It Takes Two Game
It Takes Two Game

It Takes Two is a game where two players control characters Cody and May. To progress in the game, both players need to work together. The game is engaging and fun as players rely on each other to solve puzzles and overcome challenges. A walkthrough of It Takes Two provides step-by-step guidance through each level, explaining how to use the game’s mechanics and controls. It can help players who are stuck at a particular section or those who want to make sure they are not missing any secrets along the way.

It Takes Two: A Co-Op Adventure Guide

The Shed: The Start of a Wild Journey

In this first chapter, players control Cody and May, a couple on the brink of divorce, who have been magically transformed into dolls. They must navigate their shed, now a giant obstacle course, and learn to cooperate to overcome challenges. Puzzles involve using Cody’s hammer and May’s nails to manipulate the environment and reach new areas.

The Tree: Climbing Up and Branching Out

The adventure continues as Cody and May find themselves in their backyard tree. This chapter focuses on platforming and introduces new abilities, like Cody’s sap blasters and May’s matchstick glider. Players must work together to navigate the branches, avoid obstacles, and solve environmental puzzles.

Rose’s Room: A Child’s Perspective

This emotional chapter takes place in their daughter Rose’s room, where the couple must confront their feelings and mend their relationship. Puzzles here are more story-driven, requiring Cody and May to interact with objects that hold sentimental value, like Rose’s diary and drawings.

Cuckoo Clock: Time for Teamwork

Inside a giant cuckoo clock, time manipulation becomes a key element. Cody and May gain the ability to rewind and fast-forward time, which they must use to solve intricate puzzles and progress. This chapter emphasizes precise timing and coordination between the two players.

Snow Globe: A Winter Wonderland

The snow globe transports Cody and May to a wintry world where they must overcome icy challenges. New abilities like Cody’s ice skates and May’s snowball launcher are introduced. The puzzles here require players to manipulate ice and snow to create paths and overcome obstacles.

The Garden: A Blooming Relationship

In the garden, the couple’s relationship begins to thaw. They gain new abilities related to plants, like Cody’s pollen shooter and May’s ability to control roots. Puzzles involve using these skills to help creatures and plants in the garden, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and growth.

The Attic: Facing the Past

The final chapter takes place in the attic, where Cody and May must confront their past mistakes and unresolved conflicts. The puzzles here are more metaphorical, representing the emotional baggage they need to overcome. As they work through their issues, their bond strengthens, and they find a path back to their normal selves.

ChapterMain ThemeGameplay Mechanics
The ShedCooperationHammer and nails
The TreePlatformingSap blasters, matchstick glider
Rose’s RoomEmotional reconciliationInteractive storytelling
Cuckoo ClockTime manipulationRewind and fast-forward time
Snow GlobeWinter challengesIce skates, snowball launcher
The GardenRelationship growthPollen shooter, root control
The AtticConfronting the pastMetaphorical puzzles

Key Takeaways

  • It Takes Two is a cooperative game centered around teamwork.
  • Walkthroughs guide players through puzzles and challenges.
  • Controls and gameplay mechanics are essential for progress.

Gameplay Mechanics and Controls

“It Takes Two” combines intuitive controls with unique cooperative gameplay. This section covers the essentials of character control, puzzle teamwork, and special game challenges.

Basic Controls and Platforming

Players navigate characters with straightforward controls that handle movement, jumping, and more. For instance, a player can make their character jump with a single button or dash through the air with another. Ground pound is a vital move, letting characters smash through blocks or buttons to solve puzzles or advance in the game.

Collaboration and Puzzle Solving

Each player must cooperate to progress through the game’s many puzzles by using levers, hoses, and fans. These require both players to think and act together, often handling separate tasks that rely on each other. For example, one might hold a lever to open a path while the other moves through.

Unique Challenges and Minigames

The game includes various minigames and challenges that break from the standard platforming gameplay. These segments can involve going off the main path to engage in fun competitions or using transport methods like rails or teleporters. Each minigame requires players to understand and adapt to new mechanics quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common questions players have when progressing through “It Takes Two.” Here, you will find specific strategies and steps for overcoming obstacles and challenges in various chapters.

How can I solve the puzzles in the Space chapter of ‘It Takes Two’?

Puzzles in the Space chapter require good teamwork. Players need to leverage their unique abilities—size-shifting and anti-gravity boots—to solve each challenge. Communication and timing are key.

What is the strategy for defeating the wasp boss in ‘It Takes Two’?

To beat the wasp boss, one player distracts the boss while the other attacks its weak spots. Switch roles if necessary. Use the environment to your advantage, and always be ready to dodge its attacks.

In ‘It Takes Two’, what is the best way to get through the Toolbox section?

In the Toolbox section, focus on cooperation to navigate the area. Use Cody’s nails to pin down moving platforms and May’s hammer to swing across gaps or hit targets. Timing their actions is crucial for success.

Can you list all the chapters of ‘It Takes Two’ in their playing order?

Yes, the chapters are as follows:

  1. The Shed – The Great Escape
  2. The Tree – Captured
  3. Rose’s Room – Pillow Fort
  4. Cuckoo Clock – Gates of Time
  5. Snow Globe – Beneath the Ice
  6. The Garden – Green Fingers
  7. The Attic – Setting the Stage
  8. The Theater – Showdown

What are the steps to complete the Tree section in ‘It Takes Two’?

To complete the Tree section, players should use Cody’s sap gun to weigh down obstacles and create paths, while May uses her match gun to clear the way and fight off enemies. Coordination is crucial.

How do you navigate through the Portals section in ‘It Takes Two’?

In the Portals section, players must understand the destination of each portal and communicate this to their partner. Use the portals to cross gaps and reach higher platforms by working together, with one player setting up the correct path for the other.

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