iPhone X Screen Assembly
iPhone X Screen Assembly

The iPhone X has a beautiful display, but it’s prone to damage if dropped. A cracked screen can affect the phone’s performance and looks. If you have this issue, replacing the screen is a practical solution. You can choose between doing the replacement yourself or seeking professional help. Apple and authorized service providers offer screen replacement services using genuine parts, ensuring the quality and performance of your iPhone.

Since the iPhone X has delicate components, professional assistance might be better if you’re not confident in your technical skills. The process involves opening the device, which can impact its water resistance, and replacing the damaged screen. Professional service may vary in cost but often includes same-day service and ensures the device functions properly without compromising its quality.

Disclaimer: iPhone repairs can be delicate. If you don’t feel comfortable, seek professional help to avoid damaging your device.

Tools & Parts

Replacement iPhone X ScreenEnsure it’s a high-quality OLED display
Pentalobe ScrewdriverSpecialized tool for iPhone screws
Suction HandleHelps to lift the screen
Thin Plastic Opening PicksUsed to pry open the phone
SpudgerPlastic tool for disconnecting cables
Heat Gun or HairdryerSoftens the screen adhesive
Precision TweezersFor handling small components
New Display AdhesiveSecures the new screen
iPhone X Screen Replacement
iPhone X Screen Replacement


  1. Back up and Power Off: Back up your iPhone X to avoid losing data. Then, turn it off completely.
  2. Remove Pentalobe Screws: Locate the two Pentalobe screws at the bottom of the phone near the charging port. Remove them carefully.
  3. Soften Adhesive: Apply gentle heat around the edges of the screen with a heat gun or hairdryer to loosen the adhesive. Don’t overheat!
  4. Pry Open the Display: Use a suction handle and a plastic pick to create a small gap at the bottom of the screen. Insert the pick and carefully slide it around the phone’s edges to break the adhesive seal.
  5. Open the Phone: Gently swing the display open like a book, with the hinge on the left side. Be careful as the display cables are still attached.
  6. Disconnect Battery: Locate the battery connector bracket and remove the screws securing it. Use a spudger to carefully disconnect the battery flex cable.
  7. Disconnect Display Cables: Locate the display connector bracket and remove the screws. Gently disconnect the display cables using the spudger.
  8. Remove Earpiece Assembly: Unscrew the bracket securing the earpiece speaker and front sensor assembly. Gently pry it up and flip it over, but don’t detach it entirely as it has a delicate flex cable.
  9. Transfer Earpiece Assembly: Carefully remove the earpiece speaker and sensor assembly from the old display and transfer it to the new display.
  10. Install New Screen: Connect the display cables to the new screen and secure the connector brackets. Connect the battery flex cable and secure its bracket.
  11. Apply Adhesive: Apply new display adhesive around the edges of the phone’s frame.
  12. Close the Phone: Carefully align the new screen and gently press it into place. Ensure a secure fit all around.
  13. Secure Pentalobe Screws: Reinsert the Pentalobe screws at the bottom of the phone.
  14. Test: Power on your iPhone X and thoroughly test the new screen’s touch sensitivity, brightness, and color accuracy.

Important Notes:

  • Work in a clean, dust-free environment.
  • Use gentle force to avoid damaging components.
  • If you encounter resistance, stop and re-assess.
  • Consider watching video tutorials for extra guidance.

Key Takeaways

  • Replacing an iPhone X screen restores functionality and maintains aesthetics.
  • Professionals use genuine parts, which helps to ensure the phone’s performance after repair.
  • While DIY options exist, professional repair services often provide quick and reliable results.

Understanding iPhone X Screen Repair

When an iPhone X screen is damaged, it’s crucial to distinguish whether a simple screen repair will suffice or if a full device replacement is necessary. The screen of the iPhone X incorporates advanced OLED technology which requires careful handling during repairs.

