iPhone X vs. XR
iPhone X vs. XR

The iPhone series, Apple’s crown jewel, often leaves consumers with choices that are tough to make. Two such devices, the iPhone X and iPhone XR, despite being released a year apart, often lead to head-scratching comparisons. But fear not! Here’s a dive into the nuances of both to help you decide.

Design and Build

Material Differences

The iPhone X boasts a stainless steel frame, giving it a premium feel, somewhat like sipping coffee from a porcelain cup. The iPhone XR, on the other hand, sports an aluminum frame, which though lighter, feels a tad less luxurious in comparison.

Size and Weight

Both phones are comfortably sized for most hands, but the XR is slightly larger and heavier than the X. Think of it as the difference between holding a paperback vs. a hardcover edition of your favorite book.

Display Features

Screen Size

iPhone X Screen Size: 5.8″

iPhone XR Screen Size: 6.1″

Resolution and Technology

The iPhone X flaunts an OLED display, renowned for deep blacks and vivid colors, at a resolution of 1125 x 2436 pixels. The XR, in contrast, uses an LCD Liquid Retina display at 828 x 1792 pixels. Imagine watching a movie in standard vs. high definition; that’s roughly the disparity here.

Color Accuracy and Brightness

Both phones display colors beautifully, but the OLED screen of the X has a slight edge in contrast and color depth. It’s akin to the difference between seeing a rainbow after a light drizzle versus a heavy downpour.

Performance and Internals


Both phones are no slouch in performance. While the iPhone X carries the A11 Bionic chip, the XR upgrades to the A12 Bionic. In real-world use, this difference might be as subtle as choosing between a sports car from 2018 vs. one from 2019.

Battery Life

The iPhone XR holds an advantage here, thanks to a larger battery and the more efficient A12 chip. It’s like having an extra slice of cake at a party – always welcome!

Camera Capabilities

The iPhone X and XR both have impressive cameras, but the XR boasts a slightly better single-lens setup, enhanced by the A12 chip’s computational photography. Capturing moments on either is a delight, but with the XR, it’s like having a bit more glitter on your canvas.

Price and Value Proposition

The iPhone XR was launched as a more budget-friendly option compared to the X. However, with the passage of time and newer models, prices shift. It’s crucial to weigh the features against the price at the time of purchase, much like choosing between designer wear and high-street fashion.


The iPhone X and XR, though close siblings in the grand iPhone family, have their distinct flavors. Your choice boils down to preferences in design, display, and budget. Whatever you opt for, you’re getting a slice of Apple’s celebrated tech lineage.


  1. Is the iPhone XR’s camera better despite having a single lens?
    • For most scenarios, the XR’s camera performs admirably due to software enhancements. However, the X has a telephoto lens, offering better optical zoom.
  2. Does the XR’s LCD screen mean it’s inferior?
    • Not necessarily. While OLED has certain advantages, LCD technology in the XR is top-notch and more than sufficient for most users.
  3. Can both phones run the latest iOS updates smoothly?
    • Absolutely. Both devices handle recent iOS versions with finesse, though the XR might have a slight edge in longevity.
  4. Is there any significant difference in the audio quality?
    • Both phones offer stereo speakers with good sound output. Differences are marginal at best.
  5. Which phone is more durable?
    • While both are built robustly, the XR’s aluminum frame might be less prone to scratches compared to the stainless steel on the X. However, always consider using a protective case.
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