iPhone 12 Back Glass Repair
iPhone 12 Back Glass Repair

The iPhone 12, even in 2024, continues to be a topic of interest among users. If you’re a user considering an upgrade from an iPhone XR to a refurbished iPhone 12 or so – that’s a pretty nice upgrade that won’t break the bank. The model has a somewhat modern design, OLED display, and 5G capabilities. You can’t go wrong with that. The only thing you really want to be worried about is the internal health of the device (especially the battery) because having to replace that would be a cost you’d have to factor into any purchase.

Is iPhone 12 Still Worth Buying in 2024?

PriceSignificantly cheaper than newer modelsNot the latest technology
PerformanceStill powerful enough for most daily tasksNot as fast as newer models, may struggle with demanding apps and games
Software updatesGuaranteed to receive updates for several yearsNot the newest iOS features
CameraGood dual-lens rear camera systemNot as advanced as newer cameras, lacks features like LiDAR scanner
Battery lifeVaries depending on usage, may need frequent chargingGenerally not as good as newer models
DisplayBeautiful OLED display with True ToneNot as bright or high-resolution as newer models
DesignSleek and modern designSlightly thicker and heavier than newer models
Value for moneyGood value for budget-conscious buyersNot the best option if you want the latest features and performance


  • The iPhone 12 can still be a good choice for those on a budget or who don’t need the latest features.
  • It’s a capable phone that can handle most tasks, but newer models offer better performance, cameras, and battery life.
  • Consider your needs and budget carefully before making a decision.

Key Takeaways:

  • User Experiences: Real-world insights from iPhone 12 users.
  • Performance and Durability: How the iPhone 12 stands up in terms of speed and build quality.
  • Battery Life: User opinions on the iPhone 12’s battery performance.
  • Price vs. Value: Assessing the iPhone 12’s worth in the context of its price.
  • Software Support: Expected duration of iOS updates for the iPhone 12.
  • Camera Quality: The iPhone 12’s camera remains competitive, even when compared to the newer iPhone 14 and 15 models.
  • Performance: Powered by the Apple A14 Bionic chip, it continues to deliver excellent performance, handling high-end games and multitasking smoothly.
  • Display: Features a Super Retina XDR OLED display, though limited to a 60Hz refresh rate.

Additional factors to consider:

  • Availability: iPhone 12 may be harder to find new in 2024, you might need to consider refurbished or used options.
  • Future-proofing: If you want a phone that will last for several years, you might be better off with a newer model.
  • Specific needs: If you have specific needs like gaming or photography, you’ll need to compare the iPhone 12 to other phones in those categories.
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Performance and Durability: A Closer Look

The iPhone 12’s performance remains competitive with newer models. A Reddit user mentioned the minimal performance difference between the iPhone 12 and its successors, the 13 and 14. This sentiment was echoed by others who found the iPhone 12’s capabilities sufficient for everyday use. However, some users advised considering at least the iPhone 13 for a more future-proof choice.

Battery Life: Mixed Reviews

iPhone 12 Original Battery
iPhone 12 Original Battery

Battery life is a crucial factor for many users. While some Reddit contributors found the iPhone 12’s battery adequate, others pointed out its limitations compared to the iPhone 13. A user who upgraded from an iPhone 8 to a 12 Pro last year reported a significant improvement, suggesting that the Pro model might offer a better battery experience.

Price vs. Value: Is It Worth the Investment?

Regarding value for money, opinions varied. Some users felt the iPhone 12 was a worthwhile purchase, especially when found at a lower price. Others suggested waiting for newer models like the iPhone 15, expecting price drops for older models. A user who got a refurbished iPhone 12 from Amazon for around $400 found it to be a good deal, considering the 128GB storage and overall condition.

Technological Advancements: How Does the iPhone 12 Stand?

In terms of technology, the iPhone 12 introduced the A14 Bionic chip, 5G support, and improved camera systems. These features have helped the phone remain competitive, even as newer models have been released.

Camera: A Lasting Legacy

The iPhone 12’s camera quality holds up well against its successors. Despite minor differences in low-light capabilities with newer models, it offers a robust photography experience.

