Apple Watch View
Apple Watch View

The Apple Watch, with its compact design and plethora of features, has revolutionized the way we stay connected. But as with any device, the more apps and functionalities you add, the more cluttered it can become. If you’ve ever found yourself squinting at your wrist, trying to locate an app amidst a sea of tiny icons, you’re not alone.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned Apple Watch user, finding and organizing apps can sometimes be a tad confusing. But fret not! This guide will walk you through the ins and outs of finding, organizing, and using apps on your Apple Watch.

1. The Basics: Accessing Apps

a. The Home Screen and App Switcher

The Home Screen is your gateway to all the apps on your Apple Watch. Here, you can either see all your apps displayed in a grid or list view. The App Switcher, on the other hand, provides quick access to your most recently used apps.

b. Switching Between Grid and List View

When setting up your Apple Watch for the first time, you get to choose between grid and list view. Want to switch views later? Simply press the Digital Crown to access the Home screen, scroll to the bottom, and select your preferred view.

c. Opening Apps

In grid view, tap on the app icon. For a broader view, turn the Digital Crown. In list view, scroll using the Digital Crown and tap on the app you wish to open.

2. The App Switcher: Your Recent Apps at a Glance

Double-click the Digital Crown to open the App Switcher. This feature lets you swiftly switch between your recently used apps. Apps running a session, like Maps or Workout, appear at the top of this list.

3. Organizing Your Apps

a. Removing Apps

Want to declutter your Apple Watch? Hold the Home Screen, then tap the ‘X’ to remove an app. Remember, the app stays on your paired iPhone unless you delete it there too. In list view, swipe left on the app and tap to remove.

b. Rearranging Apps

In grid view, touch and hold an app until it jiggles. Drag it to your desired location and press the Digital Crown to save the arrangement.

4. Downloading New Apps

a. Using the App Store on Apple Watch

Press the Digital Crown to access the Home screen and tap the App Store. Search for apps using Scribble or Dictation, or explore featured apps and curated collections. Tap on an app for details and download by tapping the price or ‘Get’.

b. Using the Paired iPhone

On your paired iPhone, open the Watch app. Under the ‘My Watch’ tab, scroll to find the app you want and tap ‘Install’.

5. Can’t Find an App?

If an app seems missing, check the Home screen by pressing the Digital Crown. Some apps might not be available in every region, so ensure the app is supported in your region.

Understanding the Apple Watch Interface

Before diving into the solutions, it’s essential to get a grasp of the Apple Watch’s user interface. The watch’s app layout is designed as a cluster of circular icons, which can be navigated using touch or the Digital Crown. While this design is visually appealing, it can sometimes make specific apps hard to pinpoint.

Strategies to Streamline Your App Experience

  1. Reduce the Number of Apps: Less is more. If there are apps you rarely use, consider removing them from your watch. Navigate to the Watch app on your iPhone, find the app you want to remove, and toggle off “Show App on Apple Watch.”
  2. Use List View: Instead of the default grid view, switch to the list view. This displays your apps in an alphabetical list, making it easier to scroll and find what you’re looking for.
    • Solution: Press the Digital Crown to go to the Home screen, then force touch (press firmly) on the display. Tap ‘List View.’
  3. Customize the Dock: The Dock provides quick access to your most-used apps. Customize it to include apps you frequently use.
    • Solution: On your iPhone, open the Watch app, tap ‘Dock,’ and then choose your preferred apps.
  4. Use Siri: Why scroll when you can ask? Simply raise your wrist and say, “Hey Siri, open [app name].”
  5. Reorganize Apps on iPhone: It’s easier to rearrange apps on the larger screen of your iPhone than on the watch itself.
    • Solution: In the Watch app on your iPhone, tap ‘App Layout.’ Here, you can drag and rearrange app icons as you see fit.


Your Apple Watch is a treasure trove of apps waiting to be explored. By implementing the strategies mentioned above, you can make it vastly easier to locate and access your favorite apps, ensuring a smoother and more efficient Apple Watch experience.

Whether you’re looking to track your fitness, navigate your way around town, or simply set a timer, there’s an app for that. With this guide, you’re now equipped to make the most of your Apple Watch apps. Dive in and explore!


  1. Can I add folders to organize apps on my Apple Watch?
    • As of now, the Apple Watch doesn’t support folders. However, you can group similar apps together using the App Layout feature on your iPhone.
  2. How many apps can I store on my Apple Watch?
    • The number of apps you can store depends on the available storage on your watch model and the size of the apps.
  3. Do all iPhone apps have corresponding Apple Watch apps?
    • Not all iPhone apps have Apple Watch counterparts. Only apps that have been developed with a watch version will appear on your Apple Watch.
  4. How do I update apps on my Apple Watch?
  5. Can I purchase apps directly from the Apple Watch App Store?
  6. How do I switch between grid and list view on my Apple Watch?
    • Press the Digital Crown, scroll to the bottom of the Home screen, and choose your preferred view.
  7. How can I quickly access my recently used apps?
    • Double-click the Digital Crown to open the App Switcher.
  8. Can I remove an app from my Apple Watch but keep it on my iPhone?
    • Yes, removing an app from your Apple Watch doesn’t delete it from your paired iPhone.
  9. How do I download new apps directly on my Apple Watch?
    • Open the App Store on your watch, search for the app, and tap ‘Get’ or the price to download.
  10. Can I rearrange the apps on my Apple Watch?
    • Yes, in grid view, touch and hold an app until it jiggles, then drag it to your desired spot.
  11. What if I can’t find an app I downloaded?
    • Check the Home screen or ensure the app is supported in your region.
  12. Are all apps available in every region?
    • No, some apps might not be available in every region.
  13. How do I know if an app is free on the Apple Watch App Store?
    • If an app has a ‘Get’ button instead of a price, it’s free.
  14. Can I restore a deleted app on my Apple Watch?
    • Yes, you can redownload it from the App Store on your iPhone or Apple Watch.
  15. Do I need my iPhone to download apps on my Apple Watch?
    • No, you can directly download apps from the App Store on your Apple Watch. However, you can also use the paired iPhone to add apps to your watch.
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