Logitech G303
Logitech G303

Logitech G303 Review (Shroud Edition)

FeatureRating (1-5)Notes
Performance4.5Excellent sensor (Hero 25K), low click latency, responsive buttons, lightweight body (75g)
Comfort & Grip3.5Unique shape, good for claw and fingertip grip, not ideal for palm grip
Build Quality4.5Solid construction, durable materials, good fit and finish
Wireless Connectivity4.5Logitech Lightspeed technology, low latency, reliable connection
Battery Life4.5Up to 70 hours with RGB off, efficient power management
Customization3.5Programmable buttons, limited software options compared to other Logitech mice
RGB Lighting3.5Single zone, limited customization options
Value3.5Priced higher than some similar mice, may not be suitable for all hand sizes and grip styles

Overall Score: 4 out of 5

Recommendation: The Logitech G303 is a great wireless gaming mouse for FPS and competitive gamers who prefer a claw or fingertip grip. It offers excellent performance, a lightweight design, and long battery life. However, its unique shape may not be comfortable for everyone, and it lacks some of the customization options found in other Logitech mice.


The Logitech G303 Shroud Edition is a gaming mouse with a distinctive edge. It’s a partnership between Logitech and the celebrated gamer, Shroud, reflecting a blend of professional gaming insights and Logitech’s renowned technology. The mouse is recognized for its unique diamond-like shape and compact, efficient design tailored for high-performance gaming.


  • Sensor: Hero 25K sensor for precise tracking
  • Weight: 73.7 grams, contributing to its lightweight, agile movement
  • Design: Ambidextrous, catering to a wide range of users
  • Connectivity: Wireless, allowing for cleaner desk setups and greater mobility

Users will appreciate the option for easy DPI adjustment, permitting quick changes to the mouse’s sensitivity to suit various gaming scenarios. The G303 stands out by its firm departure from conventional ergonomic designs, opting instead for sharply tapering sides that some may find perfectly suited to their grip style, while others may take longer to adjust.

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is often compared with the G303 Shroud Edition. While both mice boast wireless connectivity and a focus on gaming efficiency, they cater to different user preferences in shape and design nuances.

In sum, the Logitech G303 Shroud Edition isn’t just another mouse on the shelf. It’s a tailored experience for gamers looking for precision, speed, and a touch of professional gaming flair. As with any peripheral, personal preference plays a huge role, so it may not be the universal choice for everyone, but it certainly aims to impress those it fits well.

Design and Build

When it comes to design and build quality, Logitech’s reputation shines through in the sleek form and solid construction of their mice. The G303 series, including the Shroud Edition, serves as a prime example of this commitment to quality and user-focused design.

Materials and Ergonomics

Logitech uses high-quality materials to ensure durability and a premium feel. Both the original G303 Daedalus Apex and the G303 Shroud Edition feature a lightweight design, aimed to reduce hand fatigue during long gaming sessions. These mice typically weigh in at around 80 grams, making them exceptionally easy to maneuver. Their shape is crafted to support the hand in a natural position, accommodating various grip styles.

Aesthetics and Lighting

The aesthetics of the G303 series are both sleek and functional, with a focus on clean lines and minimalistic design. RGB lighting is present on these mice, offering customization to fit any user’s preference. In the case of the G303 Shroud Edition, the lighting not only adds a personal touch but also highlights its unique status.

Variants and Special Editions

The Logitech G303 has seen different iterations over time, with the Shroud Edition being one of the most noteworthy variants. Named after the popular streamer and former pro gamer, Shroud, this edition boasts subtle design tweaks and improved responsiveness that cater to both gaming enthusiasts and Shroud fans. While retaining the trademark LIGHTSPEED wireless technology, the G303 Shroud Edition stands out as the refined culmination of user feedback and professional insight.


The Logitech G303 showcases its prowess in areas crucial for gamers, with a focus on precise sensor performance and smooth wireless connectivity that can keep up with fast-paced action.

Sensor Technology

The heart of the Logitech G303’s performance lies in its HERO 25K sensor, offering top-tier precision. It supports up to 25,600 DPI, allowing minute adjustments to accommodate varying gaming styles and demands for accuracy, especially in FPS and MOBA scenarios.

Responsiveness and Speed

This gaming mouse excels in its responsiveness, boasting a 1000 Hz polling rate which translates to a report rate of just 1 ms. Such speed ensures that every movement and click is registered almost instantaneously, a non-negotiable requirement in competitive gaming where every millisecond counts.

Button Configuration

Equipped with programmable buttons, the G303 offers customization to suit individual preferences. The standard layout includes side buttons that are easily accessible, enhancing its functionality and enabling quick actions during intense gaming sessions.