Differentiating Screen Repair from Full Device Replacement

Repairing an iPhone X screen often involves replacing only the damaged screen component, rather than the entire device. Screen repair is a more cost-effective solution for users experiencing issues like cracks, unresponsive touch, or display problems. The process requires precision since iPhone X displays are sophisticated and the touch layer is integrated with the screen. This means a broken display usually necessitates replacing the fused assembly, not just the top glass.

Overview of the iPhone X OLED Display

The iPhone X marked a significant change in display technology for Apple by adopting OLED screens. This OLED display is known for its superior contrast and true blacks, contributing to a vivid viewing experience. Unlike previous models with LCD screens, OLED screens for the iPhone X must be handled with extra care due to their delicate nature. During a screen replacement, the entire screen assembly, including the OLED component and integrated touch layer, is typically replaced to restore full functionality.

Step-by-Step iPhone X Screen Replacement Guide

Replacing the screen of an iPhone X requires precision and the right tools. By following these steps carefully, one can ensure a successful repair.

Required Tools and Replacement Parts

Before beginning, gather the following tools:

  • Pentalobe screwdriver
  • Tri-point screwdriver
  • Spudger
  • Suction handle
  • Tweezers
  • Opening picks
  • New iPhone X screen
  • Replacement adhesive

Ensure the replacement screen is from a reputable source, possibly with a guarantee on parts. Many opt for genuine Apple parts for consistency.

Process of iPhone X Screen Removal

Switch off the iPhone X. Remove the two 6.9 mm-long pentalobe screws at the bottom. Apply a suction handle near the bottom edge of the screen. Gently lift the screen and use an opening pick to break the adhesive seal.

Open the iPhone by swinging the display up from the left side. Remove the bracket that covers the battery and display connectors. Use the spudger to disconnect the battery, followed by the display connectors. Always disconnect the battery before removing the display to prevent damage to the logic board.

Installing the New iPhone X Screen

Take the new screen and connect it to the iPhone’s logic board. Lay down the screen without sealing it to test functionality. If the display and touch work, proceed to disconnect it again and apply adhesive to the edges of the case. Reconnect the screen cables and ensure they fit well.

Finalizing the Repair Procedure

Reattach the connector bracket and secure it with screws. Reconnect the battery and position the screen back onto the iPhone body.

Press the screen into place starting at the top edge and working down to ensure a firm bond. Replace the pentalobe screws. Turn on your iPhone to check if the repair was successful.

A successful screen replacement can typically be completed in 45 minutes or less. However, take your time to avoid mistakes. If you’re not confident in your repair skills, consider professional repair services to ensure your iPhone is in good hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

When faced with a damaged screen, iPhone X users have a lot of questions about replacement options and costs. This section aims to address some of the most common inquiries.

What is the cost of replacing an iPhone X screen?

Replacing an iPhone X screen will vary in cost depending on where the service is done. Apple’s estimated price range can go up to and sometimes exceed $250. This price might include both the replacement parts and the service fee.

Where can I get my iPhone X screen replaced?

Users can either visit an Apple Store or an Apple authorized service provider. However, there are also third-party services that can perform the replacement, often at different price points.

Are there different types of screens available for iPhone X replacement?

Yes, there are mainly two types: OEM (original equipment manufacturer) screens and aftermarket screens. The OEM screens are made by the original device manufacturer, whereas aftermarket screens may vary in quality and are generally more affordable.

How do I replace the screen on my iPhone X myself?

Screen replacement requires specific tools like a pentalobe screwdriver and a replacement kit that matches the iPhone X specifications. The process involves powering off the device, removing the bottom screws, and carefully opening the phone to replace the screen.

How much does it generally cost to repair an iPhone screen?

The cost depends on the iPhone model. Older models like the iPhone 11 may have repair kits close to $100, while newer models can cost significantly more, sometimes close to $250 for just the kit, excluding the service fee.

Does it make financial sense to repair the screen of an iPhone X?

For an iPhone X, repair costs compete with the price of newer models. Financial sense often depends on the condition of the rest of the phone and whether other features such as battery life and processing power continue to meet the user’s needs. If the phone is still functional and meets your requirements, a screen replacement could be a cost-effective solution.

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