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Last Epoch reached version 1.0 as of February 2024 (its official release). Reaching 1.0 came with visual enhancements, a trading system, and 15 class masteries, including two new ones: Falconer and Warlock. With all the masteries now available, this action RPG provides an impressive range of character customization and time travel mechanics. However, with so many options, it may be difficult to choose your first class. To help you make an informed decision, we have prepared a comprehensive guide that covers each mastery’s playstyle and power level.

Class Tier List

SNecromancer, Falconer, DruidPowerhouse masteries, exceptional in various areas
APaladin, Sorcerer, Runemaster, Bleed Warlock, Bladedancer, LichStrong, versatile, and excel in most content
BVoid Knight, Forge Guard, BeastmasterViable builds, may require specific setups or gear
CSpellblade, ShamanPotential, but may struggle compared to others
EMarksmanUnderperforming, may need buffs or reworks

Sentinel Class

  • Void Knight: B Tier
  • Paladin: A Tier
  • Forge Guard: B Tier

Mage Class

  • Sorcerer: A Tier
  • Spellblade: C Tier
  • Rune Master: A Tier

Acolyte Class

  • Lich: A Tier
  • Necromancer: S Tier
  • Warlock: A Tier

Primalist Class

  • Beast Master: B Tier
  • Shaman: C Tier
  • Druid: S Tier

Rogue Class

  • Blade Dancer: A Tier
  • Marksman: E Tier
  • Falconer: S Tier

Understanding the Classes: A Brief Overview

Here’s a quick summary of each mastery focusing on general playstyle:


  • Paladin: Defensive juggernaut with holy-themed abilities
  • Void Knight: Damage-focused with void and physical skills
  • Forge Guard: Tank and support specializing in fire and physical damage


  • Marksman: Ranged master focused on arrows and traps (currently undertuned)
  • Falconer: Pet class with animal companions and projectiles
  • Bladedancer: Fast-paced melee fighter using daggers and evasion


  • Beastmaster: Commands powerful beasts as a summoner
  • Shaman: Utilizes totems and nature magic for damage and support
  • Druid: Shapeshifter with access to werebear and spriggan forms


  • Sorcerer: Elemental spellcaster with fire, lightning, and cold focus
  • Spellblade: Melee/magic hybrid mixing bladework and spells
  • Runemaster: Manipulates runes to create devastating effects


  • Necromancer: Summons undead legions and focuses on minion builds
  • Lich: Drains life and sacrifices health for powerful abilities
  • Warlock: Dark caster specializing in bleeds, curses, and debuffs

This tier list reflects the creator’s view on the strengths and playstyles of each subclass in “Last Epoch,” with the classes being ranked from S (superior) to E (inferior) based on their damage output, versatility, and overall gameplay experience.

Important Considerations

  • Tier Lists Are Subjective: While we’ll provide a suggested tier list, remember that player skill, dedication, and the game’s evolving balance will ultimately determine your success.
  • Fun Factor: The best class is the one you enjoy most! Don’t be afraid to experiment and find what fits you.
  • Patch Notes: Last Epoch receives frequent balance changes, so keep an eye out for updates that might alter the meta.

Class Overview

Last Epoch presents a rich selection of classes, each bringing a unique playstyle to the gaming experience. The classes and their Masteries echo the depth and versatility of the game, allowing players to tailor their characters to specific roles.

Understanding Class Roles

Each class in Last Epoch takes on specific roles pivotal to gameplay. The Primalist, for example, connects with the wild, commanding beasts or harnessing the raw power of nature as a Beastmaster or Shaman. The Acolyte can ascend to become a Necromancer, raising undead minions, or a Lich, channeling death itself. The versatile Sentinel can focus on defense as a Forge Guard or manipulate time and space as a Void Knight. A Mage might prefer spellcasting and can choose to be a Sorcerer, Runemaster, or tactical Spellblade. The agile Rogue has the finesse to become a precise Marksman, a shadowy Falconer, or a devious Bladedancer.

  • Primalist: Beastmaster, Shaman, Druid
  • Acolyte: Necromancer, Lich, Warlock
  • Sentinel: Paladin, Void Knight, Forge Guard
  • Mage: Sorcerer, Runemaster, Spellblade
  • Rogue: Marksman, Falconer, Bladedancer

These are just a few examples showcasing how roles adapt to individual gaming styles.

Evaluating Masteries and Power Levels

Masteries are specializations within each class, defining a character’s power and skills. When evaluating a class’s power level, it’s crucial to consider both its base abilities and its Masteries. Paladins stand out for their buffing auras and defense, while Druids excel in versatility, being able to shape-shift into powerful forms. Masteries can also define how each class approaches combat, like the Sorcerer’s focus on powerful elemental spells or the Void Knight’s manipulation of void energy to create chaos in battle. ItalicizeA deep dive into each Mastery’s skill set reveals strengths that can be adapted to a variety of situations.

  • Mage Masteries:

    • Sorcerer: Elemental spells
    • Runemaster: Rune magic, utility spells
    • Spellblade: Melee combat, magic hybridization
  • Sentinel Masteries:

    • Paladin: Defense, healing
    • Void Knight: Void damage, disruption
    • Forge Guard: Tank, metal manipulation

Selecting the right class and Mastery is a critical part of excelling in Last Epoch. Each Masteries power levels and specific skills should align with the player’s desired combat approach and game strategy.

