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Krobus’ Character and Background

Krobus is a unique figure in the community of Stardew Valley. Unlike other monsters in the game, he presents himself as a friendly individual to the players. Residing in the damp and shadowy confines of the sewers, Krobus claims his position as the sole friendly monster whom players can interact without threat.

Character Traits:

  • Friendly: Krobus stands out from his monstrous peers by choosing peace over hostility.
  • Merchant: He offers the player a range of rare goods within the sewers.


  • Wizard: Known to be an acquaintance of the mystical Wizard.
  • Players: While he refers to hostile monsters as his friends, he poses no danger to players.


  • Obtain the Rusty Key from Gunther after donating enough items to the museum.
  • With the key, players can unlock the sewers and meet Krobus.

Function within Stardew Valley:

  • He adds to the game’s lore and depth, inviting players to see monsters in a different light.

Krobus does not outwardly show connections to a family, but it’s clear that he treats player and other creatures of Stardew Valley with a form of camaraderie not seen with other monsters. His background remains enigmatic, but his willingness to assist and the rare items he sells contribute greatly to the richness of the player’s experience. The sewer-dweller leads a solitary life, softening the player’s view of the generally ominous underground. Despite Krobus’ monstrous appearance, his actions and demeanor affirm that not all is as it seems in the valleys and caverns of this land.

Interactions and Relationships

Krobus is the only friendly monster that players can interact with in Stardew Valley, with a unique set of preferences and social interactions that deepen his relationship with the player.

Items Krobus Loves and Hates

Krobus has specific tastes when it comes to gifts. He loves Iridium Bars, Diamonds, Pumpkin, and Wild Horseradish. On the other hand, Krobus dislikes Eggs and Milk, and he absolutely hates Quartz.

Gifting and Friendship Dynamics

To build a strong friendship with Krobus, players should give him gifts that he loves or likes, such as a Diamond or a Pumpkin, while avoiding items he dislikes or hates. Gifts have the most impact on birthdays and can significantly boost or decrease friendship levels.

Living with Krobus as a Roommate

Players can invite Krobus to live in their farmhouse as a roommate, an experience unique from marrying other villagers. Once invited, he will not leave unless the player chooses to evict him.

Special Events and Quests

Engaging with Krobus can trigger heart events, such as receiving a Strange Bun when reaching a three-heart level, which offers insight into his background and relationship with the player.

Krobus in Pelican Town

While Krobus doesn’t participate in town festivals, he contributes to Pelican Town’s community by operating a shop that sells rare items, including the coveted Return Scepter.

Krobus’ Schedule and Routine

Krobus’ shop in the sewers is open every day, regardless of the weather or festivals. His routine is consistent, making him easily accessible for players looking to purchase unique items or gifts.

War and Peace with the Dwarves

Krobus’ history involves conflict with the Dwarves, creating tension that players can explore. Building relationships with both Krobus and the Dwarves unfolds a rich backstory of Pelican Town and the Cindersap Forest.

Frequently Asked Questions

When exploring Stardew Valley, players often have questions about the unique character Krobus. This section aims to answer some of the most common queries.

Where can I find Krobus in Stardew Valley?

Krobus resides in the sewers of Stardew Valley. Players can access the sewers after obtaining the Rusty Key, which is awarded once they’ve donated enough artifacts to the Museum.

What are the best gifts to give to Krobus?

Krobus has a preference for Horseradish, Pumpkins, and Void Eggs. These items will gain favor with Krobus, improving the player’s relationship with him.

How can I get Krobus to move in as a roommate?

Once a player has formed a sufficient friendship with Krobus, they can invite him to live in their house. This is done by purchasing the Void Ghost Pendant from Krobus and offering it to him.

Is it possible to have Krobus and a spouse at the same time?

No, players cannot have both Krobus as a roommate and be married at the same time. If a player is already married, they won’t be able to invite Krobus to move in, and vice versa.

What are Krobus’s most loved items in Stardew Valley?

Krobus loves Diamond, Iridium Bar, Pumpkin, and Void Mayonnaise. Giving these items as gifts will significantly increase his affection towards the player.

How can I remove Krobus from my house if I change my mind?

If players decide they no longer want Krobus as a roommate, they can speak to him, and he will offer the option to leave. After the conversation, Krobus will return to the sewers.

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