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The Corrupted Banner Javelin is a powerful weapon in Lords of the Fallen that can change the course of battle. In addition to dealing damage, it creates a damaging zone on the battlefield. This guide covers everything you need to know about the Corrupted Banner Javelin, from its location to its uses in both offense and defense. By mastering this versatile weapon, players can gain an advantage in challenging encounters.

A Weapon of Fire and Fury: Mastering the Corrupted Banner Javelin

The Corrupted Banner Javelin is a unique and devastating weapon in Lords of the Fallen, capable of inflicting both physical and fire damage on your foes. Here’s how to obtain it and maximize its destructive potential:

How to Acquire the Corrupted Banner Javelin

This powerful javelin is not just lying around for the taking. You’ll need to defeat the Radiant Judge Cleric boss in the game to obtain the Remembrance of the Judge Cleric. Once acquired, take this remembrance to Molhu at the Skyrest Bridge. He will then sell you the Corrupted Banner Javelin for 2,500 Umbral.

Understanding the Javelin’s Abilities

The Corrupted Banner Javelin has two main attacks:

  1. Throw: Launch the javelin at your target, dealing immediate damage and inflicting a fire DoT (damage over time) effect.
  2. Plant: Stab the javelin into the ground, creating a fiery hazard that damages any enemies who come near.

Using the Javelin Effectively

  • Timing is Key: Time your throws carefully to hit enemies while they’re vulnerable or distracted. The fire DoT can be especially effective against slower, more powerful foes.
  • Area Denial: Use the planting attack to create zones of fire that enemies will avoid, giving you an advantage in positioning and control.
  • Combo Potential: The javelin’s attacks can be incorporated into various combos, especially with weapons that also deal fire damage.

Additional Tips

  • Upgrade with Rhogar Ore: Collect Rhogar Ore to upgrade the Corrupted Banner Javelin, enhancing its damage and effectiveness.
  • Experiment with Runes: Apply different runes to the javelin to further customize its effects, such as adding elemental damage or increasing its burn duration.

A Table of Corrupted Banner Javelin Stats

StatisticBase Value
Physical Damage130
Fire Damage160

By mastering the Corrupted Banner Javelin, you’ll add a versatile and deadly weapon to your arsenal in Lords of the Fallen. Its unique abilities can turn the tide of battle in your favor and help you conquer the game’s challenging encounters.

Key Takeaways

  • The Corrupted Banner Javelin is a versatile weapon in Lords of the Fallen, offering both immediate damage and debuff capabilities.
  • Mastery of this weapon includes understanding its strategic placement and throwable features for maximum effectiveness.
  • The guide provides a detailed overview of acquiring and utilizing the Corrupted Banner Javelin to enhance combat prowess.

Corrupted Banner Javelin Gameplay

The Corrupted Banner Javelin thrives in its versatility as a weapon, offering both direct and area-of-effect damage. This guide will help players understand its mechanics, uncover its location, and optimize its use through upgrades and customizations.

Understanding the Weapon

The Corrupted Banner Javelin is not just any piece of ammunition; it serves dual purposes. When thrown, it inflicts immediate damage on enemies. Additionally, it boasts a unique ability to be planted in the ground, which creates an area that weakens foes with a debuff, allowing for strategic placement and crowd control in battle. This weapon uses magic to deal fire damage, adding to its capability to suppress adversaries effectively.

Where to Find

Players can acquire the Corrupted Banner Javelin in various in-game locations such as Upper Calrath or near Skyrest Bridge. Exploring these areas thoroughly may yield this powerful javelin. Sometimes, defeating certain enemies or bosses like Molhu may also grant access to the Corrupted Banner Javelin.

Upgrading and Customization

To enhance the Corrupted Banner Javelin, materials found around the world, such as Sunless Skein or Enhanced Cursed Effigy, are required. Upgrades can increase damage outputs and effects like poison (with the Enhanced Poison Javelin) or even more robust protection (with the Javelin of Protection). Customization also includes augmenting the javelin with abilities that synergize with the player’s preferred combat style. For instance, combining it with the Radiant Sentinel ability can escalate its defensive utility, while incorporating Umbral Scouring provides a dark magic edge, and Saintly Quintessence specializes it towards holy attributes.

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