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Limbus Company, the mobile strategy RPG, features a quirky crew of 12 main characters known as Sinners. Each with their own unique personalities, backstories, and combat abilities, they embark on a quest to retrieve Golden Boughs scattered across a dystopian city.

Meet the Chaotic Cast of Limbus Company

What are Sinners?

  • Revivable Employees: Connected to the main character, Dante, Sinners can revive after death as long as Dante remains alive.
  • E.G.O. Users: They utilize E.G.O., powerful combat gear derived from the mental distortions of former Lobotomy Corporation Abnormalities (think of them as monstrous creatures).
  • Individual Stories: Each Sinner has a deep backstory that unfolds through Identity quests and story progression.

Limbus Company Sinners at a Glance

Here’s a quick look at the twelve main Sinners:

Sinner NameRoleNotable Traits
GregorVanguardAggressive melee combat, self-sacrifice skills
RyoshuVanguardAgile attacker, counterattack focused
MeursaultVanguardTanky defender, excels using taunts
Yi SangUniversalBalanced offense/defense, flexible
FaustUniversalStrong ranged attacker, good support utility
IshmaelUniversalHealer, focuses on buffs and support
RodionRearguardPowerful long-range abilities, area-of-effect skills
Don QuixoteRearguardRanged attacker, excels against single targets
OutisRearguardMagic-based attacker and debuffer
Hong LuSpecialDeals percentage-based damage for tank busting
HeathcliffSpecialSupport unit, excels at buffing allies
SinclairSpecialUnique mechanics around manipulating dice rolls

Disclaimer: Limbus Company is still in development, so Sinner roles and abilities are subject to change.

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Limbus Company Sinners (More Details)

SinnerNumberOriginPersonalityRoleE.G.O. (Ego Gear)Gameplay Focus
Faust1GermanArrogant, ambitious, driven by the pursuit of knowledgeDamage DealerFaust’s Contract: Grants powerful offensive abilities and damage buffs.Magic & Ranged Attacks
Don Quixote2SpanishCheerful, optimistic, idealistic, hides inner strugglesTankLantern: Enables self-sustain, Rupture damage, and support for allies.Melee & Rupture Damage
Ryoshu3JapaneseStoic, disciplined, dedicated to his dutySupportKendo: Provides buffs and healing to allies, specializes in crowd control.Support & Debuffs
Heathcliff4EnglishCynical, sarcastic, distrustful, harbors a strong sense of justiceStrikerWuthering Heights: Offers high single-target damage and self-sustain.Melee & Single-Target Damage
Yi Sang5KoreanEccentric, playful, enjoys wordplay and witty dialogueStrikerThe Sound of Waves: Specializes in inflicting Rupture damage and manipulating enemy positioning.Ranged Attacks & Rupture Damage
Meursault6FrenchApathetic, detached, observes the world with a sense of indifferenceStrikerThe Stranger: Offers high single-target damage and mobility options.Melee & Single-Target Damage
Ishmael7AmericanStoic, reserved, haunted by a tragic past, but fiercely loyalStrikerHarpoon of Obsession: Enables aggressive playstyle with high single-target damage and enemy manipulation.Ranged Attacks & Rupture Damage
Rodion8RussianIntroverted, analytical, prone to overthinking, driven by a desire for atonementStrikerCrime and Punishment: Provides high single-target damage and self-harm capabilities.Melee & Single-Target Damage
Hong Lu9ChineseEnergetic, optimistic, prioritizes her own well-beingDebufferRed Guest: Focuses on weakening enemies and inflicting status ailments.Debuffs & Crowd Control
Dante10Italian (Unknown)UnknownLeaderNoneLeader & Strategy
Sinclair11GermanKind, compassionate, seeks to help othersHealerMessiah: Provides powerful healing and support capabilities.Healing & Support
Gregor12GermanGentle, shy, possesses a strong sense of empathyTankThe Metamorphosis: Offers high defense and crowd control abilities.Tank & Debuffs


  • Dante is not a playable character, but serves as the leader and manager of the Sinners.
  • Each Sinner has their own unique personality, role, and gameplay mechanics.
  • This table provides a basic overview of the Sinners. Further details about their lore and backstories can be found in the game.

Understanding Limbus Company

Limbus Company serves as a dark, turn-based RPG where players lead Sinners through the treacherous environments of a corrupted city.

Core Concepts

The foundation of Limbus Company rests on commanding a group of twelve characters known as Sinners. Players navigate the complexities of the post-apocalyptic City while contending with Bloodshed and Violence. Integral to progression are E.G.O, weapons formed from Abnormalities, which are bizarre entities players must face.

Gameplay Mechanics

Limbus Company operates on turn-based combat, where planning and strategy dictate the flow of battle. Skills and Status Effects influence the tide of combat dramatically, emphasizing tactical unit placement. Players must also manage and upgrade their squad, akin to elements found in a Gacha Game, to overcome challenges.

