Lost Ark is a free-to-play MMO Action RPG that offers a wide range of classes for players to choose from. It combines the dynamic combat of ARPGs with the immersive depth of an MMO, providing an engaging gaming experience with its captivating environments and gameplay. Each class in Lost Ark has unique abilities and playstyles, allowing players to customize their gaming experience based on their personal preferences. Whether you prefer ranged attacks, melee combat, or support roles that require strategic positioning, there is a class that caters to every playstyle.

Lost Ark Classes

WarriorBerserkerMelee DPS, high damage output, focuses on building rage to unleash powerful attacks.Hard
DestroyerTank, exceptional defense and crowd control, uses heavy weapons and shields.Average
GunlancerTank, specializes in defense and absorbing damage, uses a large gunlance.Easy
PaladinSupport, focuses on healing allies and buffing their damage, uses holy magic.Easy
SlayerMelee DPS, high mobility and attack speed, utilizes various combat stances.Average
Martial ArtistScrapperMelee DPS, brawling combat style, uses fists and martial arts techniques.Average
SoulfistMelee DPS, utilizes elemental powers for combos and powerful attacks, requires resource management.Hard
StrikerMelee DPS, high damage output through fast attacks and combos, requires precise timing.Average
WardancerMelee DPS, focuses on movement and dodging attacks to deal high damage.Hard
GlaivierMelee DPS, versatile weapon switching between a spear and a glaive for different attack ranges.Easy
MageSorceressRanged DPS, powerful elemental magic attacks, requires good positioning.Average
BardSupport, provides heals, shields, and buffs to allies, uses music and light magic.Easy
SummonerRanged DPS, focuses on summoning and enhancing elemental creatures to fight.Easy
ArcanistRanged DPS, utilizes cards for varied attacks and effects, requires strategic card management.Average
AssassinShadowhunterMelee DPS, transforms into a demon form for increased damage and mobility.Easy
DeathbladeMelee DPS, high attack speed and damage output, utilizes dual blades.Hard
DeadeyeRanged DPS, uses pistols and shotguns for ranged combat, requires good aim.Hard
GunslingerRanged DPS, high mobility and evasiveness, utilizes rifles and shotguns.Hard
SpecialistSharpshooterRanged DPS, utilizes a bow and various arrows for ranged attacks and debuffs.Hard
MachinistRanged DPS, uses a mechanical arm for ranged attacks and gadgets, requires resource management.Easy
ArtistSupport, paints magical creations to support allies with buffs and heals.Easy
ReaperMelee DPS, high damage output through fast scythe attacks, requires resource management.Easy


  • Difficulty is a general guideline and can vary depending on player skill and experience.
  • This table includes the latest class released as of March 25, 2024, which is the Reaper.
  • Some classes might have different advanced classes you can choose from later in the game.

In Lost Ark, players must choose a base class from a selection including Assassins, Gunners, Mages, Martial Artists, Specialists, and Warriors. Later on, players can customize their class for improved skills, stats, and in-game challenges. Understanding each class’s strengths is vital for success in this evolving game.

Key Takeaways

  • Lost Ark offers a range of classes with unique abilities for different playstyles.
  • Classes evolve from basic types to more specialized subclasses for deep customization.
  • A player’s success in the game depends on understanding the strengths of their chosen class.

Understanding Lost Ark Classes

In the action-packed world of Lost Ark, classes shape the adventure. They determine your role in battles, influence the skills you’ll harness, and guide your journey through Arkesia.

Class Fundamentals

Choosing a class is a critical first step in your journey. It’s more than just picking a character; it’s about finding the playstyle that fits you best. Each class in Lost Ark comes with a unique set of skills and specializes in certain combat roles, whether you like dealing heavy hits up close or supporting allies from a distance.

Base Classes and Sub-Classes

There are five base classes in Lost Ark: Warrior, Martial Artist, Gunner, Mage, and Assassin. From these, a variety of advanced classes emerge, offering deeper specialization.

  • Warrior: Embraces the frontline with subclasses like Berserker and Paladin.
  • Martial Artist: Known for quick, agile strikes and subclasses such as Striker.
  • Gunner: Expert in ranged DPS, with options like Gunslinger.
  • Mage: Harnessing elemental forces with advanced classes like Bard.
  • Assassin: Specializes in stealth and burst damage, with subclasses like Shadowhunter.

Class Mechanics and Abilities

Each class comes equipped with a diverse kit of abilities that offer unique gameplay experiences. Skills range from high-mobility dodges to powerful area-of-effect attacks. Learning how to utilize these skills is essential for mastering your chosen class.

Specialized Class Roles

Classes in Lost Ark fill specific roles in group settings.