Comparative Analysis

  • iPhone 12 vs iPhone 14/15: Similar performance in standard lighting conditions.
  • Video Capabilities: Continues to excel in 4K video recording, matching current market standards.

Performance: Beyond Just Numbers

The A14 Bionic chip in the iPhone 12 still stands strong in 2024, effectively running high-end games like PUBG without lag and handling multiple apps seamlessly.

Real-World Applications

  • Gaming Experience: Smooth gameplay on demanding titles.
  • Multitasking Efficiency: Handles app switching and operations with ease.

Display: More Than Meets the Eye

While retaining the 60Hz refresh rate, the iPhone 12’s display offers vibrancy and clarity, on par with newer models in the series.

Technical Aspects

  • Super Retina XDR OLED: Ensures high-quality visual output.
  • Comparison with iPhone 11: A significant upgrade in display technology.

Build Quality and Design: Timelessly Relevant

The iPhone 12’s design and build quality remain relevant and on par with the iPhone 13 and 14 series.

Design Evolution

  • Comparison with iPhone 15: Minimal differences, mainly in weight.

Affordability: Balancing Cost and Features

In 2024, the iPhone 12’s price ranges between $290 to $300, offering a budget-friendly option compared to the latest models.

Market Analysis

  • Refurbished Options: Reliable performance with refurbished units available on platforms like Amazon.

Software Support: Future-Proof?

Apple’s reputation for providing extended software support was a key factor in the iPhone 12’s continued relevance. Users expect the iPhone 12 to receive iOS updates for several more years, making it a viable option for those not needing the latest features.

As of 2024, the iPhone 12 is expected to receive iOS 18 and potentially iOS 19 updates.

Longevity Projections

  • Outdated Timeline: Predicted to become outdated around 2026, with strong performance until then.

Unique Insights from the Web

User experiences with the iPhone 12 have been varied. Some praised its performance and value, especially when purchased refurbished or at a discount. Others expressed dissatisfaction, particularly with the battery life and screen issues. A user who recently purchased a refurbished iPhone 12 reported a positive experience, noting the phone’s good condition and battery health.

  • User Experience: Users report satisfaction with the phone’s performance in everyday use and multimedia tasks.
  • Battery Life: Adequate for moderate use, although not the strongest feature.

The iPhone 12’s real-world performance has been generally positive. Users who upgraded from older models like the iPhone 8 noticed significant improvements in speed, camera quality, and display. However, some users advised against the base model of the iPhone 12, recommending the Pro versions for better overall performance and battery life.


The iPhone 12 is still worth buying heading into 2024 as it still holds its ground as a powerful phone with the ability to run modern apps. This is especially true for those on a budget or not requiring the latest features. Its performance, camera quality, and design continue to satisfy many users, though some aspects like battery life and screen technology may fall short compared to newer models.

The iPhone 12 is still compatible with the latest iOS updates, ensuring security and access to new features. This compatibility is expected to continue for a few more years, adding to the phone’s longevity.

One thing people don’t always think about but will help you lower your ownership costs is that the 12 is very affordable to repair right now. It’s in the sweet spot where screen prices and battery prices have come down so much that if you ever need something done on it, that won’t be very expensive.

Overall you will be satisfied with the iPhone 12’s performance. Everyday tasks will be fast and it will be more than capable of powering you through 2024 and beyond. So unless you’re targetting specific new features that are part of a newer model, the iPhone 12 is a great decision.

FAQs on the iPhone 12

  1. Is the iPhone 12 still a good buy in 2024?
    • Yes, especially for those looking for a balance between cost and features.
  2. How does the iPhone 12’s battery life compare to newer models?
    • It’s generally adequate but falls short compared to the iPhone 13 and later models.
  3. Will the iPhone 12 continue to receive iOS updates?
    • Yes, Apple is known for supporting its devices with updates for several years.
  4. Is there a significant difference between the iPhone 12 and newer models?
    • The differences are there, but they might not be substantial for average users.
  5. Are refurbished iPhone 12s a good option?
    • Many users have had positive experiences with refurbished iPhone 12s, especially when purchased from reputable sources.

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