Wireless Capabilities

The G303 leverages LIGHTSPEED wireless technology, ensuring a stable and quick connection devoid of lags. The freedom from cables does not compromise on performance, offering a gaming experience that rivals wired mice.

Battery Life and Charging

Its rechargeable battery is built for endurance, minimizing the frequency of charging interruptions. When the battery runs low, USB-C charging kicks in for a swift power boost, ensuring the mouse is ready for prolonged gaming marathons.


Customization is a crucial aspect where the Logitech G303 shines, offering various options to tailor the experience to individual preferences. From software adjustments to lighting options, users have the power to personalize their device.

Software and User Interface

Logitech’s gaming software provides a user-friendly interface for customizing the G303. Users can adjust the DPI settings and personalize button assignments to suit their gaming needs. The software facilitates the creation of profiles that can be associated with specific games for a seamless experience.

Onboard Profiles and Settings

The G303 features onboard memory, allowing users to save up to five profiles directly on the mouse. This is great for those who move between different PCs and want to keep their settings consistent. Each profile can cater to different games or tasks, keeping customization always at hand.


When it comes to adjustability, the G303 does not offer an adjustable weight system, but it does compensate with its adjustable DPI. Users can fine-tune the sensitivity of the mouse, making it lighter or heavier to the hand in terms of responsiveness.

Lighting and Aesthetics

The mouse is equipped with RGB lighting, providing a touch of personal style through color customization. Users can choose from a spectrum of colors to light up the Logitech logo and the side strips, adding to the overall aesthetics of their gaming setup.

Additional Features

The Logitech G303 does not include a touch-sensitive area or additional scroll wheel for horizontal scrolling. However, it remains a robust option for those looking for a mouse with a strong emphasis on personalization through its software and lighting capabilities.

Compatibility and Connectivity

When choosing a gaming mouse, knowing how it connects and what systems it supports is essential to make sure it will work with your setup.

Supported Operating Systems

Logitech’s G303 Shroud Edition is designed to be compatible with various operating systems. Key supported platforms include:

  • Windows: Full functionality with custom software available for configuration.
  • macOS: Supported with potential limitations on custom configuration software.

Connection Types

The connection type of a mouse determines how it communicates with your computer. The G303 offers:

  • Wireless Connectivity: It allows for a cleaner desk setup and more freedom of movement.
  • USB Connection: Ensures a stable connection with virtually no input lag, which is crucial for competitive gaming.

It’s important to note that while the G303 is wireless, it may come with a USB option to connect and charge simultaneously. The mouse’s wireless function is designed to perform at a high level to meet the demands of fast-paced gaming.

Comparative Analysis

When looking at the Logitech G303 Shroud Edition, it’s important to consider how it stacks up against other mice in terms of performance, design, and price. This section explores its position in the market by comparing it with various models.

Versus Other Logitech Models

The Logitech G303 Shroud Edition pitches itself against heavyweights like the G Pro Wireless and G305 LIGHTSPEED. The G303 maintains a distinctive diamond shape and wireless design that caters to serious gamers. In contrast, models like the G502 X LIGHTSPEED bring more buttons into the equation, which may be a deciding factor for some users. The G303 has been noted for its comfortable, slightly larger body compared to the original Logitech G303, but it does away with RGB lighting, a staple for some in the G-series lineup.

Against Competitors

Beyond Logitech’s own offerings, the G303 faces stiff competition. Comparable models like the Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO SE or the Cherry Xtrfy M68 Pro Wireless bring their own strengths to the table, with varying features and ergonomic designs. For example, Asus’s Marshmallow Mouse MD100 offers a different aesthetic and functional approach, appealing to a different segment of consumers.

Price Assessment

Price plays a pivotal role in the purchase decision. A price comparison reveals that the G303 Shroud Edition is competitively priced within the market. While shoppers won’t find the same price point as budget-friendly options, the G303’s price aligns with the features and performance tier it offers. Consumers can scout for the best deal, and must consider that sites might earn affiliate commission, which doesn’t affect the purchase price. Always look for authentic reviews and store ratings when looking to buy.

Industry Insights

As we peek into the competitive world of gaming peripherals, one product stands out: the Logitech G303. Its evolution encapsulates a tale of innovation and market savvy that speaks loudly to gamers and industry professionals alike.

Developments and Innovations

The Logitech G303 Shroud Edition marks a significant stride in mouse development. Tech teams, comprising developers, engineers, and technical writers, have pushed the boundaries by integrating shooter-centric precision. The lightweight design, improved by data from rigorous testing, offers gamers the responsiveness they crave.

Market Trends and Consumer Preferences

Tastes in the gaming mouse market are clear: users want a blend of comfort, precision, and style. The G303 Shroud Edition stands testament to this trend, having been fine-tuned in collaboration with professional streamer Shroud. Its unique, diamond-like shape bucks the norm, showing Logitech’s keen understanding of consumer preferences.

