When it comes to listening to the Super Bowl, there are many convenient options available. Whether you prefer traditional radio, satellite, online streaming, or mobile apps, you can easily tune in to comprehensive coverage, including pre-game and post-game analysis. On game day, you can catch all the action through various channels, including local and national radio stations, online platforms like NFL.com and Paramount+, and satellite radio services such as SiriusXM. These platforms offer exclusive coverage, commentary, and multiple broadcast options, ensuring that fans have access to in-depth discussions and team-specific channels.

Catch the Super Bowl on the Radio

Traditional Radio

For those who prefer a classic listening experience, local radio stations across the country will carry the Super Bowl broadcast. Simply tune in to your favorite sports radio station or check your local listings for the designated channel.


SiriusXM satellite radio subscribers can enjoy the Super Bowl through multiple channels. Tune in to channel 88 for the national broadcast. Fans of the participating teams can also find dedicated channels with their team’s announcers.

NFL Game Pass

If you have an NFL Game Pass subscription, you can stream the Super Bowl live on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The Game Pass also offers replays of the game, highlights, and other NFL content.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn is a free app that lets you listen to thousands of radio stations worldwide. You can find many sports radio stations carrying the Super Bowl broadcast through the TuneIn app or website.

Westwood One Sports

Westwood One Sports is the official radio network of the NFL. They provide a national radio broadcast of the Super Bowl, which you can access through their website or app.

Comparison of Options

PlatformCostAccessibilityAdditional Features
Local RadioFreeVaries by locationNone
SiriusXMSubscriptionNationwideMultiple channels, team-specific broadcasts
NFL Game PassSubscriptionWorldwideReplays, highlights, other NFL content
TuneIn RadioFreeWorldwideWide selection of radio stations
Westwood One SportsFreeNationwideOfficial NFL radio broadcast

Key Takeaways

  • Multiple platforms offer live Super Bowl coverage, including radio, online, and mobile apps.
  • Dedicated services provide extensive pre-game and post-game analysis and commentary.
  • Super Bowl LVIII’s live audio coverage is easily accessible for fans across different mediums.

How to Listen to the Super Bowl

For fans who prefer audio, there are several ways to tune into the Super Bowl.

Streaming Options

Listeners can access the Super Bowl on various devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers. NFL+ offers live game coverage that fans can stream. For those with a preference for TV-centric apps, FuboTV provides a way to stream sports channels on various devices. To use these services, users need to download the corresponding app or visit the official website of the provider.

Radio Broadcast Details

Radio listeners can turn to SiriusXM Satellite Radio for full coverage. The national broadcast is available on channel 88 provided by Westwood One. This station covers the live game and post-game analysis. Additionally, localized radio broadcasts for participating teams are found on their respective SiriusXM channels.ESPN Radio is an alternative radio service for live coverage. Fans can find their local ESPN radio station on ESPN.com or through the ESPN app on smartphones and tablets.

Game Day Experience

Super Bowl Sunday is not just about the game. It’s also about the full experience that comes with it, from pre-game activities to the much-anticipated halftime entertainment.

Pre-Game Activities

At Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, the excitement begins long before the kickoff. Fans have the chance to immerse themselves in a variety of shows and interactive experiences. Attendees can enjoy live music, meet NFL legends, and engage in fun activities. They can also place prop bets on everything from the outcome of the coin toss to the length of the national anthem, adding an extra layer of excitement.

Halftime Entertainment

Every year, the Super Bowl halftime show captures the attention of viewers worldwide. This mega event within the event historically features top-tier musicians. Super Bowl LVIII’s halftime show promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats with a star-studded performance. In previous years, stars like Usher have taken the stage, setting high expectations for future shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listening to the Super Bowl can be easy and free, thanks to online streaming, mobile apps, and radio options.

How can I listen to the Super Bowl for free online?

Listeners can stream the Super Bowl live without cost on the NFL or broadcaster’s official website, depending on who holds the rights that year.

What are the ways to listen to the Super Bowl on my phone?

Smartphone users have several options to hear the game through apps like the NFL app, the broadcaster’s app, or other sports-oriented apps that offer live audio.

Which radio stations will broadcast the Super Bowl live?

The Super Bowl is usually broadcast live on traditional radio networks like Westwood One, which can be found on local radio stations across the country.

Is there a way to hear NFL games, including the Super Bowl, on the radio without cost?

Yes, local AM and FM radio stations often carry live broadcasts of NFL games, including the Super Bowl, which can be listened to free of charge.

How can I find local radio stations that carry Westwood One’s Super Bowl coverage?

One can visit the Westwood One website to search for affiliate radio stations in their area that will broadcast the Super Bowl.

Are there any options to listen to the Super Bowl through satellite radio?

The Super Bowl is available on satellite radio services like SiriusXM, which offer a variety of channels including live game coverage.

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