Send Voice Memo
Send Voice Memo

The maximum length of a voice memo on an iPhone is primarily determined by two factors: the available storage space on the device and the battery life. There is no fixed time limit set by the Voice Memos app itself. Here’s a detailed explanation:

  1. Storage Capacity Limits: iPhone voice memos are recorded in uncompressed 44.1kHz Stereo audio. Approximately 1GB of storage is needed to record about 95 to 101 minutes of audio. Therefore, the more free storage space you have on your iPhone, the longer you can record. This storage-dependent duration is a crucial factor to consider when planning long recordings​​​​.
  2. Battery Life Constraints: Another limiting factor is the battery life of the iPhone. If you plan to record for an extended period, it’s important to ensure that your iPhone is fully charged or plugged into a power source. The recording will continue until either the battery drains or the storage capacity is reached​​.
  3. No Explicit Time Limit: As per information from various sources, there isn’t a specific time limit set by the Voice Memos app. This means that as long as you have sufficient storage space and battery life, you can record for extended periods, including recordings that are over 90 minutes long​​​​.

In summary, when planning to record long voice memos on an iPhone, the primary considerations should be ensuring enough storage space and maintaining adequate battery life to support the duration of the recording.

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