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In “Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth,” players encounter a variety of engaging side quests and substories that add depth to the gaming experience. One such task is Substory #17, which presents a challenge where players must locate two children, Emmy and Billy. This substory, titled “Beach Guardian: No Kidding Around,” requires players to search for these youngsters who have decided to explore Aloha Beach. As the guardian of the beach, the player’s role is to ensure the safety of its visitors, which includes keeping an eye on these adventurous kids.

The search for Emmy and Billy is not just a quest marker on a map; it is an opportunity for players to engage with the game’s environment. Emmy is found first, and her location serves as a clue to proceed further. Billy proves to be slightly more elusive as he is crouching down, making him harder to spot compared to Emmy who is standing. The task requires players to pay attention to their surroundings, as it demonstrates the level of interaction “Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth” offers beyond its main storyline.

Key Takeaways

  • Substory #17 requires players to find Emmy and Billy at Aloha Beach.
  • Players interact with the game environment to locate the children.
  • The quest exemplifies the engaging side content available in “Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.”

Finding Emmy and Billy

In the game “Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth,” players face a challenging quest revolving around the search for two missing kids, Emmy and Billy, at Aloha Beach. This section walks through the key steps to locate these children as part of the game’s substories.

Starting the Search

Players begin the substory “Beach Guardian: No Kidding Around” by talking to worried parents at Aloha Beach. They describe their kids, Emmy and Billy, who have gone missing. Gathering accurate descriptions of the children is crucial to start the search effectively.

Clue Gathering at the Beach

Once on the beach, players should search for clues to the whereabouts of Emmy and Billy. Information from the parents indicates Emmy is in a red swimsuit and a straw hat with a blue ribbon. Players find her in the eastern part of the beach, a safer area usually marked on the game’s map. Billy’s clues are less direct: he sports a white swimsuit and an orange baseball cap. Billy is harder to spot as he is crouching down in the sand playing, further west near a blue and yellow umbrella.

Encounter With the Beach Guardian

The Beach Guardian plays a pivotal role in the search for the missing kids. Finding Emmy and Billy allows the player to interact with this character, who rewards the player for their efforts in locating the children. It’s vital to cover the entire beach area and keep an eye out for the descriptive details provided by their parents to accomplish this task successfully.

Like a Dragon: Side Quests and Substories

In “Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth,” players can explore a variety of side quests and substories. These quests enhance the gaming experience by offering unique stories and rewards.

Heartful Golem Series

In the Heartful Golem Series, Ichiban Kasuga finds himself helping a heartful golem who requires acts of kindness to awaken. These substories take place across various locations, including Aloha Beach. Players demonstrate kindness by completing tasks for the golem, culminating in heartfelt moments and valuable in-game rewards.

Dondoko Island Adventure

The Dondoko Island Adventure unfolds as a set of side quests on the festive Dondoko Island. Participants engage in vibrant festivities and bond with the quirky locals. Discovering the island’s secrets involves a mix of combat and exploration. Ichiban Kasuga often finds himself at the heart of these stories, shaping the narrative through his decisions.

Beach Guardian Challenges

Finally, the Beach Guardian Challenges focus on environmental missions at Aloha Beach. Two notable quests here are Beach Guardian: Water, Water Everywhere and Beach Guardian: No Kidding Around. In these quests, players tackle problems affecting the beach, confronting unethical individuals and safeguarding the coastline—sometimes alongside the legendary Kazuma Kiryu. These quests not only provide action-packed gameplay but also impart a sense of responsibility towards the virtual environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we answer common queries related to the ‘Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth’ quest.

Who is Mameoka’s partner in the ‘Infinite Wealth’ quest?

Mameoka’s partner in the quest is Makoto Date. Together, they work on solving cases that come their way.

Where do you encounter King in the ‘Infinite Wealth’ quest?

King, a significant adversary, is located in the latter half of the game. Players encounter him as they progress through the main story.

How many Substories are there to complete in ‘Infinite Wealth’?

‘Infinite Wealth’ features a total of 14 Substories. Each Substory presents unique challenges and offers different rewards upon completion.

Where can you find the ‘Infinite Wealth’ quest within the Yakuza game?

The ‘Infinite Wealth’ quest is available within the broader Yakuza game series. Players can typically access it through their in-game menu under the quests or missions section.

What are the steps to access the ‘Infinite Wealth’ questline?

To start the ‘Infinite Wealth’ quest, players must progress through the game until they reach the appropriate chapter that introduces the quest. From there, follow the in-game instructions to engage with the questline.

Can you describe the location where Emmy and Billy are found in ‘Infinite Wealth’?

Emmy is found standing on Aloha Beach, while Billy is a bit trickier to spot, as he’s crouched in the sand further down the beach to the west. They are near a colorful umbrella and Kana’s Coconut Juice Stand.

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