helps in organizing your apps but also enhances your productivity. However, it’s essential to remember that not all web apps may work well with Fluid.


1. What is Fluid? Fluid is a tool that allows you to create standalone Mac apps from web applications.

2. How do I create a Mac app using Fluid? Download and open Fluid, enter the web app’s URL, name your app, choose where to save it, and click “Create”.

3. Can I customize my Fluid apps? Yes, you can customize your Fluid apps by choosing an icon, setting the app to launch in full-screen mode, or using Userstyles or Userscripts.

4. What are the advantages of using Fluid? Fluid apps reduce clutter by running independently of your browser, and you can customize each app to your liking.

5. Are there any limitations to Fluid? Not all web apps function well as standalone apps, and advanced customization features are only available in the paid version of Fluid.

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