No. It’s not generally safe to wear your Apple watch into a sauna. This is because the typical temperatures in a sauna exceed the recommendations from Apple (not to mention the moisture and humidity in there can lead to water damage / corrosion). Will it be the end of the world if you accidentally do so? It’s not likely. But if you can remember to take it off and store it in a locker outside of the sauna room that would be best.

Apple Watch’s Temperature and Water Resistance Specifications

  • Operating Temperature Range: Apple specifies an operating temperature range for its watches. Typically, this range is between 0° and 35° C (32° to 95° F).
  • Water Resistance: While newer models of the Apple Watch are water-resistant to some degree, this does not equate to being sauna-proof. The resistance is mainly for scenarios like swimming or showering.

Risks of Wearing Apple Watch in a Sauna

  1. Exposure to Extreme Heat: Saunas, especially traditional dry saunas, often exceed the recommended operating temperature range of the Apple Watch. Prolonged exposure to high heat can damage the internal components and battery.
  2. Humidity and Steam: The high humidity in steam saunas can potentially compromise the water resistance seals, leading to internal damage.
  3. Material Degradation: Continuous exposure to heat and moisture can degrade the materials of the watch, including the band.

Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Precautions and Alternatives

  • Avoid Prolonged Exposure: To prevent potential damage, it’s advisable not to wear your Apple Watch in a sauna.
  • Monitor the Device: If you do choose to wear it briefly in a sauna, monitor your watch for any signs of malfunction or damage.
  • Use a Sauna Timer: Instead of relying on your Apple Watch in a sauna, consider using a dedicated sauna timer or another device that is designed to withstand high heat.


While the Apple Watch has a degree of water resistance and can withstand some environmental variations, wearing it in a sauna is not recommended. The extreme heat and humidity of a sauna can exceed the device’s operating specifications and potentially cause damage.


  1. Can the Apple Watch withstand high temperatures in a sauna? The Apple Watch is not designed to withstand the high temperatures and humidity of a sauna, which can damage the device.
  2. Is the water resistance of an Apple Watch sufficient for sauna use? Water resistance in Apple Watches is primarily for situations like swimming, not for the high humidity of saunas.
  3. What could happen if I wear my Apple Watch in a sauna? Exposure to high heat and humidity can lead to internal component damage, battery issues, and degradation of materials.
  4. Does Apple recommend wearing the watch in a sauna? No, Apple advises against exposing the Apple Watch to extreme temperatures and conditions outside its operational guidelines.
  5. What should I use instead of my Apple Watch in a sauna? It’s better to use a dedicated sauna timer or another device specifically designed for high-temperature environments.
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