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Last Epoch is an action role-playing game developed by Eleventh Hour Games. It was first introduced in April 2018 alongside a Kickstarter campaign that offered a free demo. The beta version was released on Steam Early Access in April 2019. The game’s full release was initially planned for 2020 but was postponed all the way until it’s release on February 21, 2024.

The developer actively communicates with the community through forums and takes feedback to optimize gameplay mechanics. They have also added virtual pets and cosmetic packs to the game. The success of Eleventh Hour Games and Last Epoch is a tribute to the power of independent game development driven by passion, commitment to quality, transparent communication, and community involvement.

Last Epoch: A Triumph of Passion – Inside Eleventh Hour Games

Last Epoch, the captivating time-traveling ARPG, has taken the gaming world by storm since its official release on February 21, 2024. Its unique blend of intricate mechanics, vast customization, and a dedication to player feedback has earned it high praise among ARPG enthusiasts. The mastermind behind this success is Eleventh Hour Games, an all-remote independent game studio with a passionate team of developers.

Eleventh Hour Games: A Humble Beginning

Founded by a small group of industry veterans, Eleventh Hour Games was born from a shared love for the classic ARPG genre. Frustrated by what they saw as a lack of innovation in the space, they made a bold decision: create their own ARPG that would capture the spirit of timeless titles while delivering fresh, exciting gameplay experiences.

From the start, Eleventh Hour Games embraced a community-driven approach. They actively engaged with players on their forums and social media, soliciting feedback that shaped the direction of Last Epoch throughout its development. This collaboration built a loyal fan base eager to witness the game’s evolution.


Journey Through Development

Last Epoch entered Early Access on April 30, 2019, giving players an early taste of its potential. While ambitious, the game inevitably encountered challenges. The studio’s decision to switch development from Unity to a custom-built engine proved both a blessing and a curse. It allowed for exceptional optimization and customization but also extended the development cycle. Eleventh Hour Games remained transparent with their community, explaining the benefits of this decision while acknowledging the resulting delays.

The studio’s commitment to regular updates and content expansions kept enthusiasm alive throughout the extended Early Access period. Major game mechanics were continuously refined, classes were introduced, and new environments were added to the world of Eterra. Eleventh Hour Games consistently sought and implemented player feedback, fostering a sense of collaboration between players and developers.

Success Beyond Expectations

The full launch of Last Epoch surpassed the already high expectations of both developers and players. Surpassing 250,000 concurrent players on launch, the game’s popularity exceeded the studio’s forecasts. Critics praised its depth, replayability, and respectful approach to the classic ARPG formula. Eleventh Hour Games has continued its post-launch support, responding to player feedback and addressing any issues quickly and transparently.

Player Growth over Time

PeriodAverage PlayersPeak Players
Early Access15,000- 30,00050,000
Launch Week150,000250,000+

Review Scores

SteamVery Positive (80%)

The Future of Last Epoch and Eleventh Hour Games

Eleventh Hour Games remains dedicated to the ongoing development of Last Epoch. They have announced a robust roadmap that includes exciting new classes, challenging endgame content, and even expansions that will venture into different eras of Eterra’s history. The future looks bright for the studio as they continue to nurture a passionate community and push the boundaries of the ARPG genre.

Key Takeaways

  • Eleventh Hour Games showcases a commitment to refining and advancing Last Epoch.
  • Considerable effort is dedicated to ensuring meaningful player interactions and community involvement.
  • The game evolution includes additions that personalize and diversify the player experience.

Core Mechanics and Gameplay

This section delves into the essence of Last Epoch’s gameplay, focusing on the key aspects that make the game engaging to both newcomers and experienced players alike. The game’s mechanics are built to provide depth, rewarding strategic play, and personalization.

Character Customization

Last Epoch allows for a high degree of character customization, catering to various playstyles. Players can choose from multiple classes, like the warrior-like Sentinel, the nature-focused Primalist, or the dark magic-wielding Necromancer. Each class has distinct skill trees and passives, enabling players to tailor their characters finely. Skills can evolve in different ways, ensuring that two characters of the same class can still be vastly distinct.

Combat and Skills System

Combat in Last Epoch is dynamic, requiring players to be strategic and to react quickly. The skills system is intricately designed, granting the option to modify and specialize each skill via its own tree. The game brings a fresh take on the action RPG genre, with a combat system that rewards thoughtful approach over mindless clicking. Players will need to keep an eye on various stats such as health and ward, the latter acting as a shield that absorbs damage before it affects health.

Loot and Itemization

The game’s itemization system is deep and rewarding. Gear in Last Epoch is varied, with different rarities, stats, and special properties. As players journey through Eterra, they will discover loot that can greatly enhance their characters’ abilities. The game also includes a sophisticated loot filter, allowing players to customize which items are highlighted, reducing clutter and focusing on upgrades or crafting materials that matter to the player.

Progression and Endgame Content

Last Epoch understands the importance of endgame for longevity and includes various progression systems and activities. As players finish the campaign, they will unlock endgame content such as the challenging Monolith of Fate, dungeons that offer both risk and reward, and the wave-based Arena. The concept of stability adds further depth to the endgame, influencing how players navigate their endgame journey. The game continues to engage veterans with its unpredictable loot system and the looming threat of The Void, ensuring the gameplay remains challenging and engaging.

Community and Developer Interaction

Eleventh Hour Games demonstrates a strong commitment to engaging with its player base, ensuring that the development of Last Epoch is a collaborative process. This commitment is reflected in various aspects of the game’s evolution, from multiplayer features to the way player feedback shapes updates.

Multiplayer and Online Features

Last Epoch has expanded its horizons by delving into multiplayer and online elements, aiming to provide a shared experience that rivals the depth of classic ARPG titles like Diablo. Multiplayer alpha stages and the eventual introduction of full-fledged online multiplayer have shown Eleventh Hour Games’ dedication to perfecting this facet of the game. By fostering a space for cooperative questing and item gifting, they ensure that community is at the heart of the gaming experience.

Feedback and Development Updates

A notable aspect of Last Epoch’s development process is the open communication channel between the developers and the community. Regular development updates keep players informed of the latest changes, with a clear record available on the game’s forum and the official website. Developers actively engage with user reviews and discussions on platforms like Steam and Discord, incorporating suggestions into game updates to continuously improve performance and gameplay experience.

Guides and Resources

To aid players in their journey through Last Epoch, a wealth of guides and resources is made available by the developer. These include intricate details on battling diverse enemies, mastering the Circle of Fortune, and enhancing play with the right skills and equipment. The Last Epoch team ensures that both new and veteran players have access to current and comprehensive guides, laid out in a way that supports a fulfilling gaming adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address some of the most common inquiries related to Last Epoch to ensure players have the relevant information they need to fully enjoy the game.

Who is the developer behind Last Epoch?

Last Epoch was developed by Eleventh Hour Games, a team committed to creating deeply engaging gameplay experiences.

What engine does Last Epoch utilize for its gameplay?

The game operates on the Unity engine, which is known for its versatility in game development.

What are the different classes available in Last Epoch?

Players can choose from a variety of classes such as the Sentinel, Mage, Rogue, Primalist, and Acolyte, each with unique abilities and specialties.

When was Last Epoch officially released?

The official release date for Last Epoch has not been confirmed as the game has been in a state of ongoing development with early access available to players.

How much does Last Epoch cost to purchase?

Last Epoch is available for purchase, but the price may vary depending on the platform and any ongoing discounts or promotions.

What platforms is Last Epoch available on, including consoles and handheld devices?

Last Epoch is primarily available on PC, with plans to expand to other platforms still under consideration by the developers.

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