Lian Li Strimer Plus
Lian Li Strimer Plus

Overview of Lian Li Strimer Plus

The Lian Li Strimer Plus is a unique innovation that brings a splash of color to the inside of a PC. This product is essentially an extension cable for power supply connectors, but with a twist: it’s embedded with addressable RGB (aRGB) lights to illuminate the inside of a computer case. These extension cables are compatible with both motherboard 24-pin connectors and GPU 8-pin connectors, offering flexibility to users looking to customize their PC’s appearance.

Here’s a quick look at what the Strimer Plus offers:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: A lighting upgrade to make PC builds stand out.
  • Compatibility: Fits typical 24-pin motherboard and 8-pin GPU power connectors.
  • Customization: Controlled lighting effects through software.

Lian Li has constructed these cables with high-quality materials, ensuring they’re not just for show but also offer durability. They’ve paired the cables with a controller, which allows users to personalize the light effects. Users who appreciate a personalized PC look can easily achieve it with the Strimer Plus. Its integration with L-Connect 3 software enhances the control over lighting, making it straightforward to adjust the brightness and lighting modes according to individual preferences.

The Strimer Plus has made a name for itself among PC enthusiasts for its distinctive presence. It aligns perfectly with the trend of personalizing and lighting up gaming rigs and workstations, adding flair to the functional aspect of power cables. The enthusiasm for the Strimer Plus indicates a growing interest in PC customization, where both beauty and functionality play significant roles.

Technical Specifications

Lian Li’s Strimer Plus V2 redefines aesthetics for PC power cables by blending high-end power delivery with vivid RGB lighting. The focus for users is on compatibility, visually engaging lighting, and straightforward installation complemented by smart software integration.

Power Compatibility

The Strimer Plus V2 comes in two key variants: a 24-pin ATX for the motherboard and an 8-pin GPU version for graphics cards. It’s essential to note that the Strimer Plus V2 supports a 450W power output with an 18 AWG PSU cable and can go up to 600W when equipped with a 16 AWG cable. The introduction of the 12VHPWR connector, which features 8 light guides, signifies its readiness for future high-performance GPUs.

RGB Lighting and Effects

Enthusiasts will appreciate the addressable RGB (ARGB) feature in Strimer Plus V2. The cables provide stunning RGB lighting with numerous customizable effects. Brightness and color can be adjusted to match the user’s preferences, and the inclusion of LEDs within the cable ensures a uniform and brilliant display of colors.

Installation and Software

Installing the Strimer Plus V2 is relatively straightforward. It utilizes a controller box that connects to a 5V ARGB header on the motherboard. This box is also powered by a SATA power connector for stable lighting operation. Once connected, users can manage the Strimer Plus V2 via the L-Connect 3 software, which allows for adjustments in lighting effects and speed, providing both flexibility and ease in cable routing and overall setup.

Design and Build Quality

The Lian Li Strimer Plus is a synthesis of aesthetics and durability. Its premium build is evident in the meticulous design that elevates PC customization. Each Strimer Plus bundle consists of a 24-pin ATX extension cable and dual 8-pin PCIe power extension cables. They boast a clean, unified look, thanks to their even flexibility that allows the braided cables and LED strips to curve in tandem.

The black cables exhibit sturdy clips that ensure a secure connection, keeping them in place even if the setup includes tempered glass components or RGB fans. These cables not only support PSUs but are compatible with a range of GPUs, adding a vibrant touch without compromising the system’s integrity.

Lian Li has enhanced the Strimer Plus with a controller hub that cleverly manages the light show. This hub allows users to switch between different RGB modes, thus offering a personalized flair. The PCIe cable adds to the visual appeal and is particularly noteworthy for those who wish to showcase their GPUs or RAM through a side panel.

Key Features:

  • Quality: Crafted for durability with a focus on visual appeal.
  • Compatibility: Works with PSUs and a variety of GPUs.
  • Design: Unified cable and LED design for a seamless look.
  • Controller Hub: Provides customizable RGB lighting modes.
  • Aesthetics: Adds a distinctive, colorful highlight to PC builds.

In terms of design, the Strimer Plus is more than just a power cable; it is an accessory that blends functionality with style, ensuring that your PC stands out with a professional touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Lian Li Strimer Plus series has been gaining attention for its impressive RGB lighting effects and compatibility with various builds. Let’s clear up some common questions about this popular product.

How can I control the lighting effects on the Strimer Plus series?

Controlling the lighting effects of the Strimer Plus cables is straightforward. You can use motherboard software if your motherboard has an RGB header. This allows for customizing colors and effects to match your setup.

What are the cable length and dimensions for the Strimer Plus 24-pin version?

The Strimer Plus 24-pin version measures 267mm in length, 56.6mm in depth, and 8mm in height, providing ample cable for routing and management in different sizes of PC cases.

Is the Lian Li Strimer Plus series compatible with non-Lian Li motherboards?

Yes, the Strimer Plus series is designed to work with motherboards from various manufacturers, as long as they have a compatible RGB header to connect the cables.

Does the V2 12VHPWR version of the Strimer Plus offer different features compared to the standard V2?

The V2 12VHPWR version of the Strimer Plus is specifically designed for GPUs requiring a 12VHPWR connector, offering specialized features for these high-power components.

Are there any special requirements for powering the Strimer Plus RGB cables?

For optimal performance and durability, especially when using static white lighting effects frequently, connect the Strimer Plus to a SATA header close to the PSU and don’t share the same SATA cable with other ARGB devices.

How do I install and set up the Strimer Plus cables in my PC build?

Installation is simple. Attach the Strimer Plus to your PSU cables, making sure the cable orientation aligns correctly. Then connect it to your motherboard’s RGB header or the included controller to manage the lights.

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