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Lucius Zogratis is a key antagonist in the popular manga and anime series “Black Clover,” created by Yūki Tabata. As the oldest of the Zogratis siblings, Lucius has a sinister goal hidden behind a façade of peace. He stands out with a unique sun-like mark on his forehead and is known for his calm and collected demeanor, even as he manipulates events and people to serve his ambitions.

The strength of Lucius lies not just in physical prowess but in his powerful magic and strategic mind. A central tenet of “Black Clover” is the use of magic, and Lucius wields formidable abilities that make him a force to be reckoned with. His influence extends far beyond personal reach as his relationships with other characters impact the narrative’s progression, shaping conflicts and driving the story forward.

Character Overview

NameLucius Zogratis
RolePrimary Antagonist
AffiliationSpade Kingdom / Dark Triad (Formerly)
MagicSoul Magic – Allows him to manipulate and control souls, including his own.
Other Abilities* Time Magic (limited information available) * Immense Power and Durability
PersonalityCunning, ruthless, and holds a warped sense of morality. Believes humans are flawed and aims to remake humanity in a new form.
Goals* Create a world of “true peace” where humans are remade to be without malice or conflict. * Has ties to the devils of the underworld and plans to utilize their power in this endeavor.

Key Takeaways

  • Lucius Zogratis is the main antagonist in “Black Clover,” with dark ambitions for creating a new world order.
  • He possesses formidable magic abilities, notably the power to manipulate time through his devil Astaroth.
  • His actions and connections with other characters significantly influence the series’ plotline and character development.

Character Profile

In the world of Black Clover, Lucius Zogratis emerges as a significant figure whose actions and intentions hold the potential to alter the course of the story.

Lucius Zogratis: Background and Role

Lucius Zogratis is a pivotal character from the Spade Kingdom and the eldest of the Zogratis siblings in the series Black Clover. He plays a crucial role as the host to the devil Astaroth and has influence over the story’s progression. His connection to the highest echelons of magical power places him at the heart of the conflict, making him a fierce adversary for the main characters, Asta and Yuno, as they strive to reach the rank of Wizard King.

Personality and Motivation

Lucius displays a calm demeanor consistently throughout the series. His personality is defined by a calculated approach to his goals, which involves remaking humanity according to his vision. He harbors a belief that through the power of devils, he can create a new order of undying bodies, which shows his ambition and determination.

Appearance and Symbolism

Physical Attributes:

  • Height: Tall
  • Hair: Short, messy, dark

Notable Features:

  • A distinctive, dark, sun-like mark on the right side of the forehead.


  • A furry robe adorned with dark straps across the chest, signaling his status and power.

Lucius’s appearance is marked by symbolism. The sun-like mark on his forehead is not only a notable physical trait but also may represent the far-reaching influence and power he possesses. Each element of his attire and physical features serves to set him apart and underscore his role as a formidable presence in the Black Clover universe.

Magic and Abilities

Lucius Zogratis emerges as a formidable figure due to his exceptional magical powers and capabilities which are both rare and profound.

Magic Attributes and Grimoire

Lucius is a host for a high-rank devil, giving him access to devil power that enhances his already formidable magic. He possesses a grimoire that contains various spells, each related to his unique magic attributes. His magic attributes include not only an affinity for manipulating time but also the power to manipulate souls, which is a distinct and rare ability.

Soul Magic and Two Souls

Soul Magic is one of Lucius’ primary abilities, which allows him to interact with and manipulate souls. This power extends to altering the essence and magic of others, a feat that speaks to his level of skill and control. His unique condition of harboring two souls further amplifies his magical abilities, merging human traits with the immense power of a devil.

Time Magic and Transformation

Lucius wields Time Magic, a rare and potent magic attribute that enables him to control the flow of time. With this magic, he can accelerate, decelerate, or even stop time, which gives him an edge in combat scenarios. His transformation ability is linked to his use of time magic, which he uses to assume different identities, such as Julius Novachrono, effectively concealing his true nature.

