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The PS5 is much more available in 2024 than when it was first released, but is it still appealing? It’s safe to say the PS5 is still the premier console out there. Now that the console has matured and more people own it, there are better games and impressive bundles out there that were never there before. Sony has also invested a lot of time and money into PS+ and cloud streaming of games, which is really taking off.

This makes the PS5 a great choice for console gamers and highly recommended in 2024. The only thing you might want to look out for is a possible console refresh (PS5 Pro) which could make the PS5 a little less appealing. But if you’re not interested in the benefits of the PRO, getting a standard PS5 today makes complete sense.

Should You Still Buy A PS5 in 2024?

Availability:– Stock availability has improved significantly compared to launch.– Occasional restocks might still require effort or luck.Improved, but not guaranteed immediate purchase.
Game Library:– Excellent first-party exclusives like God of War Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West.– Third-party titles are gradually arriving, but some PS4 releases lack next-gen upgrades.Stronger, but still developing library.
Hardware & Performance:– Powerful GPU and SSD deliver stunning visuals and fast loading times.– No major hardware revisions yet, potential for updated model later.Top-tier performance, future upgrade potential unclear.
Price & Value:– Price remains $499 USD, comparable to other high-end consoles.– No bundled games, additional expenses for controllers and accessories.Fair for the performance, consider overall gaming budget.
Alternatives:– Xbox Series X offers similar performance and game library.– PC gaming provides unmatched customization and power, but at a higher cost.Consider other options based on preferred platform and budget.

Key Takeaways

  • PS5 Availability: Very Available. Easy to purchase at MSRP in 2024.
  • Game Quality: Varied experiences with games like Warzone performing well, but others like FFXVI showing limitations.
  • Hardware Longevity: Concerns about the PS5’s ability to keep up with future game demands.
  • PS5 Pro Rumors: Speculation about a new model and its impact on the base PS5.
  • User Opinions: Mixed feelings among gamers about the PS5’s current value.

Ultimately, the decision depends on your priorities and budget. If you prioritize top-tier performance, first-party exclusives, and are comfortable with current availability and game options, the PS5 is a worthy purchase. However, if you prefer immediate availability, a wider game library, or prioritize value-for-money, consider other options like the Xbox Series X or PC gaming.

PS5 in the Gaming Landscape

The PlayStation 5 has been a topic of much discussion among gamers. As we approach 2024, the question of whether it’s still a worthy purchase remains. Insights from Reddit users and various online sources paint a picture of a console with both strengths and challenges.

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Performance and Game Quality

The PS5’s performance varies depending on the game. Titles like Warzone shine at 4K@60FPS, offering a smooth experience. However, other games, such as Final Fantasy XVI, have moments of lower resolution and frame rates. This inconsistency raises concerns about the PS5’s ability to handle future titles without significant compromises in quality.

Anticipated PS5 Games: 2024 and Beyond

Game TitleGenreDeveloperRelease DateHype Points
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor:Action-adventureRespawn EntertainmentMarch 17, 2024Cal Kestis returns in a more mature and challenging sequel, facing new threats and Inquisitors.
Alan Wake 2:Survival horrorRemedy EntertainmentSpring 2024The long-awaited sequel to the cult classic psychological thriller brings Alan Wake back into the darkness.
Forspoken:Action RPGLuminous ProductionsJanuary 24, 2024Explore a vibrant fantasy world and utilize powerful magic in this ambitious new title from the creators of Final Fantasy XV.
Dragon’s Dogma 2:Action RPGCapcomMarch 22, 2024The highly anticipated sequel to the cult classic action RPG, promising a vast open world and deep combat system.
Granblue Fantasy: Relink:Action RPGCygames2024The long-awaited action RPG spin-off of the popular mobile game promises stunning visuals and high-speed combat.
Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2:RPGParadox InteractiveUnconfirmedThe sequel to the beloved RPG set in the dark and alluring world of vampires, finally making its way to PS5.
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League:Action-adventureRocksteady StudiosUnconfirmedThe next game from the creators of the Batman Arkham series focuses on the titular squad facing off against the Justice League.
Star Wars Outlaws:Open-world action-adventureUnknownUnconfirmedAn open-world Star Wars game developed by a new studio, shrouded in mystery but generating excitement.
Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn:Action RPGA44 Games2024A unique time-bending action RPG set in a dark fantasy world with guns and magic.
Little Nightmares III:Puzzle-platformerTarsier StudiosUnconfirmedThe next chapter in the chilling and unsettling world of Little Nightmares, promising even more suspense and nightmares.

Bonus Considerations:

  • This list is not exhaustive and several other exciting titles are on the horizon for PS5 in 2024 and beyond.
  • Release dates are subject to change, so stay updated for any official announcements.
  • Consider your personal gaming preferences and interests when choosing which games to anticipate the most.