Professional Endorsements

Big names in gaming lend significant clout. Shroud’s stamp on the G303 is more than mere branding; it’s a beacon for quality. Gamers often follow the hardware preferences of the pros, and Logitech capitalized on this by ensuring the G303 ticks the boxes for top-tier performance and design.

Ownership Experience

When picking up a Logitech G303, users will find that the experience encompasses more than just gaming. It extends to how well the mouse holds up over time, the support provided by the company, and the real-world feedback from fellow users.

Maintenance and Durability

Logitech products are known for their robust build, and the G303 Shroud Edition is no exception. Its construction promises a long lifespan, even with daily gaming marathons. It’s lightweight, coming in lighter than many of its competitors, which might translate to less wear and tear from constant movement. Maintenance is straightforward; a simple wipe-down with a soft cloth usually keeps it clean.

Customer Support and Warranty

When it comes to support, Logitech has a solid reputation. The G303 comes with a warranty that covers manufacturing defects. Any issues? Their customer support team is just an email or phone call away. The process for warranty claims is usually hassle-free, with prompt service.

User Reviews and Feedback

Users tend to rave about the G303’s performance, especially highlighting its precision. The mouse is 5 mm narrower than some alternatives, which some users find offers a more comfortable grip and better control. As with most products, browsing through user reviews before a purchase can give potential buyers a better idea of how the mouse fits into various hand sizes and gaming setups.

Environmental Impact

When we talk about the environmental impact of products like the Logitech G303, we often focus on the materials used and what happens at the end of the product’s life.

Sustainability Practices

Logitech is taking steps to reduce the carbon footprint of its products. Materials used are key in this effort. The company strives to incorporate more recycled plastic and to design products that are energy efficient. They also aim to use sustainable packaging to lessen waste.

Recycling and End-of-Life

As the lifespan of a gaming mouse reaches its end, recycling becomes crucial. Logitech facilitates the recycling of their products by providing information on how to dispose of them responsibly. They have a take-back program which allows consumers to return used products, ensuring that the various components, like plastic and metal, are recycled properly.


In comparing Logitech G303 mice, it becomes evident that they hold a unique place in Logitech’s lineup, each with its own strengths suited for various user preferences and gaming needs.

Final Recommendations

If considering a purchase, the Logitech G303 Shroud Edition stands out if you’re in search of a lightweight, high-performance mouse. Its distinctive diamond-like shape and targeted improvements make it well-suited for fans of the original G303 and those looking for a mouse with both precision and a bit of gaming pedigree.

Summary of Key Points

  • Weight: The G303 Shroud Edition is lighter, making it a good fit for users who prefer agility.
  • Design: Its distinctive shape is tailored for a very specific grip style.
  • Performance: It is highly rated for tasks requiring precision like FPS and MMO games, showcasing Logitech’s commitment to quality in their specialized mice.

When making a decision, align these points with personal preferences to ensure the mouse meets individual requirements for comfort, performance, and style.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses some common inquiries people have about various Logitech G303 mouse models compared to other Logitech mice.

What are the key differences between the Logitech G303 and G Pro Wireless?

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is recognized for its ambidextrous design and reliable wireless connectivity. In contrast, the G303 features a distinctive diamond-like shape and was notably revised in the Shroud Edition to include wireless functionality, which the original G303 lacked.

How does the Logitech G303 Shroud Edition compare to the original G303?

The Logitech G303 Shroud Edition offers a slight redesign over the original G303, featuring a marginally larger body and the addition of wireless capabilities. However, the Shroud Edition removes the RGB lighting found in the original version.

Is the Logitech G303 considered a suitable option for competitive gaming?

The G303, especially in its Shroud Edition format, has been favorably received for competitive gaming due to its precise sensor performance, wireless convenience, and comfortable shape tailored to high-level play.

What distinguishes the Logitech G303 from the G305 in terms of features and performance?

While the G303 and G305 both offer high-quality sensors and wireless gaming experiences, they differ in design, with the G303 boasting a unique shape and custom upgrades like in the Shroud Edition.

In what ways does the Logitech G PRO X Superlight differ from the Logitech G303?

The Logitech G PRO X Superlight is designed to be extremely lightweight and uses a dated Micro-USB for charging, whereas the G303 Shroud Edition has a more distinct shape and benefits from a more modern USB-C connection.

When was the release date for the Logitech G303, and has it been updated since?

The original Logitech G303 was introduced years ago and has since been discontinued. However, the design was revived in the newer G303 Shroud Edition, which addressed some of the features and introduced updates like wireless connectivity.

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