Advanced Class Guides

In Last Epoch, reaching the pinnacle of your class involves understanding the nuances of your skills and optimizing your build. This section delves into advanced strategies for the Necromancer, Paladin, and Void Knight, focusing on maximizing damage, survivability, and their respective specialties.

Optimizing the Necromancer Build

The Necromancer’s strength lies in its ability to summon a legion of minions. By investing in the right skills, players can boost their minions to perform as a devastating force. Key abilities to focus on include:

  • Summon Skeleton: A staple for any Necromancer, enhancing this skill increases your minions’ number and power.
  • Bone Armor: Offers a protective buff to the Necromancer and their summoned army, crucial for endgame content where survivability is key.

In terms of gear, focus on items that grant bonuses to minion damage and survivability. This will ensure that your horde can withstand high-tier challenges.

Mastering the Paladin’s Defenses

The Paladin excels in defense and healing, proving to be one of the game’s most resilient classes. For those who thrive in the thick of battle, remember:

  • Holy Aura: This skill is the paladin’s bread and butter, providing an array of buffs to both offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • Sigils of Hope: Balancing the use of these sigils is key, as they grant significant survivability and buff effects.

Consider a mixture of melee and protective gear to keep your Paladin standing strong against a barrage of enemy attacks, enabling you to outlast opponents with sustained healing.

Void Knight’s Damage Dynamics

As a Void Knight, understanding the balance between risk and reward is crucial to unleashing high damage. Focus on the following aspects:

  • Anomaly: This AoE spell not only damages enemies but can also be customized for damage over time effects.
  • Devouring Orb: Augment this with skills that enhance its ability to disrupt large groups for maximum effect.

Itemization should prioritize damage potential and AoE amplifiers, steering the Void Knight towards achieving top-tier damage output while maintaining enough survivability to engage in close-quarters combat.

Gameplay Strategies

Creating a formidable class in Last Epoch 1.0 hinges on understanding core gameplay mechanics. Players need to harness the synergy between skills and manage resources effectively to tackle the varied content that Eterra throws at them.

Skill Synergies and Mana Efficiency

A player’s build often centers around harmonizing skills that complement each other. For example, if someone is planning to play an Assassin, they should consider integrating abilities like Multishot and Shift. Multishot, when used correctly, sends out a barrage of arrows that can decimate groups of enemies. However, Multishot can be mana-intensive, making mana management a critical part of gameplay. Shift not only provides excellent mobility but also can be tailored to replenish mana, ensuring that the Assassin can continue unleashing a volley of arrows without pause.

Here’s an example of a skill combination that optimizes mana management:

  • Multishot: Fires multiple arrows with increased mana cost.
  • Shift: Refills mana on use, if specced accordingly.

Navigating Eterra’s Challenges

Eterra’s challenges require more than just powerful attacks; players must also understand how to survive. A class mastery that excels in speed and stealth, like the Falconer or Acolyte, allows a character to dodge lethal attacks while applying effects such as bleeding or curses to weaken the opposition. For those who prefer a face-to-face approach, totems serve as excellent tools for both offense and defense, capable of dealing damage like lightning bolts while offering protection. Items also play a crucial role, with the right gear enabling a player to withstand blows and enhance their ability to tackle content that’s tucked away in dangerous corners of the game.

Balancing speed, attack, and survivability is crucial, especially for builds in the lower tiers, like C tier, which may require more strategic play to succeed. Players must always be on the move, use the environment to their advantage, and pick their battles wisely to advance in Last Epoch 1.0.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to understanding the ins and outs of the best classes in Last Epoch, players often have similar inquiries. Recognizing the right class can greatly enhance your gaming experience.

What is the strongest class for solo play in Last Epoch?

For those adventuring alone, the Sentinel stands out due to its blend of resilience and offensive capabilities. Its versatility allows players to tailor their experience and survive tough encounters.

Which mastery class offers the highest DPS in Last Epoch?

While multiple classes boast high damage outputs, the Rogue class, specifically with its Marksman mastery, consistently delivers top-tier DPS. This makes it a favorite for players looking to deal significant damage.

How does class selection affect gameplay in Last Epoch?

Choosing a class in Last Epoch shapes your play style from the get-go. While a Mage may focus on spellcasting and area control, a Primalist may emphasize summoning and nature-based abilities, offering distinctly different gameplay paths.

What are the best builds for beginners in Last Epoch?

Beginners should consider starting with either a Sentinel or Primalist. These classes provide a balance of offense and defense, forgiving to newcomers as they learn the game’s mechanics.

Can you respec your character’s class or mastery in Last Epoch?

Yes, players can respec their passive points and even change their mastery class. However, the process can require significant resources, so it should be approached with careful planning.

What are the key differences between the mastery classes in Last Epoch?

Every mastery class branches into unique specializations. For example, a Mage can become a Sorcerer, Runemaster, or Spellblade, each with a distinct skill set and strategic focus, impacting play style and character progression.

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