The Question of a PS5 Pro

Rumors and speculation about a potential PS5 Pro model add to the uncertainty. Gamers wonder if the release of a new model would lead to diminished support for the base PS5, potentially forcing players to accept lower resolutions and frame rates in new titles.

Read more about the PS5 Pro on our article.

User Perspectives

Reddit users express mixed opinions. Some highlight the PS5’s current strengths, like its ability to play Warzone impressively at 4K. Others point out the limitations in newer games and the potential need for a hardware upgrade in the near future. The sentiment is that while the PS5 can handle current games well, its longevity is questionable.

PS5’s Place in the Market

Despite these concerns, the PS5 has shown strong sales figures, outselling its competitors in 2024. This popularity indicates a continued interest in the console, despite its potential limitations.

Financial Considerations

The cost of the PS5, along with additional expenses like subscriptions and games, is a significant factor. Users suggest that if you’re willing to invest in the ecosystem, the PS5 still offers value. However, for those looking to minimize spending, the potential need for an upgrade could be a deterrent.

Practical Advice for Potential Buyers

For those considering a PS5 in 2024, the decision hinges on several factors:

  • Current Game Library: Assess if the existing games meet your interests.
  • Future Game Releases: Consider upcoming titles and the PS5’s ability to run them effectively.
  • Financial Investment: Weigh the cost of the console against the potential need for an upgrade.

Real-World Applications

The PS5’s performance in real-world scenarios varies. Some users report excellent experiences with certain games, while others note limitations in newer titles. The decision to purchase should be based on individual gaming preferences and expectations for future game quality.

Technological Advancements

The PS5 represents a significant step forward in console gaming technology. Its ability to deliver high-quality graphics and smooth gameplay in many titles is a testament to its capabilities. However, as technology advances, the PS5, like all consoles, will face challenges in keeping up with the latest gaming demands.

Additional Insights

Performance Concerns

  • Performance Mode Queries: Some people have raised concerns about the PS5’s performance in certain titles. For instance, Final Fantasy 16’s performance at 40fps at 1440p and Remnant 2’s 720p upscaling have been points of contention.
  • Cost vs. Performance: The financial aspect is a significant factor, especially considering the high cost of the PS5 in certain regions. Gamers are weighing whether the performance justifies the expense.

User Experiences and Recommendations

  • Positive Feedback: Despite some concerns, many users have expressed satisfaction with the PS5, citing its solid performance in most games and the value of exclusive titles.
  • PS Plus Subscription: The value of a PS Plus subscription is highlighted, offering access to a wide range of games that enhance the PS5 experience.
  • Physical vs. Digital Edition: Users recommend opting for the physical edition of the PS5 due to the high cost of games on the PS Store, suggesting that physical discs often come with discounts.

Practical Considerations for Potential Buyers

  • Lifestyle Factors: For those who move cities often or are casual gamers, the convenience of a console like the PS5 is emphasized.
  • Game Costs: The high cost of games is a significant consideration, especially for budget-conscious gamers.
  • Waiting for Sales: Some users suggest waiting for sales to purchase the PS5, balancing the desire for the console with financial prudence.

Long-Term Gaming Strategy

  • PS5 as a Long-Term Investment: The PS5 is seen as a worthwhile investment, especially for those who did not own a PS4, as it provides access to a vast library of PS4 exclusives via PS Plus.
  • Comparison with PC Gaming: The high cost of GPUs in certain regions like India makes the PS5 an attractive alternative, despite some games being better optimized for PC.


In conclusion, the PS5 remains a strong contender in the gaming console market. Its performance, game library, and user experiences suggest it still offers value for many gamers. However, potential buyers should consider the console’s ability to meet future gaming needs and weigh this against the financial investment required.

While performance concerns exist, the overall sentiment leans towards the PS5 still being worth buying in 2024. You get access to the full library of exclusive titles with solid performance in most games, and the benefits of PS Plus. More and more deals are popping up on consoles and the bundled games are also attractive so if you see something that makes sense for you, go for it.


Q: Is the PS5 still relevant in 2024? A: The PS5 is expected to remain relevant in 2024, but its ability to handle future games at high resolutions and frame rates may be challenged.

Q: Is there a PS5 Pro coming out? A: As of now, there are only rumors and no official confirmation about a PS5 Pro release.

Q: Should I buy a PS5 or wait for a new model? A: This depends on your current gaming needs and whether you’re willing to potentially upgrade in the near future. If you’re satisfied with the current game library and don’t mind the possibility of a new model, the PS5 is still a good purchase.

Q: How does the PS5 compare to its competitors? A: The PS5 has been outselling its competitors and is praised for its high-quality graphics and performance in many games. However, it faces competition from newer consoles and PC gaming setups.

Q: Are there financial benefits to buying a PS5 now? A: Buying a PS5 now might be financially beneficial if you’re interested in the current game library and can find the console at or below MSRP. However, consider potential future costs if a new model is released.

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