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Is it worth getting an Xbox Series S in 2024? Yes! The primary reason is that this console has been promoted HEAVILY so wait for a great deal (we’ve seen as low as $138 but that’s not likely to come back). Microsoft is clearly ready and willing to promote this model to get people to dip a toe into the Xbox ecosystem.

Used Xbox Series S
Used Xbox Series S

Hardware-wise, the Xbox Series S just isn’t all that impressive. But the price more than makes up for it and makes this a worthwhile investment this year. Even if you just buy it for fun occassional use, again, the price makes it worth it.

Let’s look let’s more into the various facets of the Xbox Series S and its relevance in 2024.

Xbox Series S in 2024: Should You Buy In?

Price & Value:– Most affordable next-gen console at $299.99 USD.– Less storage (512GB) compared to Series X & PS5.Budget-friendly entry point to next-gen gaming, but limited storage.
Performance & Features:– Solid performance for most games, running at 1440p and 60fps.– Lower than Series X resolution and frame rate capabilities.Capable of delivering next-gen experiences, but with graphical compromises.
Game Library:– Plays all current and next-gen Xbox games (some with reduced specs).– Some next-gen games lack full optimization for Series S.Large library, but not all games utilize the console’s full potential.
Xbox Game Pass:– Full access to hundreds of games through subscription (optional).– Game Pass library constantly changes, desired titles might not be available.Enhances value with a vast library, but subscription adds ongoing cost.
Digital Only:– Requires digital game purchases and online connectivity.– No disc drive for physical game ownership or media playback.Convenient if you prefer digital, but restricts options for buying and using games.
Target Audience:– Budget-conscious gamers seeking next-gen experience.– Players prioritizing high visuals and frame rate might be disappointed.Ideal for casual or price-sensitive gamers, less suitable for graphics enthusiasts.

Key Takeaways

  • Performance: The Xbox Series S offers a solid gaming experience, especially for those not fixated on 4K resolution.
  • Value for Money: With its lower price point, the Series S is a great entry into next-gen gaming.
  • Game Pass Compatibility: Perfect for Game Pass subscribers, offering a vast library of games.
  • Storage Considerations: The default storage might be limiting for some, but expandable options are available.

Overall Verdict:

In 2024, the Xbox Series S remains a compelling option for gamers on a budget. Its affordability, decent performance, and access to the expansive Game Pass library make it a strong value proposition. However, its limited storage, lower graphical capabilities compared to other next-gen consoles, and digital-only nature may not appeal to everyone.

Ultimately, the decision depends on your priorities and budget. If you prioritize affordability, digital gaming, and access to a large library through Game Pass, the Series S is a great choice. However, if you value high-resolution visuals, maximum performance, or prefer physical games, consider the Xbox Series X, PS5, or a high-end PC.

Remember: This is just a guide, and your individual preferences and circumstances will influence your decision. Research and compare options before making your purchase.

Xbox Series S Ports
Xbox Series S Ports

Performance and Graphics

The Xbox Series S, known for its compact design and affordability, has been a topic of much debate among gamers. According to Reddit users, the Series S delivers a commendable gaming experience, especially for those who aren’t overly concerned with achieving the highest resolution. The console’s ability to upscale games to 4K, as mentioned by a Reddit user, makes it a viable option for those with 4K TVs.

Graphics Comparison:

  • Xbox Series S: Targets 1440p resolution, upscaling to 4K.
  • Xbox Series X: Native 4K resolution, more graphical power.

Price and Value

In terms of price, the Series S is significantly more affordable than its counterpart, the Series X. This price difference makes the Series S an attractive option for budget-conscious gamers or those looking for a secondary console. As one Reddit user pointed out, the Series S is a great choice for exclusive titles and Game Pass games, offering a cost-effective way to access a wide range of content.

Game Pass and Exclusives

The Xbox Game Pass is a huge selling point for the Series S. The subscription service offers a plethora of games, including new releases and beloved classics. For those primarily interested in Game Pass titles, the Series S is a perfect match, as echoed by several Reddit contributors.

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Storage and Expandability

One common concern among users is the storage capacity of the Series S. The standard 512GB might be limiting for gamers who prefer to keep a large library installed. However, as noted in a Reddit discussion, external storage solutions are available, albeit at an additional cost.

Future-Proofing and Longevity

Looking ahead, there’s speculation about the longevity of the Series S. Some Reddit users expressed concerns about future support and whether developers might focus more on the Series X. However, others believe that the Series S will continue to be a viable option for several years, especially given its sales success and Microsoft’s commitment to the platform.

Real-World User Experiences

Reddit is rife with personal stories and experiences. One user shared their satisfaction with the Series S, noting its surprising capabilities for such a compact console. Another pointed out the convenience of digital-only gaming, which aligns well with the Series S’s design.

Comparing Series S and Series X

For a more detailed comparison, check out this article from GadgetMates: Xbox Series S vs Xbox Series X: Complete Console Comparison.

Video Reviews and Discussions

To get a visual perspective on the Xbox Series S’s performance and value in 2024, these YouTube videos offer in-depth reviews and comparisons:

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Is the Xbox Series S good for 4K gaming? The Series S targets 1440p resolution and can upscale to 4K, making it suitable for casual 4K gaming.

How does the Series S fare with Game Pass? The Series S is ideal for Game Pass subscribers, offering access to a vast library of games without the need for physical discs.

What is the main difference between the Series S and X? The Series X offers native 4K resolution and more powerful hardware, while the Series S is more affordable and targets 1440p resolution.

Can I expand the storage of the Xbox Series S? Yes, the Series S supports external storage solutions, allowing you to expand its capacity.

Is the Xbox Series S future-proof? While future-proofing is never guaranteed, the Series S is expected to remain a viable gaming option for several years, especially given Microsoft’s support for the console.

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