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In Last Epoch, players find different gear to make their characters stronger. The most powerful gear is called Legendary items. They can’t be found, only made. To make a Legendary item, you need a Unique item with something called Legendary Potential. This shows if the Unique item can be turned into a Legendary one by adding more features from Exalted items.

What’s interesting about this system is figuring out the best combination of items and features to make your character stronger or cover weaknesses. Making a Legendary item needs a precise process and an understanding of how Legendary Potential works. Each item’s Legendary Potential is shown by a number. The higher the number, the more features from an Exalted item can be added.This system encourages players to try different things and make their gear better. If you want to do well in the hardest parts of the game, you need to understand how this works.

Crafting Power in Last Epoch: Legendary Potential

What is Legendary Potential?

Legendary Potential is a special attribute found on some Unique items in Last Epoch. It indicates the number of additional affixes the item can gain when transformed into a Legendary item. These affixes are drawn from an Exalted item during the crafting process.

How Does it Work?

To create a Legendary item, you need a Unique item with Legendary Potential and an Exalted item with four unsealed affixes. Combine them in the Eternity Cache at the end of the Temporal Sanctum dungeon. The number of affixes transferred from the Exalted item depends on the Unique item’s Legendary Potential.

Finding Items with Legendary Potential

Unique items with Legendary Potential can drop randomly from enemies or chests throughout the game. The higher the tier of the content, the more likely you are to find these items. However, some unique items, like quest rewards, cannot have Legendary Potential.

The Role of the Eternity Cache

The Eternity Cache is a crucial element in crafting Legendary items. It’s located in the Temporal Sanctum dungeon and allows you to combine your Unique and Exalted items to create a powerful Legendary.

Understanding Affix Transfer

When crafting a Legendary, the affixes transferred from the Exalted item are chosen randomly. You have no control over which affixes are selected, adding an element of chance to the process.

Upgrading Legendaries

You can upgrade your existing Legendary items by repeating the crafting process with a new Unique and Exalted item. This allows you to improve the affixes on your Legendary and further increase its power.

Table: Legendary Potential Values

Legendary PotentialNumber of Affixes Transferred

Important Note:

Not all Unique items have Legendary Potential. Some unique items are designed to be powerful on their own and don’t require additional affixes.

Key Takeaways

  • Legendary items in Last Epoch are created by crafting, not found.
  • A base Unique item’s Legendary Potential dictates the affix transfer in crafting.
  • The crafting process is key to optimizing equipment for high-level challenges.

Understanding Legendary Items

In Last Epoch, players strive to create the most powerful gear for their characters. To do this, mastering the intricacies of crafting Legendary items is essential. These items result from a process that combines unique and powerful components to enhance your character’s abilities.

Defining Legendaries and Unique Items

Unique Items are special pieces of gear with specific properties that set them apart from regular gear types. These items include a special stat known as Legendary Potential, indicating they can be upgraded to Legendary status. The potential ranges from 1 to 4, which is the clue to the number of additional properties an item can gain.

The Role of Exalted Items

For a Unique Item to reach its Legendary state, it needs to be combined with an Exalted Item. An Exalted Item is a piece of gear with powerful properties of its own, including up to four unsealed – that is, active and contributing – affixes, which are the attributes that provide bonuses to a character’s stats. However, if an affix on an Exalted Item is sealed, it won’t transfer during the crafting process. When a Legendary Item is created, it inherits the unsealed affixes from the Exalted Item, up to the limit of its Legendary Potential. This process is the key to crafting gear that significantly boosts a character’s power.

Legendary Crafting Mechanics

In Last Epoch, Legendary items are the pinnacle of gear, offering players the chance to craft items that greatly enhance their characters. The process involves a specific blend of strategy and components.

Eternity Cache and Temporal Sanctum

The Eternity Cache is a special feature used in the crafting of Legendary gear. Players must access the Temporal Sanctum, a dungeon, to use this cache. To enter, you need a Temporal Sanctum Key. Within the sanctum, you interact with the cache to initiate the merging process of items. It’s crucial for players to manage their actions here with precision, as this is where you’ll combine unique and exalted items to create powerful legendaries.

Forging Potentials and Crafting Process

Every unique item in Last Epoch comes with a Legendary Potential value, ranging from one to four. This number is key since it limits how many additional affixes you can add. An item’s power directly relates to its Forging Potential, which lies in the number and tier of its affixes. During crafting, higher-tier affixes make for stronger items. Players initiate the Crafting Process by placing a unique item with Legendary Potential and an exalted item with suitable affixes into the Eternity Cache, then activating it with a Rune of Creation to forge the new legendary item.

Obtaining and Utilizing Crafting Components

Crafting Legendary gear is all about acquiring the right components. The primary components are Unique items, which must have at least one Legendary Potential, and Exalted items, which provide the additional affixes. Once obtained, you control the outcome by choosing which exalted item affixes to merge with your unique item’s base. It’s a careful process to Craft Legendary Gear as each step and component is crucial to achieving the formidable final product.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we answer some common questions about Last Epoch’s feature of Legendary Potential and how it affects gameplay.

How does the Eternity Cache feature interact with Legendary items in Last Epoch?

The Eternity Cache is a unique crafting station where players fuse a Unique item with an Exalted item to create a Legendary item. For the fusion to be successful, the Unique item must have Legendary Potential and the Exalted item needs four unsealed affixes.

Where can I find a comprehensive guide for Legendary Potential in Last Epoch?

Players seeking an in-depth guide can visit fan sites like or the Last Epoch forums, where community guides and tips for understanding and using Legendary Potential are often shared.

Can you increase the chance of obtaining Legendary Potential items, and if so, how?

While you can’t directly increase the drop rate of items with Legendary Potential, you can maximize your chances by fighting tougher enemies and completing end-game content where these items are more likely to drop.

What distinguishes Legendary items from Unique items in Last Epoch?

Legendary items start as Unique items with Legendary Potential. They become Legendary when players add extra affixes to them, enhancing their power beyond the standard Unique items.

Which classes benefit the most from Legendary items with potential in Last Epoch?

All classes in Last Epoch can gain significant advantages from Legendary items. The best items depend on the player’s build and the specific affixes that match their strategic needs.

Are there any strategies to effectively farm Legendary items in Last Epoch?

To efficiently farm for Legendary items, players should focus on completing high-tier Monoliths and participating in the Arena. These activities tend to offer better loot and higher chances for items with Legendary Potential.

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