Character Profiles

Key Sinners, like Faust and Gregor, contribute unique abilities and narrative arcs. Each Sinner, ranging from Dante, the clock-faced manager, to Ishmael and Sinclair, has distinct E.G.O weapons influencing their combat role. Managing their interactions and growth is crucial for uncovering secrets within The City.

Factions and Clans

Factions such as Kurokumo Clan and J Corp Casino possess distinct agendas that shape the narrative. Clans like the Kurokumo and Blade Lineage offer specific challenges and insights into the underlying corruption in The City, while also impacting the Sinners’ quest for Golden Boughs.

Notable Entities and Items

E.G.O weapons herald from Abnormalities, each equipped with unique skills. Golden Boughs represent coveted items players seek. Project Moon and Lobotomy Corporation loom as significant backdrops, hinting at past events that have shaped the current state, while Library of Ruina stands as a testament to the expansive lore within the game.

Narrative and World Building

Exploring the depths of Limbus Company, we uncover a rich narrative woven into the fabric of a chaotic city. Let’s embark on a journey through its lore, character arcs, and storytelling features.

The City and Its Lore

The City in Limbus Company is more than just a backdrop; it’s a character in itself, steeped in secrets and a haunting past. It serves as the playground for the Sinners and houses the enigmatic Golden Boughs. Project Moon has meticulously constructed this environment, embedding literary references from classics that resonate with the dark themes of bloodshed and sanity slippage.

Storytelling Elements

Story arcs in Limbus Company unfold with each Sinner’s tale, where the narrative expertly intertwines skills, revenge, and personal quests. Gregor and Meursault, names taken from iconic literary figures, reflect their literary origins through unique storylines. The plot twists invite players to piece together the storyline, revealing how each Sinner’s drive for revenge propels the narrative forward.

Character Development

Sinners like Faust and Don are at the heart of Limbus Company’s storytelling, evolving through their experiences in The City. Each character’s development is mirrored by their fluctuating sanity levels – a nod to the psychological undertones of the game. As players engage with these characters, they witness a transformation affected by the world around them and the battles they face against various enemies.

Cultural and Thematic Exploration

Limbus Company’s use of well-known literary characters and its exploration of deep themes provide players with a rich gaming experience that goes beyond typical turn-based RPG elements.

Cultural References

Limbus Company features a cast of characters known as Sinners, each one named after iconic figures from literature. Herman and Effie are clear nods to fictional personas, paying homage to the depth of human emotions and experiences found in classic tales. For instance:

  • Herman: Alludes to Herman Melville, the author of Moby-Dick, suggesting themes such as obsession and revenge.
  • Effie: May refer to Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games, symbolizing the often superficial nature of society.

The characters do more than bear the names of literary giants; they embody the profound struggles and themes associated with their namesakes.

Thematic Significance

Throughout the game, each Sinner’s journey deeply investigates themes like violence and sanity slippage, mirroring their literary counterparts. Players engage with the characters, learning more about their personal stories, skills, and the dark, violent circumstances they endure:

  • Violence and Bloodshed: As players engage in combat, themes of violence and bloodshed are explored through the Sinners’ skills and battles, reflecting the dire stakes of their world.
  • Skills: Each character’s abilities both in and out of combat, like Cordon Bleugh Chef and Hell’s Chicken, offer a direct connection to their literary references as well as add to the complexity and strategy of the RPG.
  • Sanity Slippage: Characters struggle with their identities, hinting at sanity slippage and reflecting the psychological toll their environment inflicts on them.

The balance between characters’ backstories and their role in the turn-based combat emphasizes Limbus Company’s intricate approach to thematic storytelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Limbus Company is a game filled with unique characters known as Sinners, who embark on gritty adventures. This section answers some common questions about these pivotal figures.

How many sinners are there in Limbus Company?

There are 12 Sinners in the game, each with a distinct personality and backstory.

Who is the 10th sinner in Limbus Company?

The 10th Sinner in Limbus Company has not been specifically highlighted in the available information, with the game focusing more on the collective actions and development of the Sinners as a team.

Can you provide a complete list of sinners in Limbus Company?

A full roster of the Sinners is essential to getting to know the game better, but it seems individual details are scattered. For a comprehensive list, players may consider consulting the game’s official resources or community-driven sites.

In what order do the sinners appear in Limbus Company?

Sinners seem to be introduced in an order that aligns with different themes and backstories. For example, early chapters explore characters like Gregor with themes of war, while other chapters delve into gambling and debt.

What controversies are associated with Limbus Company?

No specific controversies related to Limbus Company have been noted within the information provided. It’s a game that enjoys a community of followers engaging with its content and characters.

What literary work is the character Ryoshu from Limbus Company based on?

The character Ryoshu’s literary inspiration has not been mentioned in the provided search results. Players often discover connections to various works within the game through playing and interacting with the characters.

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