Apple Watch Water Resistance
Apple Watch Water Resistance

Apple Watches are celebrated for their durability and water resistance, but a cracked screen can change everything. Understanding the implications of such damage on the watch’s water resistance is crucial for proper care and use.

  1. Impact of the Crack: The severity of the crack plays a pivotal role. While a minor, superficial crack might not immediately compromise water resistance, a more significant or deeper crack creates a pathway for water to seep in, potentially damaging the internal components​​.
  2. Water Resistance vs. Waterproof: It’s important to clarify that Apple Watches are water-resistant, not waterproof. This distinction means they can withstand certain water exposures like rain or handwashing but are not impervious to water under all conditions. This resistance is further compromised by screen damage​​​​.
  3. Apple’s Recommendation: Apple advises against exposing a cracked Apple Watch to water. If it does get wet, it’s essential to rinse with fresh water and dry thoroughly. However, if the screen is cracked, even these measures might not prevent damage​​.
  4. Precautions with a Cracked Screen:
    • Avoid swimming or showering with the watch.
    • Remove the watch during activities like dishwashing.
    • Protect it from rain or snow.
  5. Repairing the Screen: Repairing the screen is the best way to restore water resistance. However, it’s essential to note that even a replaced display might not offer the same level of water tightness as the original. This implies that post-repair, the watch might not retain its original water-resistant capabilities​​​​.
  6. Warranty and Repair Costs: Check if your watch is still under warranty as Apple may cover the repair. However, be aware that there might be associated costs, and the restored water resistance might not match the original’s efficacy.

By understanding these nuances and taking appropriate measures, you can better manage the water resistance of your Apple Watch, especially when dealing with a cracked screen.

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