Narrative Arcs

In the story of “Black Clover,” pivotal events unfold during various narrative arcs where characters like Lucius Zogratis and Julius Novachrono play crucial roles. The Spade Kingdom Raid Arc and confrontations with Julius set the stage for explosive revelations about the future and the final arc’s cliffhanger.

The Spade Kingdom Raid Arc

The Spade Kingdom Raid Arc is a major storyline that introduced significant conflict and challenges for the characters. This arc culminated in an invasion of the Spade Kingdom where heroes clashed with formidable foes. Key events included desperate attempts to rescue captured allies and the introduction of the elusive vice-captain of the Black Bulls, Nacht, who had been spying on the Spade Kingdom for years.

Confrontation with Julius Novachrono

Julius Novachrono, the Wizard King, comes face-to-face with Lucius Zogratis in a pivotal confrontation. This moment is critical as it showcases the clash between two powerful mages with opposing ideologies. Their encounter marks a turning point in the story, leading to significant implications for the future of the Clover Kingdom.

The Future and Final Arc Revelations

As the narrative moves towards its final chapters, revelations about the future are brought forth through a mix of action and suspense. The progression of the plot hints at an ultimate showdown that will decide the fate of the characters and their world. The story gears up towards a cliffhanger that leaves readers eagerly anticipating the ultimate conclusion of the saga, particularly after the intense developments of Chapter 331.

Influence and Relationships

Lucius Zogratis, a key figure in the “Black Clover” series, has established himself as an influential antagonist with complex ties to various characters and groups within the story.

Zogratis Siblings and Spade Kingdom

Lucius Zogratis is the eldest of the Zogratis siblings and has played a central role within the Spade Kingdom. His siblings make up the feared Dark Triad, each host to a powerful devil that grants them immense magical prowess. Their influence over the Spade Kingdom has been strong and menacing, often breeding conflict with other nations.

Asta and the Devil Hosts

Asta, the protagonist of “Black Clover,” is a young Magic Knight from the Clover Kingdom, unique because he has no magic but wields anti-magic. Asta’s journey frequently clashes with Lucius and the dark plans of the Zogratis. As a devil host himself, Asta understands the power and danger that Lucius and his siblings pose.

Alliances and Antagonism

The Magic Knights, including Asta, have formed alliances to counter the malicious intentions of the Zogratis Family and their control over the Spade Kingdom. Key figures such as Damnatio, a strict upholder of law, view Lucius’s actions as a significant threat. This opposition has cemented Lucius as a force to be reckoned with and a central figure in the struggle involving the Clover Kingdom and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ll address some common queries fans have about the intriguing character Lucius Zogratis from the Black Clover series. These answers will shed light on his identity, powers, and his storyline within the vast magical world of Black Clover.

Who is Lucius Zogratis in the Black Clover series?

Lucius Zogratis is a character from the Spade Kingdom and the oldest of the Zogratis siblings. He stands out due to a mark on his forehead and his role as the host for the devil Astaroth.

What are the abilities and powers of Lucius in Black Clover?

Lucius possesses the staggering ability to create clones, an overpowered magic that presents him as nearly unbeatable. His mastery of this power poses a significant challenge to even the strongest characters like Yuno.

How is the character of Lucius related to Julius in Black Clover?

The storyline of Black Clover unveils a shocking connection between Lucius Zogratis and Julius Novachrono. Readers learn they share the same body, a twist that propels the narrative and heightens the intrigue surrounding both characters.

Does Lucius Zogratis meet his end in the Black Clover storyline, and if so, how?

As the Black Clover narrative evolves, the fate of Lucius Zogratis has not been definitively concluded yet. The series continues to develop his story arc, leaving readers to speculate about his eventual downfall.

Is there a connection between Lucius Zogratis and devils in the Black Clover universe?

Lucius Zogratis is indeed deeply connected to the devils of Black Clover, hosting Astaroth, one of the three rulers of the Underworld. This association grants him significant power and places him at the center of the series’ devil-related conflict.

In the Black Clover anime, who voices the character of Lucius?

As of the latest updates, the character Lucius Zogratis has not been prominently featured in the anime adaptation of Black Clover. Therefore, we do not have information about a voice actor for his character yet.

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