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“Love Is Blind” has been popular since the beginning. For Season 6, Netflix picked Charlotte, North Carolina, as the main location for filming. This city has a diverse landscape, which is different from the previous locations in Atlanta, Seattle, and Chicago. The show continues to create an intimate setting for connections to grow. This choice shows the show’s dedication to exploring different American cultures and environments.

For this season, 30 singles embarked on an unconventional journey to find love. Love is Blind’s unique format had them dating in “pods,” where they could connect emotionally without seeing each other. After engagements, they met face-to-face, moved in together, and faced real-world challenges. The season culminated in emotional weddings, where couples made the ultimate decision: say “I do” or walk away.

Love is Blind Season 6: A Recap of the Love, Drama, and Decisions


The sixth season of Love is Blind took place in Charlotte, North Carolina. From the intimate pods to the shared living spaces and the final wedding venues, the city provided a backdrop for love and heartbreak to unfold.

Contestants & Outcomes

CoupleOutcomeRelationship Notes
Amy & JohnnyMarriedHappily married as of the reunion, with a blended family
Amber (AD) & ClayNot MarriedAD said “I do,” Clay said “no” at the altar. Clay expressed regrets and sought therapy.
Chelsea & JimmyNot MarriedEngagement ended due to trust issues and a revelation about Jimmy’s past.
Laura & JerameyNot MarriedJeramey ended the engagement after meeting with another contestant, Sarah Ann.
Brittany & KennethNot MarriedKenneth ended the engagement due to feeling a lack of passion outside the pods.
Other ContestantsJess, Trevor, Sarah Ann, and others participated but didn’t form lasting connections.

Season Highlights

Season 6 delivered plenty of drama, heartfelt moments, and surprising twists. Amy and Johnny’s love story stood out as the season’s success, while other couples faced challenges and heartbreak. The reunion episode revealed the aftermath of the decisions made at the altar, with updates on the relationships and personal growth of the contestants.

Key Takeaways

  • Charlotte, North Carolina is the filming location for Season 6 of “Love Is Blind.”
  • The location offers a new environment for the show’s format, contributing to the series’ appeal.
  • Netflix is the streaming service where the audience can watch the latest season.

Season 6 Overview

The sixth season of “Love Is Blind” brings a unique blend of drama and romance set against the backdrop of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Location Insights

Charlotte, North Carolina serves as the primary setting for the season. Some sequences also highlight the scenic views of Santa Clarita, California.

Cast and Contestants

A diverse group of singles, including Amber, Alejandra, and Matthew, enter the dating pods to find love without seeing their potential partners.

Production and Release

Produced by Kinetic Content, the season premiered on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2024. Hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey guide contestants through the ups and downs of blind dating.

Show Dynamics

Participants engage in a social experiment where they form connections in pods, followed by engagements and the reveal. They navigate their relationships from pods to the altar.

Cultural Impact and Reception

The show’s unique formula continues to spark discussions on love and relationships. Viewer reception is keen with heightened anticipation for the final episodes where proposals turn into marriages — or break-ups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Love Is Blind Season 6 has sparked curiosity with its choice of filming locations and venues. This section answers the most common questions about the places featured in the show.

What is the primary filming location for Love Is Blind Season 6?

The main filming took place in Charlotte, North Carolina. This marks the show’s return to the East Coast since its first season.

Which resort serves as the backdrop for the Love Is Blind Season 6 episodes?

Specific details on the resort used for season 6 are not provided, but previous seasons have utilized resorts for couple retreats and interactions.

In which city was the Love Is Blind Season 6 finale wedding venue situated?

The city chosen for the wedding venue in Season 6 is not explicitly stated. However, the show typically selects venues within the same city as the primary location.

Can you identify the various locations used for Love Is Blind Season 6 production?

While the series has not disclosed all production locations, the pods where participants first connect are located at LA North Studios in Santa Clarita, California.

What areas in Charlotte NC were featured in Love Is Blind Season 6?

The specific areas within Charlotte, NC featured in the show have not been revealed. The show follows singles from one metropolitan area, showcasing different spots relevant to the dates and events.

Are there any iconic landmarks or neighborhoods featured in Love Is Blind Season 6?

While the series often includes notable locations, it focuses more on the interactions between singles. The details on iconic landmarks or neighborhoods in Charlotte being featured are limited.

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