Lioness Paramount Plus
Lioness Paramount Plus

Fans of the action-packed espionage series “Special Ops: Lioness” are eagerly anticipating the release of Season 2. Although an official release date has not been announced yet, a source close to the show (Daniel Richtman) has confirmed that the series has been renewed for a second season and production is already underway. Despite there being no official statement from Paramount+, a lot of the talk has been pointing to a possible Fall 2024 release. If that gets pushed back the latest we’d be looking at would be early 2025.


The Speculation Mill

Insider reports suggest intriguing changes might be in store for Season 2:

  • Anthology Format: The show might shift away from the original storyline, focusing on a new mission with potentially a different cast.
  • Change of Scenery: Mexico could be the setting, with the narrative centered around the war on drug cartels.

Lioness: Season 2 (Speculation)

Renewal StatusConfirmed for Season 2 per Daniel Richtman, though not yet officially by Paramount+.
Format ChangeShifting to an anthology model, with each season featuring a new cast and setting.
Season 2 SettingFocus on the Mexican drug war.
CastLikely a brand new cast for Season 2. Zoe Saldana and other Season 1 actors’ return is uncertain but unlikely.
Potential ReleaseLate 2024 – Early 2025
Taylor Sheridan’s UniverseThe anthology format could lead to multiple interconnected “Special Ops” series within Sheridan’s expanding Paramount+ world.

Lioness Season 2 Overview

Release Date and Platform

Release Date: No official date announced.
Streaming Platform: The show will continue its run on Paramount+, keeping in line with its original network.

Series Background

Creator: Taylor Sheridan, renowned for crafting compelling stories as seen in Yellowstone, 1923, 1883, and 6666, is the mind behind Lioness.
Premise: The show dives into the intense life of female operatives in the elite Lioness Program, aimed at infiltrating and dismantling terrorist organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Excitement is brewing for “Lioness Season 2,” and fans have plenty of questions. This section caters to the most pressing questions about the long-awaited second season.

Will Special Ops: Lioness be renewed for a Season 2?

There hasn’t been an official announcement yet but a rumor from Daniel Richtman says the studio has given approval for the follow-up season. If true, we would expect an announcement later in 2024 confirming this information.

When is the premiere date for Lioness Season 2?

As of now, the official renewal of Season 2 hasn’t been announced so there’s no timeline on a premiere date.

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