UN Sustainable goals
UN Sustainable goals
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), commonly referred to as the Global Goals, are a group of 17 interconnected goals that the United Nations adopted in 2015. By 2030, these objectives hope to address the most important global social, economic, and environmental problems and offer a framework for sustainable development. The SDGs address a wide range of challenges, including peace and justice, clean energy, education, poverty, inequality, and climate change.

GadgetMates is built around the ideas of sustainability, e-waste reduction, and recycling. We are a business that was founded on fixing electronic equipment to reduce e-waste. Also, we collaborate with the Blind Center of Nevada to provide an electronics recycling drop-off location in the Las Vegas/Henderson region. Finally, we have a buy, sell, trade program that encourages individuals to sell their used electronics instead of tossing them away. Specifically, we acquire broken iPhones, restore them, and then make them available for resale. This initiative is closely related to our efforts at renovation and resale (reducing waste).

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