  • DPS (Damage Per Second): Deal high damage to enemies. Examples are Berserker and Gunslinger.
  • Support: Offer healing or buffs to allies. The Bard class is a prime example.
  • Tank: Absorb and mitigate damage for the team. Warriors often fit this role.

Choosing Your Class

There isn’t a “best” class in Lost Ark; rather, there’s a best class for you. Reflect on your preferred playstyle: Do you aim to be at the heart of the battle, withstand enemies’ assaults, or support your team from behind? This decision influences your experience, so choose a path that aligns with how you enjoy playing games.

In-Depth Look at Popular Lost Ark Classes

Lost Ark offers a diverse range of classes, each with unique abilities, playstyles, and battlefield roles. This section delves into some of the most popular classes across five main archetypes: Warriors, Martial Artists, Gunners, Mages, and Assassins.


Warriors excel in melee combat and durability. They have strong defenses which make them a robust presence on the battlefield.

  • Berserker: Renowned for high DPS and the strength to endure enemy blows. They exhibit great mobility for a warrior class and wield large swords to deliver powerful, sweeping attacks.
  • Paladin: Serves a dual role, dealing damage and providing support with healing and buffs. They possess a Holy Aura that strengthens allies.
  • Gunlancer: Offers incredible defense with their ability to taunt enemies and mitigate damage. Despite their heavy armor, they maintain decent mobility.
  • Destroyer: A warrior class known for their crowd control abilities. They can use gravity-based attacks to disrupt enemy formations.

Martial Artists

Martial Artists are known for their fast-paced and flashy combo attacks, boasting high mobility and melee DPS.

  • Striker: Delivers rapid, powerful strikes. They can also channel elemental energy to enhance their physical attacks.
  • Scrapper: Utilizes a heavy gauntlet to perform devastating blows. Has a good balance of defense and attack power.
  • Soulfist: A hybrid class that can channel energy for long-range attacks or close in for melee combat. Versatile with an array of abilities.
  • Wardancer: Like a lightning strike with their speed and onslaught of kicks and punches. They can enhance their abilities through a unique surge mechanic.
  • Deathblade: Utilizes a three-sword fighting style and relies on the shadowburst meter for powering up their combos.


Gunners dominate with ranged attacks featuring a combination of firearms and technology, and they maintain an agile playstyle.

  • Gunslinger: Wields multiple guns excelling in both single target and AOE damage. They are extremely mobile, making them hard to pin down.
  • Sharpshooter: Specializes in long-range single-target DPS with a focus on precision strikes. They use traps to control the field.
  • Artillerist: Known for their heavy weapons that deal massive AOE damage. They trade mobility for sheer firepower.
  • Machinist: A tech-savvy class with the ability to deploy various machines on the battlefield, providing both offensive and defensive capabilities.


Mages cast powerful spells, from AOE damage to utility and healing, making them adaptable to many situations.

  • Bard: Not just a damage dealer but also a support class that can heal and boost allies with their songs.
  • Sorceress: A quintessential mage with a mastery over elemental spells to inflict AOE damage from a safe distance.
  • Arcanist: Specializes in manipulating magical cards that can cause a wide range of effects, including damage and buffs.


Assassins strike from the shadows, focusing on quick, stealthy, and effective attacks to eliminate targets.

  • Shadowhunter: Can transform into a demon for burst damage, as they weave in and out of combat with agility. They use the demonic impulse meter to maximize damage.
  • Deathblade: (overlap with Martial Artists) Known for swift and lethal attacks. Their playstyle relies on rapidly chaining together combo attacks to dispatch foes.

Frequently Asked Questions

This segment addresses common inquiries about classes in Lost Ark, aiming to guide players in selecting the right class for their in-game endeavors.

What are the most effective PvP classes in Lost Ark?

Classes like the Deathblade and the Striker stand out in player versus player combat. They bring swift and impactful skills to the fight, which can be the key to victory in the arena.

Which classes top the tier list in Lost Ark?

The top-tier classes often include the Gunlancer and Bard due to their high defense and support capabilities, respectively. However, tier lists can shift with game updates and player discovery.

Are there gender-locked classes in Lost Ark?

Yes, some classes in Lost Ark are gender-locked. For instance, only male characters can become Berserkers, while only female characters can choose the Arcana class.

Can you list the new classes introduced in Lost Ark?

The game’s updates occasionally introduce new classes. Previous updates have brought in the Paladin and the Glaivier, further expanding the roster of playable characters.

Which class in Lost Ark is known for the highest DPS?

The Sorceress is frequently mentioned for her high damage per second output in the game. Her arsenal of arcane attacks deals enormous damage to enemies.

What are the current popular classes among Lost Ark players?

Popularity can vary, but the Bard and Paladin are commonly chosen for their supportive roles in group content, making these classes in-demand for team-based activities.

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